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The unanswered 'Jeopardy!' question: Who's the new host?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Jeopardy!” needed a host, and Lucille Ball had an enthusiastic suggestion for creator Merv Griffin: The smooth-voiced, debonair emcee of the “High Rollers” game show. That was 1984.

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The show where responses must be come in the form of a question has a big question of its own to answer: Who will replace Alex Trebek as 'Jeopardy!' host? Filling the void left by Trebek's death involves sophisticated research and a parade of guest hosts.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Jeopardy!” needed a host, and Lucille Ball had an enthusiastic suggestion for creator Merv Griffin : The smooth-voiced, debonair emcee of the “High Rollers” game show. That was 1984.

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Biden, Johnson to stress close ties, manage differences

Their nations may have a famed “special relationship,” but President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet for the first time Thursday against a backdrop of differences both political and personal

How about a rambling Jeff Goldblum? It should be levarburton 👏🏼 Let's Face iT = Nobody can replace ALEX TERBEK - CANCEL CULTURE! I personally thought Mayim Bialik has done the best and should be the permanent host. Steve Harvey I'm team Mayim but they just renewed Call Me Kat, so I guess she will be busy. I'm interested to see how LeVar Burton does. Ken Jennings or Buddy Cohen would also do well.

It can only be levarburton . Decency, talent, knowledge and history. HE'S. THE. ONE! Hologram Trebek. Must be levarburton 😁 If it’s not lavar burton I am going to become the joker

New Archives Will Preserve History Of Game ShowsThe idea has found early supporters in “Jeopardy” champion-turned-guest host Ken Jennings and Wink Martindale wow I imagine bob barker is also chuffed

After all these guest hosts, the only thing I'm certain of right now is that none of them hold a candle to Trebek. take it off the air. No one can ever replace Alex Trebek For some reason, I always thought Anderson Cooper andersoncooper would be good. Why? IDK. Didn't see when he guest hosted though. gagaforgabbyy

That associate producer dude or that Bloosom girl Who shoiuld it be jeopardy Donald J Trump

After 1st round fails, where do infrastructure talks stand?New negotiations bring a whole new host of questions about how a deal on what has become a politically divisive package might be struck and what that deal might look like. Hijrah Obama? Nothing?

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Alex Scott ‘delighted’ to land massive new role as host of Soccer AidAlex Scott has landed the role as touch-line presenter for this year’s Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2021, working alongside TOWIE’s Mark Wright, Maya Jama, Wayne Rooney and more. Football not soccer !

'Bachelor in Paradise' brings in hosts Lance Bass, Lil Jon, David Spade after Chris Harrison exit'Bachelor in Paradise' is getting a slew of new celebrity hosts now that the franchise’s longtime host Chris Harrison announced his exit following his defense of a former contestant’s past racism.

Billionaire Xavier Niel’s Telecom Giant Free Hosted 48% Of Child Sex Abuse Imagery Found During Two-Year Investigation, Says Nonprofit GroupNiel’s internet provider Free is popular with its French customers—and those “hosting and sharing” illegal CSAM images and videos, according to a new report. this is terrible news What's the deal with this Chris Dorsey ahole? Just read his republican talking point filled article on leftugees. Isn't he supposed to be a wildlife guy? 🤮 but not just this guy, i wonder how much child porn they'd find on the good ol' pope's secret hard drive