The US women's soccer team misses out on gold after semifinal loss

The US women's soccer team's path to Olympic gold closes after Canada wins the semifinal match

8/2/2021 1:24:00 PM

The US women's soccer team's path to Olympic gold closes after Canada wins the semifinal match

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics are underway after the Games were delayed for almost a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Follow here for the latest news on the Summer Olympics.

BMX veteran Daniel Dhers finally gets to show off ‘crazy tricks’ to the worldFrom CNN's Amanda Sealy and Elizabeth PérezDaniel Dhers competes in the Cycling BMX Freestyle final on August 1. (Photo by Sebastian Gollnow/picture alliance/Getty Images)

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Venezuelan BMX freestyle rider Daniel Dhers has been in the game for decades, but this is the first year his sport has been part of the Olympics giving him the opportunity to demonstrate his skill and athleticism to the world.The 36-year-old Dhers nabbed the silver medal behind Australia’s Logan Martin who is almost 10 years younger than the Venezuelan.

Fresh off his Olympic high, Dhers brought his energy to the CNN set in Tokyo describing to CNN”sElizabeth Pérezhow much this moment means to him.“I think it’s been super important to be able to showcase freestyle BMX on the biggest stage in the world. BMX Freestyle has come a long way, we used to go out in the streets, kind of create havoc. Now, we are real athletes. The Olympics solidified that position for us.

"We take care of our body, we take care of our minds and we just love to do crazy tricks. I’m glad, I’m so psyched that people back at home are watching it, enjoying it because it’s a beautiful sport. To me, it means the world that we finally made it to the big event.”

Dhers was beyond excited for his first time at the Olympics getting to meet athletes from countries all over the world.“I kept asking people, 'Hey where are you from? Kenya -- oh that’s awesome.' All sorts of crazy places that I don’t know if i’ll ever be able to go there, but those places united here and we all had a massive party in the sense of, hey we are having a sports party, so it was awesome.”

But will we see Dhers at the Paris games in. 2024? According to Dhers, yes. “You will see me in Paris. So stay tuned.” Read more: CNN Breaking News »

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日本の増田えりかです。これを日本語が解る人が聞いて見てください。 I guess Rapinoe got knocked off of her high horse. Let me get my teeny violin out. 🎻 Thank goodness they lost! No gloating or bragging no more equal pay B/S! Just them going away for the next 4 years! Thank you Canada! Nobody is watching the WOKE Olympics. Sad for some of the athletes, but they can blame the woke athletes for the disgrace of the Olympics and ofcourse CNN.

Good. Overated and over hyped to begin with. As an American who never supported this totally anti American team…… I couldn’t be happier!!!! God bless Canada 😔 Sorry but I got completely Olympicted out after about 4-5 hours into it, yay for all the winners and participants, know how hard you worked but bring on the NFL already, baseball’s heating up nicely too, we COULD enjoy all these things if some people weren’t so utterly selfish

yahoo : dongthapntb .Tìm bạn Not to worry changes are coming to the team. All players will be transgender for the next big match. 🌈Go US Go🌈

We let them win. Too make them feel better. Ain’t Karma A Bitch Congratulations Canada 🍁 That's what you get for not taking opponents seriously from the start of the games. I still hope they win their law suit but I am glad to see them humbled on the field. Can't say I'm disappointed. They were ready for everything except playing the game they're overpaid to play.

Thoughts and prayers out to your viewers. 👍 HolyCitySinner I guess they decided to boycott scoring goals! 😂😂

Perhaps it's time for a 'deep dive, sit-down analysis' for a very sub-par performance by the USWNT ? Awesome job and congratulations to the Canadians! Karma,play soccer not politics....lmao If they hadn’t spend the time complaining about politics, then they might’ve won. Hoping they lose their next match and don’t even get the bronze. 🙏🏻

Thank you Canada Which do they hate more? Losing or coming back to a country where misogyny, sexism, and racism run rampant throughout society. They hate they feel from their fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, coaches, males in general... Is this what they hate more or losing. US coverage was so biased you thought the US was going to win until they lost.The first shot in 65th minute, wrestlemania moves in the penalty area presented as good tackles, offside presented as a great mystery. They barely tried to score against a team that almost never scores.

How many of you that are happy they lost because of the flag situation are against the vaccine? If so, you are expressing your right just as they were expressing their right. This what a democracy is folks. The 1/6 terrorists treated the flag with more disrespect than they did. Good 👍🏽 Way to go Canada!

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANADA Let the whining begin This US team may have been great but they win with no class and lose with no class Vừa nhìn, củng là người biết quan tâm và chia sẻ, ngoài ra thì chẳng quan trọng giàu nghèo hay về mặt gia đình có đồng ý hay ko. Why not make the headline Canada wins and advances. No one cares who lost the headline should go to the victor

Now they can take knee and remember not to bring their vokenes to sport. Hope lesson will b learnt Wow, I feel bad for the U.S. Everything they're involved in, seems to now be a political mess. Congrats Canada! Go girls!!! 🥰 Karma is a bitch. Isn’t it

Hahahahahaha losers BidenCheated BidenLied Canada's team looked more refresh and deserved the win I’m so happy they lost!!!!! Most are not worthy to be representing the USA. So ashamed of them This. Is how you behave on the world stage That way, I think it will be possible for many Japanese baseball players to continue playing their beloved baseball even after they become members of society. You wouldn't have been chasing the ball for a fortune when you were a kid. Thank you, Field of Dreams

that, for example, in the case of Japan, an independent league is created for each prefecture, and the teams that have won in that region are made to participate in the national tournament every year. It's like a high school baseball tournament in Koshien. have been a small hit. If so, the United States and Japan should break away from the current categorization of professional amateurs and return to the starting point. On top of that, how about positioning baseball players as 'national civil servants'? On top of

Baseball is a popular sport in the United States and Japan, but I think both countries should think about the future of baseball after the Corona disaster. Baseball was once a so-called street culture, and the play of talented players in each region would First US team I’ve ever rooted against. Glad they lost. Now we don’t have to see them pull any crap during the medal ceremony

Maybe if they'd practiced one instead of being 'woke' they've won

Congratulations Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦!! USA ladies you played sub-par entire tournament, maybe time to get back to business of playing soccer with less outside distractions. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Oh ya 🇨🇦!!!!! good. Half the team hates their country anyway. I wouldve assassinated hitler in a suicide mission i dont care if i die

Hehehehehe 😀 Hehehehehe 🤣 Hehehehehe 😛 Hehehehehe 🥳 The so called 'Woke' American woman have been sleepwalking from the start. I'm actually surprised that they got as far as they did. They were to focused on staging a political statement than actually winning. Toxic attitudes never win. Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

It’s a sad day when Americans start cheering for another country. 😢 WeTheNorth

That’s what happens when you disrespect your own country by taking the knee. They deserve it 👏👏 No America hating protest on the medal stand? Say it isn’t so. Will they kneel for the Canadian anthem? YAHOO! 🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 At least we don't have to watch them do some bullshit political statement and disrespect the flag that's given them so much.

What a way to dance around the fact USA lost the match To sum it up: Too many too old players on the current roster. 😂😂😂😂🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 We’re still a better country though.