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The UAE's peace deal with Israel is a 'win-win solution,' says UAE minister

The UAE's peace deal with Israel is a 'win-win solution,' says UAE minister

8/14/2020 12:33:00 PM

The UAE's peace deal with Israel is a 'win-win solution,' says UAE minister

The UAE and Israel this week agreed to establish normal diplomatic relations in a deal that suspends annexation efforts in parts of the West Bank that are claimed by Palestinians.

that both countries agreed to normalize relations, making the UAE the first Persian Gulf state and the third Arab nation to have open diplomatic ties with Israel.It's a good day for Israel and for the UAE, they both get something out of this that they very much want.

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Thomas WarrickAtlantic Council"The UAE was quite active diplomatically and we took an unprecedented step of our ambassador ... saying basically that annexation will just wreck the whole prospect of negotiations and peace, and will affect Israel's prospects of establishing relations with the Arab world," Gargash said.

"I can't really pinpoint a certain moment, but the idea developed that why don't we actually create a win-win solution," he added.Thomas Warrick, non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, agreed with the sentiment."It's a good day for Israel and for the UAE, they both get something out of this that they very much want," he said. "The UAE shows its value as a strategic partner to both U.S. political parties. Israel gets out of their being stuck over the settlements issue ... This gives them a valuable prize, normalization of relations with the UAE."

Gargash described the deal as a way of "defusing a real threat" to a two-state solution and "hopefully" allowing negotiations to restart, but not a "roadmap for peace" between Israel and Palestine."This is really up to the Palestinians, up to the Israelis, up to other traditional brokers such as the Americans," he said.

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Trump says UAE and Israel to normalize relations in deal that pauses West Bank annexationsPresident Donald Trump on Thursday announced that the United Arab Emirates and Israel agreed to establish normal diplomatic relations in a development that will put on pause Israel 's efforts to annex parts of the West Bank claimed by Palestinians. Anytime these days I see a phrase that starts with 'Trump says.....'....I stop reading unless I have time to waste Israel and the UAE have been not-so-secret allies for decades. This deal opens diplomatic ties and travel routes but it's a peace deal in name only. It leaves Palestinians out of a solution and pushes them closer to Iran. By suspending annexation, Israel maintains its occupation.

President Trump says 'historic peace agreement' made between Israel, UAEBREAKING: Pres. Trump announces 'historical peace agreement' between Israel and the United Arab Emirates : 'This deal is a significant step in building a more peaceful, secure and prosperous Middle East .' A better breaking news story would be that trump admitted the cuts at the post office were for to mess with the election! Great: BEWARE OF THIS CALLOUS RED TIE MAGA THUG! 82 days to go.... Eject him from Oval Office 1.9 million people who clicked this short video could not have been willingly wrong:

Trump announces 'Historic Peace Agreement' between Israel, UAEPresident Trump on Thursday announced what he called a “Historic Peace Agreement” between Israel and the United Arab Emirates , saying they agreed to “full normalization of relations.” Not really UAE didn't say it was a peace agreement. So is it? That is not history is an abuse to human rights Palestinians are dying becuase the homo face son in law stupid mistake

Breaking down Israel-UAE peace plan, why Iran may be the reason for diplomatic tiesFollowing the announcement that Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to establish diplomatic ties, NBC News' Ayman Mohyeldin breaks down why it is symbolically an 'important day' and why Iran could be the real reason behind the peace plan.

Trump says UAE, Israel reach peace deal, first of its kind in over 25 yearsLeaders of the U.S, UAE and Israel 'spoke today and agreed to the full normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates ,' according to a joint statement by the three nations published Thursday by the White House. Someone is going to get screwed as always..... When were they ever at war? Funny thing, they weren't at war or fighting each other. Jussayin'

Israel, U.A.E. Agree to Establish Formal Diplomatic Relationship Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed Thursday to establish a formal diplomatic relationship, a dramatic shift brokered by the U.S. that helps cement Israel ’s warming ties with Gulf Arab states. That is not what Israel agreed too at all. Marks all of you. The UAE has formally become a member of the American Israeli Saudi Troika of Tyranny. WSJ Seriously, The President’s Gotta Do Better, as he Continues to incite violence & racial hatred & IGNORES: *169,135 DEATHS, 1000/day *30 million unemployed that have lost their company’s insurance *Company Bankruptcies *Home Foreclosures *Families being evicted