The US is asking other countries for everything from hand sanitizer to ventilators to help fight the coronavirus

The Us İs Asking Other Countries For Everything From Hand Sanitizer To Ventilators To Help Fight Th

The Trump administration is appealing to countries around the world to give or sell the US items as basic as hand sanitizer and as complex as respirators to combat the surging coronavirus pandemic.

The Us İs Asking Other Countries For Everything From Hand Sanitizer To Ventilators To Help Fight Th


The Trump administration is appealing to countries around the world to give or sell the US items as basic as hand sanitizer and as complex as respirators to combat the surging coronavirus pandemic.

The Trump administration is appealing to countries around the world to give or sell the US items as basic as hand sanitizer and as complex as respirators to combat the surging coronavirus pandemic.

Washington (CNN) In a list obtained by CNN, the State Department lays out 25 items, telling diplomats to ask their host countries for these supplies with a clear priority on items available"today" and a secondary focus on equipment and items available in weeks.The requests come as President Donald Trump touts his domestic response and declines to deploy the full power of the federal government's Defense Production Act to produce and funnel crucial supplies to struggling states and hospitals. It's not clear how many countries the US has appealed to.The list spans the gamut of equipment that overburdened American hospitals are seeking. The simpler items include biohazard bags, N-95 masks, gloves, gowns, surgical caps, shoe covers, sharps containers, protective eyewear, hand sanitizer and Tyvek suits. The more complex items on the list include metered dose inhalers, ventilators, elastomeric respirators and powered air purifying respirators. Read MorePersonal appealsThe South Korean government said that Trump personally made at least one of the appeals, calling President Moon Jae-in Tuesday to ask if Seoul could provide the US with medical equipment. The administration is making these private appeals as Trump is striking a starkly different note in public. At Tuesday's daily coronavirus briefing from the White House, not long after he had called the South Korean leader, the President veered into campaign-style rhetoric, declaring that,"America will never be a supplicant nation.""We should never be reliant on a foreign country for the means of our own survival," Trump said."Marshaling our economic strength is a key feature of defeating the virus, producing the material, supplies and equipment that we need. And they're doing a really fantastic job," Trump said, appearing to praise private sector companies. White House, Senate reach historic $2 trillion stimulus deal amid growing coronavirus fearsSenior Trump trade official Peter Navarro told The New York Times that the administration was even reaching out to China, which administration officials have repeatedly blamed for not communicating clearly enough about the disease. "My job at the White House right now is to help find whatever the American people need and buy it from wherever we can, and if we need to send a plane to go get it, we'll get that done using the full force of government and private enterprise," Mr. Navarro said in an interview."If China or any other country has some masks, gloves or other products we need for the American people, we welcome that with open arms," he said. A senior State Department spokesperson said Tuesday that they had"reached out to missions and have asked missions to determine whether certain countries may have excess capacity of the ability to manufacture supplies, whether there are companies in that country that may consider exporting supplies to the US" "Hopefully we can match up external suppliers, external sources with states and entities in the US that actually need them," they said.Diplomats tasked with making the requests say the directive came with a strong sense of urgency, with some told to get answers by the end of the day. In some cases, the orders didn't make clear whether the US was asking for donations or offering to pay, leaving embassies in the deeply uncomfortable position of dancing around the issue. Trump quietly seeks allies' coronavirus help even as he insists 'a lot is being done'In his Sunday briefing, Trump emphasized US readiness, listing some of the very items that diplomats have been asked to solicit."We have millions of masks being done. We have respirators. We have ventilators. We have a lot of things happening right now." But there's little clarity about the amount of crucial supplies the US actually has on hand. Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News Tuesday that the Strategic National Stockpile, the government reserve meant to support hospitals in a crisis, has"some 20,000 ventilators and we've been making those available to states," naming California, Washington, New York and New Jersey. Fuzzy numbersBut on March 15, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of the President's coronavirus task force, told CNN that the US had 12,700 ventilators on hand."If you don't have enough ventilators, that means it's obvious people who need it will not be able to get it. That's when you're going to have to make some very tough decisions." New York alone had over 25,000 known infections on Tuesday and 210 dead. Its governor, Andrew Cuomo, angrily told reporters that he needed"30,000" ventilators. Cuomo's stance echoes state leaders across the country who say the federal government still isn't fully addressing their pleas for millions of masks, ventilators and other supplies. As of Wednesday morning, CNN Health's tally finds there are now at least 53,209 novel coronavirus cases in the US and that 709 people have died. Less than 24 hours prior, on Tuesday at noon, the US had at least 48,000 coronavirus infections and 600 deaths.Even as the President declared Tuesday that"we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel" and that he hoped to see the lifting of restrictions on movement and social gatherings by Easter, the World Health Organization warned that the growing trajectory of cases and deaths means the US could become the next global epicenter of the pandemic.Prince Charles tests positive for novel coronavirus"The potential is there but you've still got time to turn it around," WHO spokesman Margaret Harris told"New Day" on Wednesday morning. She emphasized the urgent need to test, find every case, track those who have been exposed and isolate them."And finally, getting the people who are ill to treatment and when you do that, really, really protect your health workers," she said.But governors are scrambling to make up major gaps in critical medical equipment that could help protect those health workers. They say they need Trump to fully deploy the Defense Production Act to take over distribution of supplies because the current process forces the 50 states to compete with one another, the federal government and hospitals to obtain them.The 1950 DPA allows the federal government to direct domestic production during an emergency. While the law's priorities provision is commonly used in emergencies such as wildfires or hurricanes to ensure that government orders get filled first, the allocation portion hasn't been used since the Cold War. Invoking that element of the law gives the government authority to completely control the entire supply chain, from forcing companies to manufacture critically needed items, to taking over distribution and allocation of those supplies.Trump has signed the DPA but not actually used it, bowing to pressure from business leaders who say there are too many unknowns and have instead volunteered to produce whatever is needed. The President reflected their views in a Sunday tweet, saying that when the DPA was announced"it sent tremors" through the business community. At Tuesday's pandemic briefing, the President remained focused on urging private companies to provide needed equipment -- even as his outreach to foreign countries continued -- and insisted things were going well. He did not address distribution and allocation, the other critical issue that states say would end counterproductive competition among them for life-saving supplies. "The federal government is using every resource at its disposal to acquire and distribute critical medical supplies," Trump said Tuesday."We didn't have to exercise or utilize the DPA in any way. The fact that we have it helps, but we didn't have to. And for the most part, we won't have to."CNN's Jennifer Hansler, Nikki Carvajal, Jeremy Herb, Lauren Fox, Kaitlan Collins and Kristen Holmes contributed to this report. Read more: CNN

This is after he unfriended all of our allies? Trump asking for help Whoa! Why are you people lieing so much? There is no such thing going on. We are making our own shit now. As we should have been all along. Tough when you ve burnt all bridges dumbGOP There he goes cap in hand to other countries because he acted so swiftly. MAGA heisamonster runningthecountrylikehiscasinos

It doesn't make sense at all about America. Are we that hateful towards another. A sign of weakness for a country portrayed as All Mighty. Media tuned on dumb repeaters got us all stupid. I thought I once heard/read, 'L.A. could care for itself if cut from United.' We R Trumped! We need a real president !!!!!!!!

Where are the big corp. U just gave $. Get them involved!!! Burning Bridges 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️💀💀 US has extended help (free) to all countries during calamities. The least these countries can do is SELL what they have, if they will. That is why US should not export manufacturing jobs! CNN is fake news

Trump downplays coronavirus threat again, even as number of cases in U.S. surgesPresident Trump continued to downplay the exponential spread of the coronavirus in the United States on Monday, comparing the rising death toll to the number of Americans killed in car crashes and by the seasonal flu. Trump excitedly finds value in selling American deaths as a reason to reopen his hotel properties with your tax money free money for him & his fat cat buddies; at same time he wants pandemic to continue by his actions. He chooses only denial as best weapon to defeat virus. REALLY IDGAF ! WONDER WHY THE STATE'S THAT WENT AGAINST ME GOT THE VIRUS FIRST AND WORST ? I 💘 ONLY MY TRUE GOD 💰 ! RESEARCH THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES ? OVER 7 BILLION OF YOU UNDESIRABLES WILL BE MURDERED ! The cases are not exponentially spreading. Rather as more people are tested more people are shown to have it. Just because testing reveals another, say 1000 cases, that doesn't mean those are all new infections.

The eBay king is back at it Despite the current pile of horseshit occupying the White House, Americans do deserve a good turn for the many many years of extending a philantropic hand to the world. How about Cuba. They are helping out with doctors and the state department is saying don’t do it. South Korea already gave the U.S.A. some for free. It's a lesson that nationalism is not the best. We all depend on each other whether perceived rich or poor

Fece up stronger men When did we become a third world country? realDonaldTrump America First = make enemies of long-standing friends = America Alone...hard to see them running to our aid now...especially if tRump plans to profit from their assistance. FoxNews MAGA TrumpLiesPeopleDie What! The rest of the world is trying their best for their own country's. This isnt just a US issue..

Trump calls on U.S. to 'protect our Asian American community' hours after referring to 'Chinese virus'The chairwoman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus said Trump&39;s comments would not "be necessary if he and his supporters had not already endangered so many by spreading this toxic xenophobia." It is a Chinese virus. It's from China . China is a country not a race. It’s a Virus called corona or covid19 period, countless American Asian citizens are getting assaulted because Pres Sht for Brain keeps calling it the Chinese virus. Now he wants to “protect” them....they don’t call him Pres Moron for nothing. These are grave times to have bipolar leadership

Begging. We’ve been reduced to begging because Trump was unprepared and a terrible leader. Where's the list? the production capacity of Port Wentworth Georgia.....Hey yous....watcha want....the rest of the world dunced out, The South's Industries need to rise again; if you turn that ole dance club at the center of this industrial muscle-plex into a good place to eat for three shifts..

So international cooperation has a place after all? What do you mean no you mean we pay hella money for them and can’t get anything back dude my dad has to make hand sanitizers for 200,000 people in two weeks Good! Working for America! Kinda late in the event Asking for help, yet placing soldiers at Canadian border, to keep us out or to keep Americans in?

The policy of America first is not just having a negative impact on the world, but also on the US itself. Capitalism is dead.

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump Manages To Be Racist While Telling Us Not To Be RacistThe talk show host mocked the president's 'imagined success' in handling the coronavirus response. Every word from Jimmy Kimmel's mouth is made up due to his hate of Pres. Trump. Since ONLY a WHITE REPUBLICAN can be labeled Racist he is a minority so does that NOT give him SPECIAL Privileges? And if he said Italian Pizza taste terrible, or Mexican food Hurts my Stomach? Or I hate Rice from Vietnam would those remarks be RACIST?

No one likes you now so no And he will lose the election it's time a reckoning and he is the most embarrassing person in the world with Boris in second place As he should. They will need the same thing in a few months, they need to be ready as well but right along and keep begging Go foot in mouth and ask China they have ton loads of everything

Ha. Why would anyone want to help YOU realDonaldTrump you have literally given the American people the middle finger with your IGNORNACE. Or he could use the Defense Production Act to require US manufacturers to make them right here. He has that power, but would rather scavenge from other countries that will need their supplies to save their own people’s lives.

Europe to Trump: Sorry we used all our money when you freaked out about NATO After he bullied them for the past 3 years So, what’s the pro?

Coronavirus government response updates: Deal 'close' on stimulus as Trump wants US 'open for business'Pres. Trump kept up his push to have America 'open for business very soon' on a Fox News 'virtual town hall' from the White House Rose Garden.

He said we had plenty and everything was under control. Liar!🤡🤬 While I feel desperately for the citizens of the USA, it is hard to fathom giving anything to the man who spouts threats to the Governers of the states, resorts to name calling like a 5yr old, treats women with disdain. Why should countries GIVE anything to the USA?

Hmmm. Maybe he shouldn’t have insulted every single one of them except Putin during his catastrophic stint as would-be president . Inact THE DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT realDonaldTrump He is an embarrassment. Here's a picture for you EricTrump Donald, why would other countries want to help the United States since you have been such a bigot with them?

The Criminal News Network Strikes Again He is appealing to countries to see what they do..When you are down, You see who your allies REALLY are. We dont need anything from other countries. But doing this gives him ammo for 2nd term. As far a NY they never restocked after h1n1 Scott a Trump supporter is being given a platform by CNN to try and promote the idea that people approve of Trump’s Actions. Reason:He is a sycophant of Trump so we expect nothing different. He was in Bush Admin and Assist to Mitch McConnell. Enuf Said. To Him we say No. JUST NO

So he is asking “shit hole” countries to help him out 😐 Why is China not fast tracking these items? There should be containers and containers of gloves, masks, sanitizer,ventilators,etc and dedicated factories in China making these for all countries! Dammit! I’m sure North Korea and Saudi Arabia will be happy to help, he has no other friends 😫

Pentagon estimates that coronavirus will plague US for months as Trump pushes to restart economyThe virus has infected more than 398,000 worldwide, though many have recovered. In the U.S. more than 46,500 cases have been reported so far. Where were they when this thing was getting started? I want to see those f**ks working in hospitals helping doctors and nurses. Ol orange man claims he knows more than all the generals. Said so himself. fuck it

Appropriate responses sooner from a pandemic team probably would have helped. Who knows though? Imagine Trump holding a press conference wearing a “made in China” mask and gloves, while he keeps saying “Chinese virus” But, heh!, 'Greatest Country on Earth'. Right? I feel sorry for my American brothers and sisters in need, you just know countries with supplies for sale have probably grown tired of trump... and either charge the USA more, or dont sell them to the USA at all

Craziness! Sorry, they are practicing “Their Country First” agendas. Hahahahahh. Good thing we spent all our money on the military and their weapons that are useless against this type of thing. The government really dropped the ball on not having any plan for something like this. Bill Gates knew we needed to get ready. What happened?

Unfortunately this fool has alienated us and now he has the nerve to ask for favors🤨. He’s learning a lesson at our expense 😞 TrumpVirus TrumpRecession

Donald Trump Wants U.S. Economy To Be “Opened Up” By EasterDonald Trump and the White House coronavirus task force sat down with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on Tuesday for a virtual town hall, and the president said that he would “love to have the co… Yeah, because that's going to be enough time protect healthcare workers from the influx of people with the virus. Shaking my damn head. I don't think this infant even knows what 'the economy' is. He only cares about money 💰 not people!

TRUMP=TOTAL FAILURE Incompetence, ignorance and arrogance. Shameful. Several past global loving cabal presidents gave industry away to a future one world government. Industry was given away for profit. All the media praised the share of technology to others. Now the propaganda w/o why we have to in the first place Made in America = no more

YOU Jump out of NATO and worldwide Climate Control coalitions calling them all Fake agencies ... NOW you want their assistance? Did realDonaldTrump asked his handler Vladimir Putin for help? Oh, after nearly destroying all allies relationships, nato, now he is asking for help.. Thank god they are not playing his apprentice game, that he is deploying with states in need. Be nice to me and you get some tax payer $$$$

Consequences of a shitty foreign policy i6f talking smack about other countries and trying to bully them In the Pre-Trump World The USA is Leading The Way in This Pandemic quid pro quo? Richest country in the world - broken

Does he not understand they are dealing with this as well? To little , to lair. From a man with out a clue as what to do ! A sorry little incompetence if a man ! Nobody wants to help a hoax ....(YOU) realDonaldTrump POTUS The Trump administration needs to FIGURE OUT OR GET A VACCINE SO THIS BULLSHIT CAN GO AWAY!!! This isn't life!! People are struggling, this isn't right!! We wouldn't have had this issue with Obama in office🙄👎🏽

TRUMP 2020 Vote all democrats out of office and help save America. That is not true. Both Canada and the US are producing adequate hand sanitizer volumes from local production facilities that stepped to the public late last week. Respirators are indeed in short supply and are being produced. Remember CNN is the official Fake News Network.

I know they are begging S. Korea for help But he couldn't accept the test from WHO?! Unbelievable. POTUS has no clue DefenseProductionAct

Beggar Nation, as he was unprepared, Trump tried to cut CDC funding year on year, fired the WH Pandemic Preparedness Team last year. They don’t care Trump has no allies realDonaldTrump he is no Leader and has not envoke the Production Act he lied and said he was using y beg when we have the capability to save people lives N.Y. needs help trash bags they r wearing HouseDemocrats thank u media!!

This is honestly hilarious. Its great he is our leader rather then a disaster like BHO.. we e we would collapse fast with that loser. Typical trump, always wants to play with other people's money Just not prepared because he didnt want to believe it. He had a hunch..... Trump and his unqualified cronies are the most vile people on the planet. I doubt that this cry for help will be heard.

Why? If this is no biggie and we should all go about our lives in a couple of weeks then by the time all of these items get here it will be all done and in the past. 😂😂😂😂😂 Surging coronavirus pandemic? Is it time to panic yet? Umhmmm

Do not sell to the yanks, they try to block others from being to use meds, or making them so expenssive that normal people can not afford them. Meds should Always be at least affordable, and for all...just look what they do with insulin these BARBARIANS! Why is this being presented as a bad thing? We help every other nation in the world and there is no shame asking for it in return until we can produce what we need.

Note: Alienate self first Beg for help later. You mean all those countries he has insulted and belittled? Good thing the President has been so nice to all those countries- not -hope North Korea and Russia step up for him Darlene_Edw Why can't the largest economy in the world make their own equipment? It's like a kid that put doing their homework off expecting their busy parents to drop everything and help. Trump is an incompetent moron.

America First, my ass. I would be shocked if any of them would give him a thing. Yes, I am sure other countries currently do not need this stuff themselves. And?

❤️love our President! He is doing a tremendous job! Doesn't the War Powers Act, that he refuses to enforce, create solutions to the things he begging for? Call the owner of Alibaba, he offered supplies to the USA I hope he is not asking any “shit hole” countries. Time for the Defence Production Act With all the countries and allies Trump has insulted and disrespected I wonder which one will come running to help America now ? This is what happens when he has no diplomatic skills and thought America would never need help. Time for Trump to grow up and act like a man.

BoldCoin3 These viruses had knelt American embarrassedly! DBChirpy the world hates Trump. Except Russia N Korea and Saudis. Trump is a piranha. SenateGOP HouseGOP WISN12News MLive PennLive TheTNStar ajc So he swaggers around the world, insulting any and every country he enters and now he’s asking for their help. Amazing

Should not “the richest country in the world” be the leader in producing these items needed instead of asking? We can mass produce weapons of war! Really? But the orange hair said it wasn't the case to be worried...and then led the criminal moron so called Brazilian president to do the same. What's changed?

Didn't Trump say this virus was a hoax They should all give realDonaldTrump the FINGER ITS has failed at everything IT touch and now IT can add the USA to ITS list of failures. Because he apparently thinks that the world owes him too...🤦‍♀️ Along w/appealing to countries around the world Trump should appeal to the wealthiest billionaires & multimillionaires in our country to provide resources & economic support to the great American people!

Ya after calling and bullying more then half of them let's see how that goes Did the other countries say “do us a favor tho“

He could, you know, force companies to make them for the federal government all the way down the supply line until the crisis has passed too, but then American companies can't price gouge States betting against each other, so that'll never happen. Enjoy it while it lasts ..... it being a superpower 🇨🇳🐲🐉

In layman's terms, we're begging from other nations. What a damn shame. We need an experienced leader. What, no money to make our own? You might want to reconsider your trillion dollar tax cuts to the upper 1% and corporations. Maybe give back the $ you stole from Pentagon for the wall. Maybe ask Melania to quit building her tennis pavilion at the White House.

We are Doomed! Good thing Trump has built such great relationships based on mutual respect with our allies. Sad Waaaaaaaa!!!😢sniffle.””All countries hate him.”Waaaa 😭lol. Good. Does that mean they no longer have to do business with the United States. Nope. Do They no longer have to rely on U.S. for defense? Nope.Your right the leader of the free world isn’t influential at all. Get a grip

1k death threshold reached. Someone tell Trump to declare a national emergency. Oh wait that was the last guy. Trump did when there was approx 20 deaths. I see unbelievable Hoarding going on everywhere for no reason for one thing.

Lying fscist CNN! Trump loves this country and is turning over every stone to help Americans! This is what happens when businesses in the US turned products over to China because of CHEAP LABOR! Thanks Slick Willie! U did this this when u brgt China into the WTO! A real President would build his own. FDR turned America into a war supply machine. tRump is an incompetent boob who can only order stuff from KFC. TrumpIsTheVirus TrumpPlague TrumpIsAnIdiot

Are we not only ashole countries? How can we help you then? That means were not satan and asking being not the ones to mess with. Yea usa pat yourselfs on the back. America first ! What happen to that ? say sorry to every country We have a real bad situation around the world StayHomeStaySafe well (Insert your countries name here) ____________ First! Sorry USA.

China needs to help US for the supplies, no country can survive alone in the crisis...

It’s too late. Should have done this when you first found out about it and what other countries were going through. You knew 😡 Still sending out the bullshit lies eh? CNN fakenews reporting is almost up! POTUS that in itself will be world celebration. Liers Fake news, democratic hoax, plain stubborn denial...we had plenty of time to prepare and minimize this, to prove once again why America is the greatest nation the world has ever seen... But we elected the Trump regime and have proven how dumb and complacent we have become.

How has the mighty fallen.. I have never heard that U.S begged once... This is a pitiable dismal peacemal...😭😭😭 America first ! Very weird, what would Trumpf say when they would react, the World first and then the US, he might now understand that America first is not what is needed Come on now the greatest country (without trump) can’t make hand sanizers? People make it at home IPA alcohol ad any thing unit. As long as trump is there no one will give or sell it to you. Please make your own masks and hand sanitizers and protect yourselves.

You bash them and now your asking for help Maybe we should treat our allies a little better, eh? Under control hey.

Well the third world order is upon us. I never thought this would happen. THATS WHY WE HE’S BRINGING BACK US MANUFACTURING ET AL. WuhanCoronaVirus proved him right...real quick. I thought the US was going to return to being a manufacturing giant when he was elected... I'm still waiting for that. Maybe we should have been nicer to other countries and not tried to police everyone.

You concede you aren't match China now, huh.. Though I know you will never admit that RIDICULOUS After alienating and insulting the world, being disrespectful and offensive, now you want their help? Good luck with that. The great “negotiations” 👨

That’s what Trump means by ‘Make America Great Again’..... Will do us a favor though....? You do what you must... This is a useless administration! After insulting other countries and now they can feel the isolation they caused! Why, they don't need their supply? ? It’s a pandemic.. why would their give their equipment up? 🤔

sell respitory and you will be RICH🥳🥳 Unbelievable. When the production and manufacturing of you country is coming from other countries truth me in difficult times you will be begging He has lost all credibility to the point where ... he's in the playground, and no one wants to vountarily play with a bully. Americans suffer to feed his ego.

shouldnt this have already happened long ago. He is the disaster! The same countries he has alienated? Capitalism and the underdelly of America is exposed, sadly. I thought Trump didn’t need the world. That everything could be done better in America? Shame on Trump How long did it take the U.S. to make enough gas masks for World War I?

America is powerful on movies only. Why did u vote for this dude. From Obama to this u dont feel sick. U are in our prayers We have plenty of guns. Where is the NRA? Oh my bad. Different kind of war. The buying of supplies had to be done two months ago. 'Don't bring a cannon to kill mosquito'. Trump is going to start manufacturing these items in America and create even more jobs! It’s coming, people are waking up finally.

Others don’t have to put America First.. oh short memories hey! Didn't the US reject tests and supplies already? Lol trump said this was a hoax. Well if he would not have pissed off every country in the world we might actually get some assistance, but.... Well that spiraled outta control real fast. The rest if the world: only if you scourge the parasite in the White House

The UN did make an appeal to support the poorest countries in tha world. If you're in the bottom 20%, you know America is one of them. I thought the you didn’t need the rest of the world? Let's ask at gun shop, maybe they can help... sheesh Unity82222320 It must be embarrassing after the way he has treated other leaders.

All countries are in the same boat.

So now we're a begger country? How is this winning? You had it all under control, this flu-like hoax. What did you do for other countries the last years? What comes around, goes around. I’m pretty sure their going to give to us so their people can die noo u idiot no one is coming the world is on the same boat

The United states of America ?🤔 Without China, Uted states is dead. 😂😂😂😂 America first isn't working? You steal land, oil, money and now you countries medical equipment? How lame....ask Larry Kudlow 🇺🇸must not get international help. It has a🇺🇸$1st greed foreign policy at all costs to others, socioeconomically, environmentally & lives. Sanctions to kill civilians, prevent cov19 medication from Iran. 🇺🇸to 1st lift all sanctions on Iran, Venezuela, North Korea-then maybe help.

Very good efforts why other countries but not just one? everybody knows there is one country can do everything? politician doesn't want to save their country and the people?

Money can buy, First Trump aggrevates countries, now he needs them. Health care of a banana republic. A out of control country. We don't have any BeelzebubTrump. Thought dumbass realDonaldTrump said we are producing millions He should have accepted Germany’s offer two months ago before he recognized it as a pandemic.

rimarthag Please help us. It’s for the sick. Got to ask why was the west so behind on his not only was this always on the list of stuff that could wipe out humanity But they had since the end of November when China admitted to it so why are we reacting to it and did not get ahead in some way While trying to hamstring the biggest maker of that stuff with this 'Wuhan Virus' thing ... crazy strategy

When the world become too shelfish, corruption and lies become widespread, there comes now and then a Devine natural intervention to make one reflect, in doing so all are carried by the tide, the rightly guided and the fool, only to be differentiated at the great Reckoning. Chinses factories can produce 0.11billion masks /day ,since at the end of Feb. The public can buy PPE online or offline easliy now. However,what the“great job” Mr presient Trump has done to China since last year,he just stopped to call “Chinese Virus”

Every other country needs those same supplies right about now. I can't stand manipulation I can't stand a pathological liar!! Someone needs to take action now. Pence do what ur suppose to do and do it now!!!! Americans are dying!!! Don't wait till it's too late!!!! You are all so lucky that other leaders aspecially in Europe are not some assholes like Trump bringing help and aid even he bullies them.

How embarrassing Colombia change best coffe prices by some sanitizers Teddyshouse2II He signed the war act! He needs to grow some balls and and utilize it!! And stop waiting for volunteers to start manufacturing health care equipment!!! GOOD! Finally!! Onto good promising news The Trump administration takes a dump on much of the world and is now begging other countries for handsanitizers & respirators? I thought POTUS realDonaldTrump didn't need the rest of the world.

And you have a problem with it...

I am not a historian. This has to be one of the if not the weakest moment in American History. Just invoke the DPA. Lead, tell our country to do it and we will answer the call. Trump does not play well with others. Burned many bridges with other countries. US would not be at top of many countries lists.

Showing how we need to bring these jobs back to America. Trump wins again! This, in case you were wondering, is a sign of his spectacular failure. Hmmm, wonder why Trump hasn’t mentioned this at one of his daily rallies, I mean briefings. That's probably going well...after 4 years of screaming 'America First!'

The Defense Protection Act could help with a lot of issues, if he would do the right thing and make manufacturers abide by it. ABC NYTIMES WASHINGTONPOST MSNBC CBSNEWS FOXNEWS AP BBCWorld Reuters Trump might want to say to our Foriegn adversaries, hey folks sorry I put my foot in my mouth too soon. With demeaning and belittling y'all. But, now he needs foriegn help and products. Fast.

Please wear a mask!Whether you are sick or not!Please protect yourself and others at the same time! This is embaressing for US US have been claiming itself as a superpower, but now it even can't supply hand sanitizer to its people. hollywood style superpower In Iran, with all sanctions, we have managed situation very well with no tiolet paper shortage

Thankfully Trump has kept close friendships with all US allies China and other tyranny and dictator countries can help So sad. We should be in a position to help them...oh but Trump didn’t compel our companies to ramp up production Pathetic How about NO... That whole 'America first' rhetoric seems a bit ill advised about now..

May try chaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnaaaaa 😂 CNN has 200 likes in a span of an hour. This junk news outlet is going to be bankrupt within a year. FakeNews! lol So he says!! Lol. Not gonna happen

不知道你们是不是可以读懂。美国人民正处在水深火热,我想中国目前有物资可以帮助您,请政府出面与我国政府取得联系。但物资不可能完全免费,因为在中国最艰难的时候,美国政府也并没有给予帮助。至于民间和企业援助,我想大家也看到了阿里巴巴的捐赠。世界人民同呼吸共命运,真心希望你们能快点好起来 The man is doing the needful. This isn't time for grandstanding. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Give the man a break. He must first lift the 414.92% duty for octane against Sasol.

Oh so now he needs his allies ?! Make him beg . And what’s wrong with that? Yes the President is doing everything possible to get Americans what we need as fast as possible. Thats what he is supposed to do So is he asking “shithole” countries too, or just the ones he likes (translation-the white ones). This guys a tool.

Other countries need them Too, where's all America's wealth n the best doctors in the world, but sth Africa's got a better health care system than America... Fake news. I thought he termed the virus as hoax. What has changed

How is it that we as a country never did the math before to beef up for this? We should have prepared with infrastructure like a decade ago & Hospital Privatization is one of the big problems COVID19 JoeBiden GOPBetrayedAmerica GOP Fox VoteBlue2020 Trump has been rude and insulting to many nations including allies. He pulled up a drawbridge around America and created an atmosphere in which the USA cannot be relied upon. Now he wants help but doesn't want his voters to know. Terrific!

What was his whole foreign policy thing again? Be friends with our enemies and treat our allies like dicks? IT WASN'T LONG AGO THAT HE SAID THAT US HAD NO ALLIES What are they doing two months ago? Bullshit Corrupt Donnie has burned sooo many bridges with other Countries, who would want to help him? Fake news. He has enacted it but companies have already been stepping up offering to ramp up production.

Unfortunately those Countries put a higher premium on their own people than the Greedy Incompetent people running this Country.Trump told WHO he needs no help,now these other Countries also need it.Figure it out Coronavirus Trump who knows more than a FLY. Smart! That’s why I voted for a businessman! 😂🤣😅😁

So Trump is America Only and tells world 🖕 off for 38 months and now has the balls to appeal for help? He needs to be dumped tonite. 25thAmendmentNow 特朗普就是这样让美国再次伟大的???哈哈 winning How the mighty have fallen. CNN, why I don’t even have soap! How am I supposed to wash my hands This administration is NOT doing its job☹️

Hmmmm... I thought the USA didn't need to trade because you make everything there. Isn't that what Trump is all about? So just make them. No need to beg The Art of the Deal dont listen to anything the shit network news reports people....this ad alone is so ridiculously biased its almost comical. As a unelected, unofficial representative of Canada, I’m authorized to say NO. We’ll help ourselves and others because Trump would probably take free equipment and try to sell it to Americans who need it.

Screw Trump!!!! Didn't have a pandemic plan? Neither did our lot. Governments have a lot to explain. We would just be manufacturing our own if all the communists didn't send all our manufacturing jobs to China. All the crap this fool has been talking over the years. They will tell him to kick rocks. You guys can't make that shit yourselves? What happened to bringing manufacturing back to America?

Wait, wasn’t he shit-talking other countries today? Especially our allies? Too little too late This is called begging...🤣

The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is making Earth shake less

April 2 coronavirus news - CNN

The whole country should be under stay-at-home orders, Fauci says

How to sanitize your groceries

New York governor says virus is spreading like 'slow-moving hurricane' across US. More than 6,000 are dead

Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 1 million globally - CNN

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The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic is making Earth shake less April 2 coronavirus news - CNN The whole country should be under stay-at-home orders, Fauci says How to sanitize your groceries New York governor says virus is spreading like 'slow-moving hurricane' across US. More than 6,000 are dead Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 1 million globally - CNN In one month, coronavirus has gone from a China epidemic to a global crisis Trump's 'Chinese Virus' rhetoric part of a long U.S. tradition of scapegoating The owner of the New England Patriots used the team's plane to bring hundreds of thousands of masks from China China's early coronavirus victory lap, misleading data hurting global response Kang Daniel Had To Step Away From The Stage To Remember Why He Loved It