'The Undoing' Opens to Solid Ratings on HBO

The Nicole Kidman-Hugh Grant limited series draws a first-night audience similar to that of 'Lovecraft Country.'

10/27/2020 2:15:00 AM

HBO's limited series TheUndoing premiered to solid numbers on Sunday, putting it in line with 'Lovecraft Country' and other recent HBO series

The Nicole Kidman-Hugh Grant limited series draws a first-night audience similar to that of 'Lovecraft Country.'

The Undoingpremiered to solid numbers on Sunday, putting it in line with Lovecraft Country and other recent HBO series.The drama starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant and written by David E. Kelley gathered a first-night audience of 1.4 million viewers across all platforms. (A breakdown of on-air and streaming numbers will be available Tuesday.)

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i thought it was really boring I want to see this but I don’t subscribe to HBO. Nicole Kidman ratings draw

In Conversation With The Undoing's Nicole Kidman and Hugh GrantWatch the stars of HBO's 'The Undoing' reminisce about dinners with Tom Cruise and Liz Hurley, Meryl Streep’s acting lessons, and, of course, 'Paddington.'

TV Ratings: ‘The Undoing’ Premiere Matches ‘Lovecraft Country’Fresh off the stunning finale of “Lovecraft Country,” HBO’s newest occupant of the Sunday night time slot fared just as well in the ratings. Sunday saw the premiere of Nicole Kidm… It was kind of awesome, like LovecraftHBO. I am loving 'The Undoing.' Seriously how much Botox has Kidman had? She's like a Child of Prague. asksomeoneirish

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Opinion | HBO's 'The Undoing' is a cliffhanger-filled ode to rich white people'The Undoing' goes to great lengths to get us to empathize with the travails, the struggles, the sadness, the moral failings and even the sheer tediousness of wealthy white people. THINK Looks good THINK Ugh. This wokeriticism is so 2019. THINK why are we still pretending nicole kidman is a good actress?

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