Health, The Us Has 4% Of The World's Population But 25% Of İts Coronavirus Cases - Cnn

Health, The Us Has 4% Of The World's Population But 25% Of İts Coronavirus Cases - Cnn

The US has 4% of the world's population but 25% of its coronavirus cases

The US represents 4% of the world's population, but 25% of all coronavirus cases. More people are infected with and die from coronavirus in the US than anywhere else in the world:

6/30/2020 2:52:00 PM

The US represents 4% of the world's population, but 25% of all coronavirus cases. More people are infected with and die from coronavirus in the US than anywhere else in the world:

American life has been irrevocably altered by the worst pandemic in a century. Here, in dollars, percentages and — most tragically — lives, is the pandemic's devastating toll on the US.

Data visualization by Natalie Croker, Christopher Hickey, Curt Merrill, Henrik Pettersson and Tal Yellin, CNNUpdated 1110 GMT (1910 HKT) June 30, 2020Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. (CNN)The United States has long prided itself as the world's shining beacon. But its current status is a much darker one: the globe's leader in coronavirus cases.

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More than 125,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the US, and more than 2.5 million Americans have been infected. American life has been irrevocably altered by the worst pandemic in a century. And as the country struggles to reopen, cases of Covid-19 have surged again -- this time in young people and in states that had previously avoided the brunt of the virus. Here, in dollars, percentages and — most tragically — lives, is the pandemic's devastating toll on the US. .pg.t-light .zn-body-text h3 { text-align: center; font-weight: 900; } @media screen and (min-width: 640px) { .zn-body-text h3:not(.el__headline):not(.cd__headline):before { margin: 60px auto 10px; } } The US leads the world in cases and deaths .cnnix-graphic-header { font-size: 20px; font-weight: 700; line-height: 24px; margin: 0 0 8px 0; text-align: left; color: #262626; } @media only screen and (min-width: 800px) { .cnnix-graphic-header { font-size: 22px; line-height: 26px; } Covid-19 reported deaths Read MoreThe US death toll is more than twice as high as that of the country with the second-highest death rate, Brazil. That South American country has reported more than 57,600 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University's global case count.Leaders in both countries have continued to downplay the severity of coronavirus. President Donald Trump has refused to wear masks in public, which research has proven can control the spread of the virus, and has encouraged businesses to resume operations against the guidance of health officials who believe premature reopenings could lead to surges in cases like the US is seeing now. Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro called coronavirus a"little flu" and maintains that an economic shutdown would be worse for the country than the pandemic. He's also eschewed mask and social distancing guidance in public and has been criticized for underreporting coronavirus deaths. The US represents 4% of the world's population but 25% of all coronavirus cases More people are infected with and die from coronavirus in the US than anywhere else in the world. There are a few explanations for this disproportionate share of cases. The initial US response to coronavirus was slowed when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's coronavirus tests failed, delaying testing for weeks. And President Donald Trump throughout February downplayed the threat the virus posed to the US.Health officials argue that February was a crucial time to contain the virus, and the US missed that window. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar gave a similar warning last week when he told CNN's Jake Tapper that the"window is closing" for the US to get the pandemic under control. Over 1,000 Americans die every day in the US from coronavirus .m-infographic--1593463498921 { background: url(// no-repeat 0 0 transparent; margin-bottom: 30px; padding-top: 44.75%; width: 100%; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; -webkit-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; } @media (min-width: 640px) { .m-infographic--1593463498921{ background-image: url(//; padding-top: 44.75%; } } @media (min-width: 1120px) { .m-infographic--1593463498921{ background-image: url(//; padding-top: 44.75%; } } Coronavirus has now killed nearly 126,000 people in the US since the first death was reported in February, according to Johns Hopkins University's case count. That's an average of around 1,039 deaths per day.The number shot up from the end of May, when an average of fewer than 900 people died every day in the US from Covid-19. Nearly 80% of deaths occur in people over age 65 Older adults are exceedingly vulnerable to severe infection from coronavirus. And according to CDC data, that risk increases with age.Adults 65 and up account for about 78.9% of all coronavirus deaths in the US but less than 20% of all cases, CDC statistics show. More than 58% of those deaths occurred in Americans over 75. Just over 3% of deaths occurred in people younger than 40.But more people are becoming infected, contributing to extreme surges in cases in populous states like Florida and Texas. Americans ages 18 to 29 account for almost 18% of coronavirus cases now, CDC data shows.More Americans have died from coronavirus than in wars in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan More than 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam. The US coronavirus death rate is 2.2 times higher.Almost 37,000 Americans died in Korea. The US coronavirus death rate is more than 3.4 times higher.4,431 Americans died in Iraq. The US coronavirus death rate is more than 28 times higher.2,445 Americans died in Afghanistan. The US coronavirus death rate is more than 51 times higher.More Americans also have died of coronavirus in less than five months than in all of World War I. That conflict took the lives of 116,516 American soldiers. The US has probably only counted about 10% of its coronavirus cases The US may have missed 90% of people infected with coronavirus, according to an assessment by Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.With more than 2.5 million official diagnoses in the US, Redfield's estimate could mean more than 25 million Americans have been infected.The lag in reporting is due in part to limited testing during the first few weeks of the pandemic. Now, as more people are getting tested, it's become clear that a large percentage of those who tested positive did not have any symptoms or had only mild symptoms, Redfield said.Nursing home deaths account for about 42% of all coronavirus deaths in the USMore than 52,428 nursing home deaths have been reported in 41 states, out of 253,938 cases in 43 states, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.Not all states are reporting infections and deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, so these numbers may be higher on a national scale.With their highly vulnerable residents, frequent visitors and relatively close quarters, nursing homes are hotbeds for infection. The first significant coronavirus outbreak in the US occurred at a facility in Washington state, where at least 35 people died and dozens more residents and staff were infected.Black Americans are more than twice as likely as Whites to die from coronavirus .m-infographic--1593461650718 { background: url(// no-repeat 0 0 transparent; margin-bottom: 30px; padding-top: 40.3125%; width: 100%; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; -webkit-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; } @media (min-width: 640px) { .m-infographic--1593461650718{ background-image: url(//; padding-top: 40.3125%; } } @media (min-width: 1120px) { .m-infographic--1593461650718{ background-image: url(//; padding-top: 40.3125%; } } At least 26,747 Black Americans have died from coronavirus. The virus has killed roughly 1 in 1,500 Black Americans, according to the nonpartisan American Public Media Research Lab. Black Americans are dying of Covid-19 at a disproportionately high rate: They represent over 12% of the US population but account for nearly a quarter of all US Covid-19 deaths, the research lab reported. Black Americans' coronavirus death rate is 2.3 times higher than that of White & Asian Americans and twice as high as the death rate for Latinos. By comparison, White Americans represent over 62% of the US population but account for just about half of all coronavirus deaths. One in 3,600 White Americans has died, the lab reported. More than 47 million Americans have filed for unemploymentFewer people have filed for unemployment benefits in June as businesses reopened, but many millions of Americans are still out of work. Since mid-March, 47.3 million workers have filed for first-time unemployment benefits.The US economy had its worst quarter since the 2008 recession America's first-quarter GDP, the most expansive measure of the US economy, fell at a 4.8% annualized rate, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis reported in May.

It was the first contraction of the US economy since the first quarter of 2014, and the worst drop since the fourth quarter of 2008, the height of the financial crisis.... and the worst isn't over .m-infographic--1593430628520 { background: url(// no-repeat 0 0 transparent; margin-bottom: 30px; padding-top: 139.2%; width: 100%; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; -webkit-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; } @media (min-width: 640px) { .m-infographic--1593430628520{ background-image: url(//; padding-top: 70.91607943625881%; } } @media (min-width: 1120px) { .m-infographic--1593430628520{ background-image: url(//; padding-top: 70.91607943625881%; } } A staggering 36 US states reported a rise in cases last week. In Florida, officials recorded 9,585 new cases on Saturday -- a single-day record since the start of the pandemic. Just as states were beginning to reopen after lockdown, at least a dozen have halted their plans to further ease restrictions.

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We are No one (No is not Abbreviated) I hate BUNKERBOY but I do think total number of hospitalizations would be better reporting. Since there are so many levels of severity people are tuning out total cases. Please always report hospitalizations. Someone testing positive with no symptoms doesn’t move the needle.

If US continue to be like this, the next superpower country will be China Cause they re the only one testing properly and counting. Thanks to lying Don and the republicans. Of course, the US: a) has tested more people than the entire rest of the world put together b) doesn't lie about their numbers (looking at you, China) You can always count on the Democrats at CNN to root trash their own country.

fearmongering CNN: Cases of the virus are spiraling out of control here at CNN headquarters, Doctors says there is no cure for this strain of the virus which they strangely label as 'ST-Covid-UPID-19' GovJVentura That's almost exactly the same ratio for energy usage, which is a far more dire situation.

Are we still going off numbers where China is one of the best controlled countries? How about Marxist CNN you report the truth that deaths from this virus are at the lowest levels since March, America CNN will never tell you the truth A US passport is the mark of Cain now. Another case of misleading public opinion because fact checkers are not paid by the word at CNN

Maybe you should also include that we are testing the most as well. Please tell the news don't skew things. Shame on you!!!! Not enough hospitals, not enough respirators, masks not helpful but wait they are helpful, acceptable for CHOP, acceptable to riot and loot, not acceptable to gather for church or sing in a choir, acceptable to stand in traffic, not acceptable for family BBQ. Total BS from CNN.

Protesters =more cases lol this is the kind of metric you share with stupid people who are gullible enough to find it relevant. STOP CNN, JUST STOP! CASES relate to TESTING CASES ARE NOT DEATHS Why don’t you mention US versus the world when it comes to death See how under the true indicator, the US is in much better place than Europe

💐🙇‍♀️ CNN COVID COVID COVID!!!!! RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!!!! IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH!!! FEAR FEAR FEAR!!!!! HATE HATE HATE!!!! DIVIDE DIVIDE DIVIDE !!! RACE BAIT RACE BAIT RACE BAIT!!!! WE KNOW YOUR MO!!!! FAKE NEWS ALWAYS!!!!! The US is under international lockdown. No one wants Americans in their countries! The States lead the world by far with 2.9 million COVID-19 cases and over 132,000 Covid deaths. That’s 1/4 of the total COVID 19 deaths in the world! Winning!!

All part of the plan...this was no accident. Idk how much to believe these numbers. I know people who’ve gotten tested more than once with positive results. And also, not every country is testing to produce numbers like we are. So I don’t think you can compare/relate the two really. This is fake news or Truthification!

If the United States wants to deal with China's total of two moves: one, let go of military control over Japan; two, establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan and form a military alliance. We do more testing than anyone. Well duh. We are the most open society & the number one destination in the world for visitors & immigrants

Because we are doing 50% more testing than anywhere else in the world. USA is doing great job handling the Virus, no thanks to Dr. Fauci. How often and how much wrong can his reporting be. Another attempt to blame others and not China who created it as a biological weapon. Mentirosos de M....A You know how the right says why are black people a minority and make up 50% of crime.... the same reason Americans so “great” and can’t wear masks to stop a virus and lead the world in cases: Ignorance, bigotry, Systemic issues & ignoring facts, science and truth. blm

We test more than every other country, and I believe there is reason to believe some other countries may have fudges their numbers on this ......China for one.... Tested cases Just wait until you hear about the prison population We are a free and mobile society (including open access to international travel) with dense population centers; the perfect storm. Half of humanity is on lockdown. Yet, 12 countries have no reported cases. Context is everything.

This is the glory of America's constant progress。Come on America! This is actually completely meaningless. Is there a chart that shows what percent of total tests haven been done in America? Less than 25%? More than 25%? Because, you know, that’s kind of important. If the GOP and realDonaldTrump is proud of how this pandemic was handled they should really think again.

This must be the part where we are winning? Right? GOP? Isn't this the winning part that Trump talks about? Help me out here. Because collectively, as a nation, you can't / won't focus on something that is beyond the me, myself and I. The US is on verge of breaking down from the inside. Their allies see them as a silver spoon tantrum baby, and the rest of the world as a bunch of crazy yahoo gun bearer

For all the conservatives who have a hard time with math, this isn't good Meanwhile trump “CNN is fake” lol But our mortality rate is lower than almost every European country. That’s the important number. Looks similar to the pharma consumption stat Bahhhhh. Sheeple believe this. More testing and more positives. Also in Texas people who did not even test have been getting calls saying they tested positive. How does that get miss counted? Mistakes are made of course but how many? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤡😂🤣😜

Misleading information, which has been the standard for , they must understand that we the USA test more than any other country, thus considering our size and higher testing leads to those numbers. Let us report facts and stop trying to terrorize their viewer/readers Do you REALLy think China is telling the truth with their numbers? And we just had 3 pre-op asymptomatic ppl test positive. Other countries aren’t testing pre-op like we are, so they don’t know who’s asymptomatic and aren’t counted.

Impossible Largely because it's profitable for hospitals to classify as COVID rather than flu or pneumonia Fake news you Didn’t quantitated with the number of test done in each country do US has by far the most testing so it would by far have the most cases because a lot of cases are asymptomatic But aren’t we testing more than any other country ? Also the numbers are skewed.

We test more. Please gonaway CNN 💥 Fuck China. It's time to invade it with a Global Action Force and finish off the CCP 💥 and Trump is totally responsible for this, by spreading lies and now, in the midst of a tragic surge in cases, uttering idiocies such as America is dealing with 'a new far left fascism'. This man should be stopped. COVID19

Um, no. We have 375,000,000 million people which means we are third in the world, why did you make this up. Invalid info, update your information you look like a 6 year old did history and geography. I blame Commie China for deliberately exporting their virus. We also have liars that report lying news more than anyone in the world. Have you heard of this? It’s newsworthy

So illegals should stop crossing the border then? You sure those cases are all legit? I know the New York nursing home deaths are. MAGA response would be fake news🤣 OMG what a lie. First off other countries do not have the resources to test their population and countries like China low about their data. So more Fake CNN.

Degree of confidence in the figures? We are also testing more than any other country. Over 1 million recovered,testing 1 positive becomes 17,fake numbers ... People are so brainwashed believing anything the mainstream sewer propaganda machine media is telling them Looks just like our Black population in jail. 13% of the country 25+% of the world incarceration.

Why don't they use the military? I'm sure if they invaded it would be peace and flowers & puppies How Often Will You Tweet This Thank you China The US is the 3rd most populous country behind China and India. But the fake news spewing CNN conveniently left that fact out. Testing? Thanks China and the U.S. will be the most immune country in the world for COVID19

Death per capita is what matters.. Us has a large population Ny got about 50% of us deaths melissagrelo 😟 SethAbramson Doesn’t mention “per capita deaths” and you said testing is measured “per capita” so hypocrisy thegoodgodabove Tucker Carson (on Fox) claims that 4%/25% statistic is proof that the Chinese engineered Covid-19 to kill Americans

Are you sure that the numbers for China are real? If not, you statistics is just garbage! thegoodgodabove Florida has 1/5 of new cases in all 50 states and territories. FL breaking records daily, 11,458 today... that’s close to breaking daily record of any state in US COVID19 GovRonDeSantis DeSantisKillsFlorida DeSantisKillsFlorida4Trump DeSantisResign

thegoodgodabove We are good at two things, at nearly the same rate: 1) Incarcerating our citizens, and 2) Infecting them with disease. Bunk -- fudged statistics that only CNN ( Communist Network) could believe-- any person with statistical knowledge is skeptical at a minimum- or outright lies Want proof... Read the idiot's comment directly below this one. Case closed...!! ;~)

SethAbramson We WIN ! he scampers off in the general direction of the cematary of his choosing. ... SethAbramson SethAbramson It’s almost like we’re talking prison population SethAbramson About on par with our incarnation rate... Well considering most of the death cases have not been actually tested...

CNN should ask Democrats Also 25% of the world’s prison population Probably because you lied to people about hydroxychloroquine. Can we get a breakdown on who is dying. Elderly, extreme obesity, diabetics, heart patience, heavy smokers. We never hear about that. Of course the numbers will spike with more testing. Is the death rate going down? That's what matters.

By any measure, we failed this particular test...why? Lack of non politicized leadership, national will, selfish behavior... Lies Use all of the math please. Indeed, US has a lot to learn from the shining example North Korea. CNN- the dividing force of USA Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti admits 'connection' between coronavirus outbreak and BLACK LIVES MATTER protests

Trump was right. So many could have been saved If CNN did not spread lies against hydroxychloriquine treatment, more lives should have been saved in pandemic Twist it your way Take out massive testing out of it...perhaps it was an attack communist China aided by their allies including democrats What about testing, what are the stats on that compared to the rest of the world...?

So far ahead of the world with herd immunity. Lol, that death rate is so low though. And we test more than anyone else in the world. We also test the same person again and again until they are negative inflating the numbers. Relax. cnn Sucks We are actually testing and sharing all data. These other Countries especially communist Countries, you can bet are not sharing factual numbers, they do NOT want to seem weak or less than the Greatest Nation in the World! You do not have to be Einstein to know that!!

cnn fakenews conspiracy There r ppl dying ‘with’ Covid, not ‘because’ of Covid. All deaths being recorded as Covid regardless money Now our coronavirus case ratio matches our prison population ratio... Need help packing? FightBack People across metro area shocked over news of CNN Center sale Because the numbers are fudged....... or in my land rubbery figures......

And over 50% of US COVID-19 deaths are in states run by DemocRATS. But that's Trump's fault, of course (wink wink). We have to live with it? Numbers may be increasing due the “peacefull protests” The reality is that, There is Only one Super Power on Earth or Skies Allah Almighty is Great and super power Rest nothing Slaves of Allah Almighty Islam is religion of peace and prosperity for every human being

Can you make the calculation for Belgium? %Fatalities / %Population (zit down please) I'm guessing we're either over reporting or other places are under reporting. Trump was right about HCQ. You owe Americans and Trump an apology. I wonder how many people can't afford to be treated? I'd imagine you're going to find a lot of corpses who have died in their own beds.

Should say “confirmed” coronavirus cases. The real number of cases in both the US and worldwide is way higher than reported and not really known. Because thousands and thousands of people had cabinfever after months of Isolation and then used riots as an excuse to get out of the house thus infecting thousands more.....

Duh we test a greater %. Take a basic math course! fakenews How much testing is being done in China, do you think? Or even in India? And almost nothing in Africa and South America... I wish more people appreciated simple math and statistics - now do our prison systems - Black men account for 6.5% of US population but represent 40% of the US prison pop. - photo cred: Ki’ara Montgomery, Senior at Virginia Commonwealth University

The US is HUGE!!! Total idiots. Huh, America owns 50% of the worlds gun population. I wonder if there’s a connection. This is misleading. Both statements are true but rely on different bases. The US does have most deaths and most cases of any country but that's a function of such a large population. On a per-million basis, among countries of 1m+, the US is 7th/156 for both deaths and cases.

United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Spain, & France all have a higher death rate when population is taken into account. But CNN knows their viewers don’t pay attention to the details. Hey Trumpie, we're 1!! USA 1 babeeeeee We are also testing more than most of Europe so we are finding more cases. Seems about right when 35% of the people are controlling 100% of the government and put people who are 1000% incompetent in charge.

We're 1! USA! USA! Wait......😔☹😩 Yep. realDonaldTrump has completely failed America in it's time of need. WorstPresidentEver TrumpIsKillingAmericans TrumpHasNoPlan PutinsPuppet UnAmerican ETTD, sad but prophetic We test more idiots! اللهم احفظ كل البشر وكل بلاد العالم من هذا الوباء واكشف يارب هذه الغمة عاجلا وليس آجلا يارب العالمين

DaftErroneous Tired of winning Such a biased and unfair article. US mortality rate is not highest in the world - not close. You mix totals with percentages. Not truthful, completely misleading, and biased. It also fails to note that half of US deaths come from only a few Semicratic states who handled poorly...

realDonaldTrump MurfAD Sure, because all countries are honest in their reporting, and every one of them has conducted as much testing as the USA. Sure, let's go with that. Results are skewed from lack of information... you know, like everything CNN reports. Cry fake news on that assholes realDonaldTrump winning!

Nway China is accurately reporting their cases. They have a country of over 1 billion people and Wuhan alone is over 10 million. You mean to tell me Massachusetts with not even 7 million people has over 100k cases and China reported just over 85k? That data doesn’t make sense We’re texting 500k people per day. How many tests per day are other countries doing?

How many laws do we have? Per capita, more people have died in the Netherlands from Corona than in the US Per capita, more people have died in Italy from corona than the US Per capita, more people have died from corona in France than in the US More people have died from Corona in Spain, per capita, than in the USA

More people die from corona in UK per capita then in the USA The virus is disproportionately attacking people of the US. This is yet another indication of systematic hatred and bigotry towards Americans. Deaths per 100,000:. Florida 16, Texas 8, New York 165. Now tell us how wonderful NYGovCuomo is. Who cares? its a freakin flu.

Are you certain it’s infected with and die from? Or is it infected with and die with? Correlation does not equal causation. Other respiratory virus’ are also prevalent. Stop fear mongering And over 50% of those are in nursing homes that dem govts shoved in there My country has only 50k+ confirmed cases but we only test 10k people per day. So i dont really think US has 25% of cases. Others just either dont do enough test or manipulate their data. I thought CNN is famous for its 'fact checking', yet this obvious fact is not clear to them.

Fake news He finally admitted today that we have a pandemic!! TODAY! realDonaldTrump must RESIGN NOW!!! WeWantJoe WeWantJoe WeWantJoe Gli Stati Uniti sono la nazione più colpita, con 125.928 morti e quasi 2,6 milioni di casi. Nel Paese sono state registrati nelle ultime 24 ore almeno 42 mila nuovi contagi. Segue il Brasile con 58.314 morti, il Regno Unito (43.575), l'Italia (34.744) e la Francia (29.813).

Lol look at China’s 82k. Is there suspect to anyone else? Look at Russia. Our free press means we have an honest look at how contagious this virus really is. RaeMargaret61 little bit of an extra for all the mouthbreather coming out with 'Because of testing!' - 510k deaths, 127k of them in the US... also 25% and not because of testing xD

Well, some Lt governor said he was willing to die from the economy Again with the fear mongering... proportionally speaking, we have fewer deaths vs. infection rate than many other nations. THAT MATTERS! Stop fanning the flames and killing our nation! Why doesn't CNN report on China's covid-19 numbers? Oh yeah they can't China lies. ChinaLiedPeopleDied

Americans are fat, lazy, unhealthy, and there is a fast food place on every corner. Over Processed food and sugar out the ass literally in every overmarketed product. Not to mention unaffordable health care. Work on that Dems.... That’s some serious winning! TrumpFlu more confirmed cases. cause we have good testing. other places are not testing and some (China) are severely fucking with the numbers. wake up

The Constant Nagging Network. FAKE news communist news network! We test ALOT more in this global panademic! Your so called network is the lying propaganda wing of the demonRAT party! 100% biased and propaganda! Ya, Thanks Trump CNN.... trying so hard to push the Trump blame narrative. Because we live long, have incompetent people running nursing homes, and have exponentially higher obesity rates than other countries.

But we’re not testing the whole world. I hate misleading statements and you oppose the Lockdown... 🧐 Because the masses believe the nonsense the media spews and they count every shark bite, bear attack and goat kick to the throat as a covid death because of Government kick back greed. Fuck. The. Media.

remember that time chyna decided that it didn’t like the bad press and declared they had 0 new cases anymore? nice try. Are we pretending that China magically made coronavirus disappear? I feel like 'known coronavirus cases' would be a more accurate headline. realDonaldTrump would say..We're 1...we're 1 ....🙄

I know plenty will take the easy strawman and blame these numbers on one man, but seriously, how does that add up?! Politics aside this makes NO sense! Are we testing drastically more than the rest? Are we are classifying too liberally? Do we have too many false positives? Thanks nyc leaders Out of curiosity what percent of total testing the US has done? An article that wanted to present unbiased facts would have included that in the title graph.

Side bar, stop having kids! Humans are stupid and despicable You can thank New York for that, and allowing it to sweep through the nursing homes. This graph 🤣🤣 !! I mean we all know your followers are slow but holy moly! SethAbramson 'The US represents 4% of the world's population, but 25% of all coronavirus cases.' And that mirrors its 25% of consumption of world's resources

That’s because they just don’t get the fact that freedom and rights that they always claim to have has nothing to do with a virus/pandemic! The US is becoming the world’s leading uncivilized, racists country in the world with current leadership being it’s worse enemy! ... 50% of Americans who have died from Covid died In nursing homes, where Democrats sent them to die.

What’s the great liberal CNN’s solution? Or was this just written in hope of helping with the upcoming election?! I suggest the United States use The Chinese method of counting the dead Here’s a fact that your article left off. 99% of your articles are complete BS jaketapper ...20% of the world's reported deaths... American exceptionalism on display...

Makes sense, doesn’t it? You must be so happy... A badge of honor for Trumpanzees to celebrate. And that’s with poor testing rate compared to other countries, which means the true percentage would be even higher. US citizens must be proud of transparent strong and correct health care system. Many countries don't have fund to by testing kits. Hide data. Miss diagnosis...

Yup....and somehow we're still being lied to about it by electes officials lol. We can see them make the lies as well but yet we have no recourse anyway Responses range from we test more, Blue states fault, fake news, could it possibly be that you don't social distance, wear masks, do shutdowns properly.

Maybe because millions of people have been gathering together for the past month.... not them according to cnn BS Whose mistakes were preventable during Jan/Feb, however, ignored, avoided, camouflaged, lied about, ending with the largest share of cases in the world? Brazil's Bolsonaro, and US's Donald Trump. They had dinner at MaraLago, made friends, and wanted to use the anti-malaria drug.

Nobody’s dying from anything else in the United States other than Covid🙄 The United States has done 50% more testing then the rest of the world!! Thank China! Also add that That US was the target of China, and add that 95% of the infections and deaths sadly happened in states and cities under DemocRAT leadership

(test done) does factor into this and consumes 40% goods Fake numbers That’s worse than our horrendous incarceration statistics. This country is terrible Go buy more American flag bathing suits and paper plates for your July 4 festivities, you idiots Because more people are tested here and tracked you nitwits. Probably more ppl have been infected and recovered as well....but if you reported the ENTIRE story, you wouldn't be CNN

jaketapper Imagine believing China’s numbers Wonder why. Could it be...testing? Could it be that possibly the rest of the world has more cases that they have not tested for? If you take out the 42% nursing home deaths where governors forced them to take Covid patients, and the $13,000 incentive to certify Covid as the cause of death it would probably be quite different.

jaketapper President Trump : “Boo hoo” Lack of leadership, coupled with putting the economy first. jaketapper He said we’d get tired of winning. The problem is people are not listening to the experts. They are too hard-headed, thinking just of themselves and not at the well being of others. Watch the data keep going up, up, up, up. Nationally there is no leadership, the President has his head buried in the sand.

Lol. This is just too much. They don't even try to hide their propaganda anymore. Feels like just a couple weeks ago deaths were the standard. Now that those have dropped 80%, we’ve moved to ‘cases.’ It’s a good strategy, most will fall for it Maybe an universal healthcare program which isnt ties to your job in a time of mass unemployment would help? Just saying.

jaketapper We always think we are number one. We need some humility and pay more attention to others. And we need some leadership with humility. Most of the European countries have a much higher percentage rate of death from Covid than the US. Check the stats. jaketapper Or this could be fake news jaketapper Is America great yet?

Cases means nothing. FIFY. jaketapper More tests = more cases. CNN = Idiot’s Anyone who believes Communist China on their numbers, is totally full of sh*t!! They are Communist for gosh sake!! They torture people, now they're MAKING women have abortions. BS jaketapper Winning!!!! Finally!!!! 🤦‍♀️ jaketapper Hey, it's pretty much the same numbers as the percentage we incarcerate!

jaketapper Amazing Facts 😯 jaketapper Thank you realDonaldTrump jaketapper Rigorous testing in India and China I’m sure You forgot about China Don’t get your news from CNN. It works for China, Iran, DNC, Biden, etc. Well there's only a 99% chance of living so the outcome looks bleak... Then it is obvious what target is the bioweapon of CCP, they want to dominate the world and they need to weaken and destroy America to achieve it.

Because Americans are spoiled rotten & this will be our downfall. People that believe that the amount of COVID cases are being accurately reported in countries around the world are left winged radical fools and organizations like CNN are looking to increase ratings. China, India, entire Middle East, South America are reporting all cases? Yep!!

Have you ever looked at the volume of tests the US has completed compared to other countries? You’re not showing all the facts here Wow! Puts it in perspective!!! 4% of the worlds population and yet pretend to be the most powerful? FakePresident Do you think the world's slums are doing a lot of testing. If you don't have working sewage you probably undercounting.

Compliments from Trump MAGA. He inspired Bolsenario from Brazil to be equally stupid. Now Brazilians are crossing illegally into our hinterland. Our cases jump from 0 to hundreds with clusters in our hinterland communities. It is devastating. However, CNN (Corrupt News Network) seems to have forgotten to mention that the US is the 3rd most populous nation in the world.

US has done over 30 million tests. Next closest is India who haven't even done 10 million. The gap in volume of testing is so vast that yes of course the US will have considerably more confirmed cases. Is this what President Trump means when he says ' fake news '? ...hence why our death numbers are higher (and therefore, over-estimated)

AZ is diagnosing people with covid via virtual appts and no tests.. 3.5 crore Test vs 33 crore population USA test more people than any other country in the world. They have a lower death rate that a lot of European countries (UK, Spain, France, Italy...). It’s far to be the worst country in the matter of the pandemic.

Armed violence in New York has increased to an unprecedented level since 1996. BlackLivesMatter SpeakingOut Someone notify all the idiots going to Chase Rice concerts THE CORONAVIRUS ARE YOU = MSM = FakeNewsMedia

The world isn't laughing at America -- it's pitying usOne of Trump's big election lines in 2016 was that the world was laughing at America. That wasn't true, but now the reality is worse: A bemused world is pitying America. Consider this selection of global headlines this week, compiled by Meanwhile producer Shelby Rose, as the coronavirus resurged across the US. StCollinson husca An now there laughing at trump StCollinson husca CNN ....image of US worldwide is getting better even in Europe despite leftist european press and despite CNN ....thats why StCollinson husca Pity and fear…

The U.S. can 'change the world' by devaluing the dollar, analyst claimsInstead of targeting bonds as a form of economic stimulus, policymakers should look to the value of the greenback, one independent macro advisor suggested. But wouldn't that be considered currency manipulation? J pow is doing that on his own? If they devalue the dollar, people, businesses, and nations will adopt the euro or the yuan.

Defense Secretary to Give Trump Options on U.S. Presence in GermanyDefense Secretary Mark Esper will on Monday present to the White House options to reduce the U.S. military presence in Germany by nearly 10,000 troops in what would be a dramatic reshaping of the U.S. presence in Europe. Great news for RUSSIA! Really? He's still going to do whatever Putin wants? No puppet

Coronavirus updates: US reports more than 38,800 new cases in a single dayCORONAVIRUS LATEST: • More than 38,800 new cases of COVID-19 were identified in the United States on Sunday. • Pandemic has killed over 501,000 people across the globe. • Over 10.1 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19. How many recovered? Individualism no longer works in a large society interdependent for employment consumer trade health and security. Frontier self reliance days are over they ended with Fords first assemlly line

Treasury yields mixed as U.S. coronavirus cases surgeU.S. government debt prices were mixed Monday morning as record new coronavirus cases tempered optimism over an imminent economic recovery. The Fed is going to try to cap yields and Americans will stop investing and start forming their own corporations. That’s where the easy money is. No actual earnings necessary.

U.S. to extend Texas testing capabilities as long as state leaders want: PenceU.S. Vice President Pence on Sunday said the federal government would extend support for coronavirus testing in Texas as long as necessary amid a dangerous surge in new cases, after U.S. health officials had moved to curb some sites in various localities. Just drink bleach Just be praying Is that a lie considering 19K plus lies have been spewed to date from their mouths? Or is it now that the shit has hit the fan for red States, they'll allow it?