Asia, The Us Successfully Tested A Laser Weapon That Can Destroy Aircraft Mid-Flight - Cnn

Asia, The Us Successfully Tested A Laser Weapon That Can Destroy Aircraft Mid-Flight - Cnn

The US successfully tested a laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight

The US has successfully tested a new high-energy laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight

5/23/2020 5:44:00 PM

The US has successfully tested a new high-energy laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight

A US Navy warship has successfully tested a new high-energy laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight, the Navy's Pacific Fleet said in a statement Friday.

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Impressive! Terrorist Organizations are pissed! I'm calling bullshit on this. Helicopter too. Why not a weapon to fight, illness, hunger, starvation IGNORANCE. if the us develope H bomb and i discover the proceeding to action it in place. and develope a laser and i develope a mirror to send it back WE MAKE THEN A COUPLE OF DONKEY.

In Terminator, the AI attacked with robots and aircraft and lasers and advanced machines. And it was never realistic. They could so easily wipe us all out with a virus instead. Also, put this thing into space. Now put it on sharks’ heads. how nice .Creating more weapons during pandemic that has already killed more than 100K people .That's what I call irresponsible spending guys.Go to hell !Governments need to spend on rebuilding the socio economic structure NOW

Isn’t that wonderful. Now you can blow airliners to kingdom come and no one will be able to,prove that the government did it. Amazing. President Trump is amazing Is it super duper? Due to the fact that the United States likes to use fear and intimidation on smaller countries that doesn’t want play ball with them, they’re making nukes! So a weapon like this is needed 😮

Good!!!😎👍🏼 I know someone they can try it out on. Are you serious? When will the vaccine be ready? 😠😡🤬 Why should this matter Where is the plan the strategy for the test kits!! Has Trump investigated if that bright light will kill the virus? And was it called “The Super Duper Missle”?! Reminds me of red alert the game.

Re Navy's new laser weapon. Trump suggested a giant Lysol spray bottle to shoot down enemy aircraft. The Navy decided to stick with a laser. Why are we worried about this when we are STILL in the middle of a pandemic 🤔 American's and the priorities 🙄 Can somebody fact check this? factcheckdotorg *niggas at the whitehouse when they see a small flying object*

🤔 Super-Duper laser? We developed it in 2008 and was stopped due to unfair warface tech. Fluorlazer DeptofDefense Share the tech with India! Later when china or russia does a similar test, the article will be written with a very different vibe. Dictatorship spends more on military to test war laser against civilian satellites and drones with disregard to environmental impact instead of taking care of its people.

Good news, kill US enemies Now come the sharks.... The cheeto’s got lasers now?!?!We’re totally screwed, I mean we were screwed before, but now it’s screwed with lasers. All this high tech weaponry and we still can't get a vaccine for flu. Hahaha and you expect us to believe this is new technology.... I’m so sick of communist America!!

Sure Of course if you attack on cloudy days you have a better chance. The bible prophesied that a man born of the devil himself would be able to call fire down from the sky D.E.W (Directed Energy Weapon) Well here it is, prophecy has been fulfilled. 😳🤔 lol let them Russians fucks around now The absence of ventilator kills more people than laser gun covid19

Star Wars Defense is here! Anyone else notice all the foreigners in here downtalking our shiny new weapon? That’s how you know you just clamped their nuts! We were running low on missile(and throwing money at private campaign donor's companies) so it's good we have this as well Better find another one that can destroy Covid-19

President Trump is working Except it is useless against the COVID 19. Does it kill the virus? Ok. Thanks for broadcasting that 🙄 Liar this is an insane amount of power, say there's some sort of bombing attack miraculously, this would make it so much easier to shut an attack down depending on the delay between shots if there is one

They should find cure for covid19. It's only destruction that they know. Height, cloudy weather , recharching battery , missiles , mach + planes and smaller ..... etc Are the lasers on the top of shark’s heads? Thanks for making the world less safe. America today a terrorist tomorrow. Yeah, but is it super-duper, tho?

The super duper pew pew machine? All these nuclear weapons competitions is it really necessary?Many bigger countries are creating so much tensions between smaller nations just to prove their strengths. While the terrorist too has upgraded their evil act and strategy just to cause harm. bad My dog is gonna LOVE chasing this laser around

Heard a very distinct sound effect from Fist of the North Star when I saw the image in that article Supper Dupper Aliens: FuckUAll Then, This place is dead anyway...Stay Trash. And that's where our tax payer dollars go instead of health care, technology or education ! Damn shame ! As people are starving and no health care at least we have the greatest military on the planet right !!?

lasers in space We shouldn't be letting it known around the world what kind of weapons we have. WTF I have to check credible sources, but YES if this is true! Which the likelihood of it being true from biased fake news outlets is very low. And they practised yesterday in Pakistan Welcome back CNN. U.S.A U.S.A!.

Oh i'm sure that's gonna end well for commercial flights... How bout the US focus on a vaccine for covid19 and fixing your broken, morally bereft society. If this story interests you, please look up the Joint Non Lethal Weapons Directorate. Some scary stuff. Many weapons and technologies that I would not describe as 'non lethal'. Please see Boeing's ABL program & Raytheon's Active Denial System...which the US actually used in Iraq!

US blacklists 33 Chinese companies, institutions for alleged military links Zee Media Bureau May 23, 2020, 06:30 AM IST Nothing like telling your secrets so nobody else knows stupid CNN We already know this...realDonaldTrump has already leaked all of our Military secrets to the world! Like the second grader he is...he can’t keep his trap shut when he knows something!

Hey nothing to report on this story? What say you BrookeBCNN brianstelter chucktodd ChrisCuomo We care more bout the rona then this bullcrap FlightMH370 Dude we have had DEWs for a loooong time..... Then we have no other probs Let's dance It was successfully tested years ago. You guys are late to the party once again.

How about Medicare For All? Woohoo! I’ll sleep better tonight. Yeah, this won't be abused at all 🙄 If we have lasers they will use mirrors...🤔 So where is the Carona virus vaccine? Yeah theyre called buildings. Pretty sure they did that already. incredible! Aliens may forget to visit Earth. We don't need anything more.

This the 'super duper' laser? Yes USA only looking for how destroying the world we knew it CNN it's not new Thank goodness! Happy news for a change. 👍 tfw your country is literally turning into a cartoon recreation of every evil empire ever depicted in cliche stories, complete with weapons of sheer terror and a leader that only vaguely resembles a real human, but it's k because all the power belongs to shadowy elites

When them lightsabers coming out? People need laser weapon to distroy airborne virus. How about missiles? We’re officially the Empire. The Evil Empire is one step closer to building a Death Star. SpaceForce Darkside This is the time to make medicine rather. Sharks with lasers genius Is this what Pompeo was secretly selling to his buddies, the Saudis

Better to destroy COVID19 ❗ Use it on CNN headquarters

Shooting at U.S. Navy air station in Texas was 'terrorism related,' FBI saysThe FBI said the shooter who opened fire on the U.S. Navy installation was dead. Terrorism related? I guess that means non-white muricaaaaa what a fuck

Shooting at U.S. Navy base in Texas 'terrorism related': FBIA shooting at a U.S. Navy base in Corpus Christi, Texas, that wounded a sailor on Thursday was 'terrorism related,' an FBI spokeswoman said, adding that the gunman was dead at the scene but investigators were searching for a potential second suspect. The world has gone crazy. People stop the violence. We have enough problems just to live so our families can eat and a roof over the heads If you attack a military base , is that technically terrorism? Terrorism targets the public . Glad the sailor is doing well.

US Navy gets fourth new leader in six monthsThe US Senate on Thursday confirmed the Navy&39;s fourth new leader in six months -- an avid supporter of President Donald Trump who will lead the service as it grapples with morale problems amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kenneth Braithwaite, a retired rear admiral who currently serves as the US ambassador Kissing frogs until they find a Prince? (Eric Prince.)

U.S. Senate Republican leader threatens 'reexamining' U.S.-China relationshipU.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday threatened to reexamine the U.S.-Chinese relationship if Beijing pursues a 'further crackdown' on Hong Kong, after China was set to impose new national security legislation on the former British colony. who care McConnell face is literally melting off in real time. 知道你们会这么做的,我们做好准备了。 既然美国如此,那我们做什么也与你们无关了。

US Treasury yields move lower on increased tension between U.S. and ChinaU.S. government debt prices were higher Friday morning on concerns over new instability in Hong Kong. Japan holds more US debt then China does so this is strange considering the US is still better off then even the euro that is totally going to be more upside down with 4 the countries that were already in financial crisis Spain Italy Greece France FX Currencies TradingSignals

Exclusive: U.S. accuses China of blocking U.S. flights, demands actionThe U.S. government late on Friday accused the Chinese government of making it impossible for U.S. airlines to resume service to China and ordered four Chinese air carriers to file flight schedules with the U.S. government. Consumption recovery in Chengdu Consumption recovery in Chengdu