Arcade Fire, Funeral

Arcade Fire, Funeral

The Unstoppable Ambition of Arcade Fire

The Montreal indie heroes wanted to conquer the world. David Fricke spoke to the band in 2010 as ‘The Suburbs’ was about to top the charts

8/2/2020 3:00:00 PM

Arcade Fire 's 'The Suburbs' turns 10 today. 'We got to make this record exactly how we wanted to,' Win Butler told us in 2010. 'That’s the measure of success to me'

The Montreal indie heroes wanted to conquer the world. David Fricke spoke to the band in 2010 as ‘The Suburbs’ was about to top the charts

Joe Kohen/WireImageArcade Fireplay one of the biggest headlining shows of their career, for 45,000 people in a sprawling park in Quebec City, Canada, the band’s leader, Win Butler, is sitting at a dining-room table in a hotel in the colonial-waterfront part of town, describing the exact moment when he knew he was in a great rock band, destined for star time.

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It was in 2003. Butler, who grew up in Texas, was a religious-studies major at Montreal’s McGill University when he startedwith a local jazz singer, Ré gine Chassagne. The couple married that year, and an early version of the group put out a homemade EP,

Arcade Fire. One day, shortly after its release, Butler was driving up to La Sala Rossa, a hip Montreal venue where Arcade Fire had a gig. “There was a line around the block,” Butler, 30, recalls. “That was a real shell shock: ‘There’s enough people who want to hear our music and see us. We can

dothis.’ Everything that’s happened since then is an extension of that scene and feeling.” Read more: Rolling Stone »

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One of my favorite records of all time. Incredible but arguably their third best album. LilZe85 Just listen to your Echo and the Bunnymen records ! One of the best album of the 2010's An exceptional piece of music, outstanding. Win Butler seems like such a tool Incredible album. Still their best Yeah but can you really go back and listen to this album often? Not one you put on repeat. Too Canadian hipster nerdy for my taste.

Great album 👍 One of the best albums of all time! Tells such a great story. A much needed voice and sound at the time that still hits today. 12/10

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