Health, Us Coronavirus: America İs At A Crossroads İn This Pandemic As Covid-19 Deaths Pass 500, 000 - Cnn

Health, Us Coronavirus: America İs At A Crossroads İn This Pandemic As Covid-19 Deaths Pass 500

The US just suffered 500,000 Covid-19 deaths. Now Americans face a serious crossroads in the pandemic

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2/23/2021 12:54:00 AM

JUST IN: More than 500,000 people in the United States have died from Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University data

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Instead of cancer, car accident ,train wrecks ,flu , natural cause, heart failure , gun shots and knife wounds those did not happen in 2020 all deaths are covid BidensAmerica And what about the Millions that have Already died from the Influenza virus!?!? No one said to wear a mask then. Its all a game ppl. Where those 'Leaders' control each game peice.. you are nothing more to them. Go deny and youll find yourselves Broken..AGAIN.

WOW!!!!! What about the Flu? Haven't heard anything about it since awwww, about a whole year now... funny right Hmmmm I thought Biden and Harris had a plan. Guess it was just political lies as always. TuckerCarlson IngrahamAngle JesseBWatters JudgeJeanine greggutfeld RepMattGaetz RandPaul DevinNunes SenTedCruz DanCrenshawTX dbongino

Biden's $1.9T gender/climate/coronavirus/largesse stimulus package gives $1B to bureaucrats hoping to 'root out the systemic productivity' of the economy So fucking fake wake up sheep there are dogs about. HOW MANY FLU DEATHS HAVE WE HAD THIS YEAR. THAT IS WITH A VACCINE this virus is very dangerous Died with Covid, not from look at the causes of death. There are people that died from car accidents, but had a positive Covid test. Pathetic twisting of the truth.

So very sad Why are you all saying Trump is responsible for this? Isn’t the Chinese government and the WHO whom let the virus spread all around the world. No one know at the beginning how to treat it. Do not let CNN and all leftist media brainwashing you all. Each and every loss to covid is a tragedy for all. Trump and his clear lack of ability to manage the crisis is to blame.

kimlockwoodA Eh sad news More people keep on dying ! Who's fact checking? Needless suffering both in USA & UK. This was something that should never have happened but did because we both had the most inept uncaring governments in history when the pandemic began. You have hope with Biden. RIP. One in every 650 of all US citizens - a cruel and incomprehensible number - has fallen victim to COVID-19. And yet per million of the population that is less deaths than the United Kingdom. Here, based on death certificate data, one in every 515 people has passed away.

Let us never forget that China killed over 500,000 Americans without firing a single gunshot or tactile nuclear weapon.🇺🇸🙏❤ 500,000 x .06% = 30,000 CoVid specific deaths. CDC, June 2020 “It doesn’t make much sense to be wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic.” Dr. Fauci Its almost like neither trump nor biden had anything to do with it and americans are impulsive idiots

A 16-year-old boy was shot dead while the Burmese army opened fire on the town of Mandalay. Save Myanmar. Where is the outrage for the aborted babies! When do they get their moment of silence?! I was in the covid section of sweedish medical center. Yes it made me nurvous but the nurses were wearing regular surgical mask.

Heart breaking!!! 😔 You know what would be really awesome? If they actually did something for the living. That’s the best way the dead can be honored. So very sad indeed. Sorry to heard about it Trump, Pence & every other 'official' involved in this major screw up should be charged with intentional homicide.

! That is all a about inflated numbers to keep controlling US.. N PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID BELIEVING IT Well that's pretty much bullshit. 500k have not died from covid half of those probably didn't even have covid but the hospice collected money because they said they did And Biden is lighting more candles. Like he did last month when the death toll was 400,000 Consistent strategy

Biden is a murderer! My family too lost a loved one to COVID. In terms of all industries and healthcare wise..Where will America be post COVID, long term? People, especially family of the dead want answers....could this much death have been prevented? If so, How? From the GOP perspectives they lost a worker. Do you know how expensive it is to train a new employee? Those cottage houses won't pay themselves.

morgfair EVEN FoxNews is calling these covid19 deaths 'Trump's First 500,000.' Had TheFormerGuy remained in office, the number would be much higher before the end of 2021. maga gop tuesdaymotivations Tuesday tedcruz Lost my younger brother on Friday morning 36 years old. My world has been destroyed he meant the world to me and miss him so much.

Oh you mean the 'fake virus' that Trump and his supporters told us about. If anyone believes a word that Trump utters in future, then they are more brainwashed than I thought. Very sad. brianstelter We should remember that as deaths have most likely been undercounted, we’ve probably long passed this threshold.

“From” or “with” that is the question Atrocious! Let’s be clear... it’s 0.001% of the population. Wow all that unnecessary death on the hands of the former president. How shameful and disgraceful of a legacy. Gee6Mcgee Any idea how many have died based on the United States departments involved with our health? How far off our the numbers. If find it somewhat sad that an independent entity has numerical jurisdiction over our government. Maybe it’s just me.

Bullshit folks! Heres where the facts stop. To frame that number in a clearer and more tragic perspective, COVID has wiped out about 2.4% of all adults over 18 years old living in the United States. May God help United States of America. And may their souls RIP. Yes, we blame your Dad. cc: DonaldJTrumpJr IvankaTrump EricTrump

Biden's America Sad milestone. Trumps legacy