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Asia, Coronavirus News And Live Updates: More Than 67

The US will evacuate Americans from Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Japan

The novel coronavirus has killed more than 1,500 people and infected more than 67,000 people globally. Follow here for the latest


The US will evacuate the roughly 380 Americans on the Diamond Princess cruise ship under quarantine in Japan because of coronavirus, the Wall Street Journal reports

The novel coronavirus has killed more than 1,500 people and infected more than 67,000 people globally. Follow here for the latest

1 hr 28 min ago San Diego County declares precautionary "local emergency" From CNN’s Jenn Selva A warning about the novel coronavirus, sent by a school district in Alhambra, California, on February 4, 2020. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images San Diego County, in Southern California, has declared a"local emergency" and"public health emergency" due to concerns over the novel coronavirus, said county officials. County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher called these declarations a precautionary measure that will help the county coordinate efforts to ensure access to supplies and protect public health. The declaration doesn’t “signify an increase risk to the residents of San Diego County from coronavirus," Fletcher added. There are currently two American evacuees from Wuhan, China, who were evacuated to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and tested positive for coronavirus. They are being treated at the . Cases in the US: 443 people in the United States are under investigation for the novel coronavirus, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of them, 15 have tested positive, 347 have tested negative, and 81 are still pending. share with Facebook Read more: CNN Breaking News

Ministry kicked specialist doctor out of ship to hide the mess the government made. This doctor horrified when he sae what was really going on in this ship: The world, you know!! Diamond Princess is Japanese People hide their faults and avoid liabilities with lies. The Japanese were still protecting themselves by lying to Koreans. The cruelest Japanese in the world.

They finally found the virus they've been looking for to wipe out half the world's population and then burn itself out it's going to kill half population of the USA the wealthy and Rich go hide in their bunkers and come back out 28 Weeks Later This is what they want I hope they all okay and free from virus, but US government needs to keep them in quarantine for at least 30 days , in this country the virus can spread in days specially in NY where is overcrowded every where you go, plus the ones careless about others 🤬

One reason for spreading the virus, besides the attending crew, can be through the air vent which is common to all cabins. p This ship is becoming like the Titanic but without the sinking. Everyone on board should be send to hospitals rather than leaving them on board to keep spreading infections to each other.

DiamondPrincess covid19 coronavirus PrincessCruise DiamondPrincessIsAnAmericanShip DiamondPrincessIsUSAsResponsibility WELL DONE JAPAN. YOU STOOD FIRMLY AND NEVER LET ANY ONE GOT OFF THE SHIP. Japan is responsible for it’s own people. The outbreak happened on US Ship. STOP cruise ships until this virus is controlled!

It is good they are being evacuated. Stupid to quarantine people on the ship. However, since the virus has a 14 day period, the people from the ship should be quarantined for two weeks when arriving in US. MattHancock TheBMA Why can we not evacuate UK nationals to a specialist hospital? It is inhumane.This ship is not a suitable place to leave very sick people or their loved ones awaiting infection, healthy but unable to leave.This not foreseen in UK/ NHS Disaster Planning?

U.S. to Evacuate Some Americans From Diamond Princess Cruise ShipThe U.S. is preparing to evacuate American citizens from aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the site of the biggest outbreak of the novel coronavirus outside China. When? Does SecPompeo know?

Reports coming in that 355 are now testing positive on the ship out of those tested. Can CNN confirm that evacuation will still go as planned? Please leave them on the ship if we bring more infected people to the country it can easily spread a few deaths is better than thousands Do not bring them to the states

On February 14, the Japanese government finally announced the establishment of a 'Measures Conference with Infectious Disease Specialists as Members.' The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has lost sight of the transmission route. Americans should mask, and they are afraid of the coronavirus, but they should think more seriously of the flu.

My heart goes out to all those being affected by this. It has got to be so scary for them. 💔 many japanese people doesnt concern about corona... still doing many event Time for new CruiseShip names Viral Princess Infection of the Seas Carnival Quarantine ... As long as evacuation is done with minimal risk. Not like this mess


U.S., Iran use go-between to negotiate fate of Americans held in IranDespite military tensions, US and Iran are using Swiss as go-between to negotiate release of Americans held in Iran. - dandeluce

send them to an island The entire story needs to be told: Each evacuee is to sign a promissory note and reimburse the US government for the evacuation costs. Remember that everything in the US is monetised including US citizenship! FATCA Princess Cruise Lines Notices & Advisory page 2-13-20 update includes 3 videos from the President, Executive Vice President & a Chief Medical Officer for Princess Cruises. Videos available on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. princesscruise NCOV19 health

Meanwhile the UK Government doing absolutely sod all!! I can't stand Boris, he's a clueless greedy muppet that hasn't a clue. Too busy playing train tracks to give a stuff about his people. DiamondPrincess Japan CoronaVirus Japan respected the human rights of Chinese. And Japan was infected with the virus. Japan is dangerous now. The US has made a wise decision.

HarmlessYardDog Japan is crazy! PM Abe is crazy! 20,000 people run(Ome Marathon) at Tokyo. Virus is spread! Yes every country should evacuate their citizen's, after all they never wished to have coronavirus, it was an emergency health issue for which no one should be blamed. If it was a sex virus,I would advise you abandon them on that crushing ship.

U.S. clash in Syria was the fault of Americans deviating from their route, Russian military claimsOne person was killed in the altercation at a checkpoint in the northeastern city of Qamishli on Wednesday. realDonaldTrump SenateGOP new war ? Of course MRAP Oshkosh US armed forces after mudfight involving Syrians stuck in mud.

Start preparing now... Andmusfan603 That wouldn't break Japanese Goverment quarentine procederes? ... FIRE DON LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were gonna run out of supplies soon. It’s about time There were 70+ cases of coronavirus on that ship. They better make damn sure they aren’t bringing any new cases home to the US, since we’re taking these people out before the ship’s quarantine is complete.

V2019N and please transfer them to a quarantine in the US - they are all potentially incubating. COVID2019 DiamondPrincess 👍👍👍👍 ... realise it's a major concern, that everyone is trying to assess .. BUT, after 2 consecutive sea days, I'm always ready for the next port of call/destination .. It took so long

Americans in Paris: How the French Fell in Love With U.S. ChefsFor a chef, the Illinois-to-Paris trajectory is not a standard one, but Daniel Rose has made it seem obvious, and very right. While burgeoning chefs…

I wonder what Trump will charge them for this action ? Shouldn't they know, before they're removed ? Is mike Bloomberg 5ft 2” tall or 5ft 3” tall? It’s hard to tell watching him on TV The most pressing issue at hand is who is already here with this virus. So many people were able to just fly back before the quarantine like somehow they were unable to get the virus because they are US citizens. The government needs to explain how that was ok first.

The diamond TRINArockstarr I think they need off that ship but the US (CDC) is no better prepared to handle this than most other countries. Also Americans don’t like to do as recommended for long periods of time. “We” will do it how we want to do it or not at all if given a chance. Please take them all. It's obvious our idiot government doesn't know how to handle the situation.

resistelle About time 5151mpk Can someone PLEASE EVACUATE THE coalition Government in Australia. Will swap them for just about anything. Added to my 'Why I Will Never go on a Cruise' file. Just because they are bored on a cruise they chose to take America is going to expose the entire population of America to 380 people of whom some may already have the virus how damn stupid is our Government. Quarantine means it can’t be broken until the virus if deemed cured.

American on U.S. flight from Wuhan tests positive for coronavirus, 15th case in U.S.This is the third person to test positive after being evacuated from Wuhan and the CDC expects additional cases in the future. llauton1 Quantos já voltaram com H1N1, com hepatite ?

Are they going to keep them in quarantine after they get here ? A little late but I’m sure passengers will be happy to be repatriated finally. Do you know? This ship is British flag. Operations are US companies. In other words, Japan is supporting. This is supported by Japanese taxes. Quarantine was lacking in Hong Kong. The Japanese people are angry. Diamondprincess

And what if they have been exposed to the virus? Symptoms take a few days to show up after being exposed to it, those people could have the virus and not know it and just spread it here now.... Good work USA to get our people n bring them home safe!! About time Evacuateee?! They’ve been on the ship too long, and exposed for too long. “Quarantined” my ass. 380 Americans....only 50 possible US states of origin...*does math* Welp there’s the virus in LA, Dallas, Seattle, Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston....

Great 🙌

NYT: US attorney leading Russia probe investigating whether US intelligence agencies hid informationThe federal prosecutor leading the probe into the 2016 Trump-Russia investigation might be pursuing a basis to accuse former US intelligence officials who served under former President Barack Obama of hiding intelligence about Russia's election interference, according to The New York Times. More will be revealed That will go over like the lead balloon it is. They’ll distort and anything they find or manufacture evidence as fodder for Fox lies and Russian/trump/Graham/Barr propaganda. Maybe it’s Canada 🇨🇦 that’s the problem?

Be well China. Be well Japan Be well S Korea Be well Europe Be well America Be well N Korea, this worries me most. My friends in China just send me this... What is the total on the ship including crew.? I’d it about 4500 to 5000k ? That’s how many people were on my last cruise Royal Carribean . This is just a tragedy that could of been avoided . Not all true information coming out of Wuhan. Js

Where are they bringing them to? I hope they are smarter than in CA. Where they let an infected patient go home... seriously... 🤔 Too late!! First of all, CDC asked Japanese government to keep passengers at diamondprincess. Do not passing the buck everything on to Japanese government. princesscruises should pay all cost to Japanese government! Everything is caused by their poor risk management!!

Remember the Zucker eunich humpty dumpty said with gushing stammering eye bulging hot flushes 'Avenatti will be the man to be the next President'. 3 available tickets for the lukecombs feb 15th event , if interested send me a dm Thank you United States. But it is the ship which the American company owns. too late. diamondprinces COVID19

Japan have this cruise a problem for how long? Nothing much they can do. Fukushima nuclear problem also nothing much they can do. Tokyo olympic? Better not go japan .

Containment and quarantine.... Not spread the damn virus What about all the others? Are they staying stranded there? Japan can not manage this crisis humanely and is very insensitive. Well I hope they are going to be okay but they need quarentined at least a month in the US because some think it's incubation can be 24 days. They putting others safety at risk to get them.

l cry for all African students stuck in china abd their government doesn't give a shit abt it That’s right bring them here and spread the good news Socialism. It's hated until it's needed. South korea movie Okay but hear me out: lowkey they should keep them because...I don’t really feel like getting the corona virus AND a cold. No offense. Much love xoxo 😳😌

South korea movie

South korea movie South korea movie South korea movie old boy Destination? Baby Emergency News2 The U.S. government said it would send a civilian airplane to bring Americans to Japan. In the U.S., flu cases will also be tested for covid -19 infections, it said. Baby Emergency News China first-ever wartime state of covid-19 Declaration on the requisition of private property for private companies

And put them where Are they going to be quarantined in the US? I sure the hell hope so. American citizens or not, they're still at risk of spreading coronavirus. During the Spring Festival holidays, the outbreak of coronavirus shored the world. How can we do?how long the epidemic will last? Americans will thank Trump of the quarantine conditions will shift

OMG. About time. Get everyone off the petri dish! There are aus on that boat too murpharoo Quarantine them for one month! My fantasy is to see a bunch of guys in green uniforms bust into the CNN studio and put one of your seditious propaganda spewers in hand cuffs. Finally! I’m sure they are beyond ready!

Hey CNN. If you are journalists prove it and tell everyone who owns the patent for the Corona virus. Yeah, didn’t think so. Once denied, but finally!!! During the time of Lunar New Year, the Spring festival of China, a deadly outbreak of the coronavirus has emerged in the city of Wuhan. The question then arises,'What is the coronavirus? How dangerous is it?.' Facts Coronavirus Health Epidemic

I’m beginning to think you people actually believed Avenatti was going to be President. OMG. So glad I quit CNN FIFTEEN years ago.

I hear California is great this time of year. Feels like a flex from China to hold up so many people. Not like the people couldn't be quarantined on land I am so happy we are doing this. But right after they get off the cruise where do they get tested and quarantined? You can’t just put them on a plane home, they may infect people at Japanese airport

To imagine how horrible this must be for everyone in China! It’s horrific to watch it happen from America. the end of the day were still all humans, and my heart cries for the loss, and my brain screams to the Chinese government get it together! Take care of your people!! Send them to California...they wii take anyone.

We only have 4 more days to go. Testing will take at least 2. We rather just finish our time here. We are well taken care of. We don’ t want to pack then unpack at another quarantine facility. Anybody ever play that resident evil game where the t-virus was loose on a cruise ship? Just saying. The point of quarantine is not to protect people on the ship, it’s to protect others outside it. With so many false negative tests and the threat of a global pandemic the ships occupants need to realise being held there is for the greater good.

Thank you andersoncooper

China's communist totalitarianism and Japan's far-right totalitarianism have exposed the incompetence of bureaucracy and their leader in dealing with the coronavirus. That's great news. A cruise ship is not a hospital. Cruise ships need to improve their image. Not a funny movie.... but then the Zuckers weren't involved much with it at all.

Bring 'em home! Finally. They should have come earlier because Yokohama US Army base is just right there. I’m not gonna forget they ignored SOS for long time. DiamondPrincess HanginthereDiamondPrincess CrewQurantine About time - they are sitting ducks! Air conditioning, food preparation - no escape.

infectious diseases typically look more severe when they’re first discovered. See What virologists say about Coronavirus(FACTS)..Don't worry WHY DID THEY WAIT SO LONG? Shut up

Yo CNN You evacuate the ship, not the people AoDespair Thanks Trump. mommamia1217 I’m betting that there is a 1% on board. The US is a bit late on this. The qurantine was due to be finished on the 19th anyway. About time. They can be quarantined elsewhere. Figure it out. “realDonaldTrump green lights evacuation operation for cruise line passengers” ...this should be the headline!

Dont bring em here! JoeABCNews Finally JV Joey is coming home!!!! Can we drop them off at Don Lemons house?

Shame that Americans on the ship haven't had this confirmed. Nor been in contact with anyone about it. Punishing starting Rumor has it the real problem was the ship ran out of fried shrimp. Brit be better follow suit V2019N From japan with love MisterAntiBully V2019N Hey TheRalphRetort Incoming! HarmlessYardDog Great news

HarmlessYardDog plague ships of the damned are cool

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