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Health, Us Coronavirus: Us Covid-19 Deaths Pass 500

The US has lost 500,000 lives to Covid-19. Now Americans face a serious crossroads in the pandemic

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2/23/2021 12:49:00 AM

More than 500,000 people in the US have died from Covid-19, in just over a year since the first American death.

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75% of those R Latino & Black. This is the grp. that won’t take the Vaccine, out of fear or plain stupidity. Even if the Public Health Dept, in evry city knocked on their doors 2 give them the Vaccine-They won’t answer the Doorbell. Hilarious or Not? I die all the time on the inside! MeToo It’s Biden’s fault that we’ve lost so many since Jan.

Trump down played this entire thing, made it political and then had no vaccination plan. No one wants to face up to this! So terrible!!! Mih k có yêu câu cao,tim ban nc lam quen đê chia se cs,nam nư đêu đc ạ Fauci has been useless You can't say it enough can you If we thought about every person who died n US for only 1 second... we would be thinking for 8,333 minutes. Just 1 second. Sadly, the previous administration did not even grant them that. So sorry for all or losses

That’s 100,000 covid death under Biden’s administration in just 30 days . He’s lucky that Trump got those vaccines ready in that speed, he would have over 1 million deaths in his first year 😌 Please help my stepdad fight against Chronic Kidney Disease. A small donation is a huge help. A retweet and share would also be appreciated. Please😭 Gcash: 09276558464 Gofundme:FB detailed post:Twitter post:

So saddened at the number of casualties in this pandemic. It has been a year of such a learning curve and such rebellion on top of neglect. So thankful for the changing supervision over the miraculous timing in vaccine only by the hand of science. 🥀🖤 Sống lãng mạn, khéo tay, giỏi nấu ăn 🚨 never forget 🚨 +500,000 dead. Trump said Covid would go away. foxnews called it a hoax. Kudlow said they had it locked down. The far right media and a failed president contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. trumpmurders

Don't forget POTUS the Chinese have taken American blood though BioTerror attack globally. Unless NATO neutralizes Chinese CCP now, you JoeBiden will be blamed for inaction against the perpetrator of this crime. Forget your past Chinese links, now you represent USAGov. Grim! ...and it's not over

And tonight you had an ad for the pillow guy running? Seriously? And you share a large part of the blame with the misinformation you've put out at near every turn. Here’s to you Trump This is very very sad 😨😨 I really envy you developed countries.500,000!No one is responsible,Always so quiet and peaceful.

Biden at his debate with Trump vowed to stop the virus immediately. Another lie from Biden! NOBODY dies from Corona virus...they die from other symptoms...get it right! That’s not bad consideration of Dr Fauci’s predicted count. I’m not sure if this is the right number because of Googles suppression. But I believe it was 2.5 million. 0.5 million is a little less. Like 2 million less. i

Thanks JOHO 😥💔 Let's burn some candles. I am destroyed over this. The last time I wept this much for our country was 9/11. Less Americans died in world war 2 100,000 is a terrible milestone,... sad sad state of affairs, ..but I would like to take this moment to blame everyone else. - Cuomosullini One of my older relatives died 6 weeks after testing positive. Everyone thought he had a mild case. He is probably not counted in the 500k. Lot more deaths than are being counted ☹️

Its one way nature reduce over population. โควิค19ในไทยพระราชกิจจานุเบกษา22ก.พ2564ล่าสุดเมื่อวาน โควิค19ในไทยพระราชกิจจานุเบกษา22ก.พ2564ล่าสุดเมื่อวาน โควิค19ในไทยพระราชกิจจานุเบกษา22ก.พ2564ล่าสุดเมื่อวาน anyone seen CNN talking about the tens of thousands Cuomo killed? anyone? 500,000 DEAD☠ COVID USA 🧐Remember WHO delayed w/The GQP - Lied that COVID was FakeNews🤥 😱Today TrumpSupporters Don't wear MASKS😷

Biden said the N word. Report that COVID: Pandemic ends in April. In Jan: 40,000 pharmacies enrolled to give shot. Today: 62m shots given; 1.8m shots/d Dr. Scott Gottlieb: OP WARP to have provided 250m doses to States by early April. 1/3 of Americans have antibodies. WHY ISN'T OUR PRESIDENT FIXING THIS?

WORLD. COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. Total Confirmed Cases, now 111,652,732 Global Deaths. 2,472,041 US. 500,159 deaths. coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID19 BuT ItS jUsT a FlU. Remember those people 11 months ago? Thanks Joe

So... trump.... Lol its Biden... shit. With a little investment of $500 you can earn $5500 within 6 working days...DM me to know how miriamru5460 or message me on WhatsApp +1 (323) 419-1429 Ya right lol I can't spit his name out of my mouth, but this 'Former Guy' needs to be held responsible for his dereliction of duty to his office in allowing this Pandemic to go unchecked when he KNEW the probable consequences. History will remember!

Many Americans care more about personal freedom than public safety. No one to blame but each other and ourselves. Tragic news. Also, the COVID deaths starting at 12pm on 1/20/2021 & onwards are the results from Biden’s America 😧😔😢 FALSE VERY FALSE Tragic Remember when Trump compared it to the 60-100k seasonal flu deaths and that it'll be gone by Easter Sunday? Yea, which seasonal flu killed 500k in the US in recent years and which Easter was he referring to?

I see the idiots are out blaming Trump. Well, he is not responsible for obesity, diabetes and underlying conditions take people out - virus included. I think it is about time the cancel culture wakes up to the fact that health is a personal responsibility. And 1/3 of global death toll took place after vaccines rollout not excerpting U.S. Stop VaccinationGenocide🤞

ياريس_ارجوك_الطلاب_هتموت Souls crying 0.15% of the population has died. Not bad for a new pandemic. Bad for the remaining 99% who have their livelihoods,.liberty, freedom, and rights stripped away for a virus with such a low death rate.