The U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

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Following a series of missteps, the nation is now the epicenter of the pandemic.

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Breaking News: The U.S. now has the world’s most reported coronavirus cases with 81,321, according to New York Times data. Over 1,000 deaths in the country have been linked to the virus.

Following a series of missteps, the nation is now the epicenter of the pandemic.

A line for coronavirus testing outside of Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens on Wednesday. Credit... Dave Sanders for The New York Times By March 26, 2020, 4:55 p.m. ET Scientists warned that the United States someday would become the country hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. That moment arrived on Thursday. In the United States, at least 81,321 people are known to have been infected with the coronavirus , including more than 1,000 deaths — more cases than China, Italy or any other country has seen, according to data gathered by The New York Times. With 330 million residents, the United States is the world’s third most populous nation, meaning it provides a vast pool of people who can potentially get Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. And it is a sprawling, cacophonous democracy, where states set their own policies and President Trump has sent mixed messages about the scale of the danger and how to fight it, ensuring there was no coherent, unified response to a grave public health threat. Although the American medical system is unsurpassed and its public health system has a reputation as one of the finest in the world, a series of missteps and lost opportunities dogged the nation’s response. Among them: a failure to take the pandemic seriously even as it engulfed China, a deeply flawed effort to provide broad testing for the virus that left the country blind to the extent of the crisis, and a dire shortage of masks and protective gear to protect doctors and nurses on the front lines, as well as ventilators to keep the critically ill alive. China’s leaders, stung by the SARS epidemic in 2003 and several bird flu scares since then, had a deeply flawed early response to the outbreak that began in the city of Wuhan, with local officials suppressing news of the outbreak. But China’s autocratic government acted with ferocious intensity after the belated start. Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan quickly began preparing for the worst. The United States instead remained preoccupied with business as usual . Impeachment. Harvey Weinstein. Brexit and the Oscars. Only a few virologists recognized the threat for what it was. The virus was not influenza, but it had the hallmarks of the Spanish flu: relatively low lethality, but relentlessly transmissible. Cellphone videos leaking out of China showed what was happening as it spread in Wuhan: dead bodies on hospital floors, doctors crying in frustration, rows of unattended coffins outside the crematories. What the cameras missed — in part because Beijing made Western journalists’ lives difficult by withholding visas and imposing quarantines — was the slow, relentless way China’s public health system was hunting down the virus, case by case, cluster by cluster, city by city. For now, at least, China has contained the coronavirus with draconian measures. But the pathogen had embarked on a Grand Tour of most countries on Earth, with devastating epidemics in Iran, Italy, France. More videos emerged of prostrate victims, exhausted nurses and lines of coffins. The United States, which should have been ready, was not. There was no Pentagon ready to fight the war on this pandemic, no wartime draft law. There was eventually a White House Coronavirus Task Force, but it has been led by politicians, not medical experts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is one of the great disease-detective agencies in the world, and its doctors have contributed mightily in skirmishes against Ebola, Zika and any number of other health threats. But the agency retreated into silence, its director, Dr. Robert Redfield, almost invisible — humbled by a fiasco in the failure to produce basic diagnostic testing. Now at least 160 million Americans have been ordered to stay home in states from California to New York. Schools are closed, often along with bars, restaurants and many other businesses. Hospitals are coping with soaring numbers of patients in New York City, even as supplies of essential protective gear and equipment dwindle. Other hospitals, other communities fear what may be coming. The world will be a different place when the pandemic is over. India may surpass the United States as the country with the most deaths. Like the United States, it, too, is a vast, democracy with deep internal divisions. But its population, 1.3 billion, is far larger, and its people are crowded even more tightly into megacities. China could still stumble into a new round of contagion as its economy restarts, and be forced to do it all again. In the meantime, with the virus loose in the streets while millions of Americans huddle indoors, when will it be safe to come out and go back to work? “The virus will tell us,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a preventive medicine specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical School. When a baseline of daily testing is established across the country, a drop in the percentage of positive tests will signal that the virus has found as many hosts as it can for the moment, and is beginning to recede. When hospital admissions have hit a clear peak and begun to plateau, “we can feel optimistic,” Dr. Schaffner said. “And when they begin to drop, we can begin to smile.” That moment may arrive this summer. But as soon as the first of Americans begin venturing cautiously out, we will have to start planning for the second wave. Please check back for updates to this developing story. Advertisement Read more: The New York Times

Trump: what a mess of President. America soon has become a ww joke.. Considering where it all began you'd thing it would be a lot higher... I guess China doesn't want to play ball? Hate to see what Nth Korea figures are... Yet New York are lecturering the UK and Boris about the handling of the Coronavirus. 👌🏻

jamiechung1 Deadly. Any random people up to meet a new friend during these tough times? tdidraevolve life threatening in countries with viruses The US has tested more no doubt! Guess what - you test more, you get more! Competent Authorities are requested to make fully comply with lockdown instructions Also close liquor shops not good for immunity Hire medical facilities from ooverseas make camps

Save Human beings. Call Doctors and medical staff immediately from India Japan import medicines and facilities make camps convert Hotels into isolating cells 1.22% Mortality rate Donald Trump is responsible to control and treat the Coronavirus in USA and the world. Congratulations AMERICA! CongratulationsAmerica POTUS realDonaldTrump USAUSAUSA

Mainland China reports drop in new imported coronavirus cases, no local transmissionsMainland China reported a drop in new confirmed coronavirus cases on Wednesday a... India records slowest increase in new cases (20) in the last 24 hours and thankfully no new deaths COVID19 Riggght CCP propaganda of the day. Which you dutifully parrot.

These claims are not accurate. We do not have numbers on China. The country that performs the most testing should have the highest number of infections discovered. Italy .1% of population infected Spain .1% Germany .05% France .04% U.S. .03% UK .02% POTUS is going fine. This shows and reflects on our president. Doesn't that in itself say whatever he's doing is either, not working or he doesn't know what he's doing.

I live in Spain, Madrid, we have now 2412 deads. Take Care, this is sirious. DeniseDresserG Se me hace q el CORONAVIRUS, lo crearon los Chinos para ganarle la batalla económica al pinche Trompetas ? Translation: we are blaming Trump instead of the idiots that haven’t listened to him or the idiots that have coronavirus parties or idiots that lick handrails on subway so they can have a viral video or the cdc that lied to the White House

Why would anyone believe data from China What it is that umm did I sign a paper 📝 what was it they are going to send it if they don’t have my address. I just don’t get it They had keep me blinded had made me suffer 40 years of lies. There is not reward in this world that can make me get back 40 year and the last

25 had being umm all of it had being bad see people dying it is horrible Validity is questionable given quicktest accuracy. A report in only the last week declared the Chinese quick test accuracy at 30%, while the US requires 80% accuracy from them. Countries using the original test would see a large number of false negatives.

And when Trump blocked Chinese from entering the U.S. the Democrats called him a “Racist”. The lefts hates America then China!

Mainland China reports rise in new coronavirus cases, all from overseasChina reports second consecutive day of no new local coronavirus transmissions, imported cases rise Will they let u know if there r any. As the first round is over, nobody knows what will happen to the second round, so you must remain alert. You need to re-arrange and tweak that a little bit: “China fails to report new Coronavirus transmissions for second consecutive day” Oh, but then you’ll miss out on those sweet investments from the East, huh? Darn.

but everything is OK according to the Clown-in-Charge!. + right now its almost 91,000-- 1 day later! Because the US is testing the most and actually reporting numbers and not destroying test results after saying there is nothing to worry about. ChinaBot US true figures vs Red China fake statistic. Transparency.....

I'm glad to see the New York Times has so much faith in the accuracy of the numbers coming out of China. But if they had testing kits there may be 10 times this amount! San Fraansisco ! MAGA yay America realDonaldTrump has made you first. How is it working for you?

Number of coronavirus cases in Germany rises to 36,508: RKIThe number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany has risen to 36,508 and ... Yipes. Shelter in place, folks

Is trump happy about it? Biggest numbers ever! Nobody has anything like us, it's not even close! We're making new cases daily, the likes of which nobody has seen before!' FakeNewsMedia EnemyOfThePeople Trump: Duh!! If you aint first you last. Breaking- NY Times trusts all Corona Virus data coming out of China.

Morning_Joe This was meant for America. Merry xmas from China. doesn't take a scientist to figure out why the USA has the worst outbreak of all . It's cause realDonaldTrump is still lying about giving medical facilities the equipment necessary to save live's. His intentional ignorant behavior is helping spread the virus and kill .

Trump called it a hoax. Now millions of people die for this 'hoax'.So sad. That’s one of Trump’s MAGA achievements realDonaldTrump good job dick.... “Most reported” cases...I see what you did there

Here is latest list of L.A. County communities with coronavirus infection cases Coronavirus : Here is latest list of L.A. County communities with confirmed cases I guess knowing is just for the rich For those who want the free list:

AmericaFirst ... mission accomplished! realDonaldTrump PressSec DanScavino parscale I like the idea of renaming this DJT-20. Can you isolate him for a few weeks? We really need to get going on the Federal level. I am still astounded that there are no tests. Why.? here we go. We are about to find out how well we did at preparing

Because of the (badly) managed DEM's States … NY, CA, OR, WA … NY alone is more than 1/3 of the deaths …. We’re number 1!!! how in the h..L L did this happen im starting to think its conspiracy going on like purposely allowed these infections to occur this is so misleading it qualifies as fake news. no comparision can be done between countries without accounting for: 1) countries vary by population size 2) countries vary by testing rate

Are you all great yet? 🤡 This assumes that there are no new cases or deaths in China...unless, that is, you believe China is know the same China that threw your journalists out of the country...yeah, those guys... All credit goes to Mr. TRUMP. where is BarackObama? world need him not shrump.

Coronavirus cases in Russia reach 658, record daily rise: governmentThe number of coronavirus cases in Russia has surged to 658, with new daily case... 658? They expect us to believe that LOL The number of cases in Russia has reached 438. Corona CoronavirusOutbreak Russia was very quiet ..I thought maybe they very clean and safe ...meanwhile in Russia

DrOz If you feel healthy enough to go to the supermarket, use this grocery list to shop smart during the covid19 pandemic. Remember to practice social distancing in the store. Only early preparation, well thought out thorough health policies, fast execution, unwavering social responsibility and money combined will save the world. No time to bicker. This virus has not party fave. It will kill anyone, any race and all countries if we don't act now.

Most reported! Does anyone believe there are no new cases in China, WHAT, it just stopped! If you are going to lie, don't make it so obvious. Yep because of New York totally unprepared for any disaster Health commissioner said it was nothing and thousands of people mingle at the Chinese New Year let's get this right!

New York will be torn apart as a result of Covid 19. A shortage of medical supplies ensures citizens will not receive adequate medical attention. Trump has decided that post Covid 19 employment potential will determine any support via emergency powers. Thanks Trump you scum. Cuomo could have been prepared for a pandemic, but he passed. Now he blames everyone but himself. Typical Democrat. Cuomo

As I read these comments, I'm disappointed in seeing some almost celebrating what the call the failure of Trump, or the Trump-Virus. Reality is that while the US has most cases, of the top worst infected countries, the US has the lowest death rate, so something is done right. Keep it in new york

Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus, palace announcesPrince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus, Clarence House has confirmed in the last few minutes.

DrOz And yet Oz appears on Fox News claiming doctors are thinking the risks were overblown. I bet Dr Oz wont be donating his 'skills' at an ICU any time soon. Trump must get past his re election obsession and put the country ahead of his own needs and wants I did not find the president's messages mixed. I understood exactly what he meant. Only morons, incapable of understanding, and those Trump haters who simply refuse to listen, would find his messages mixed.

chaque fois vous parlez de la Chine, vous utilisez des mots extrêmement méchants vous êtes les médias, veuillez respecter la vérité!Fake! Morning_Joe This is outrageous. We had the capacity to get ahead of this if we had good leadership. And the Democrats decided to sneak in tons of PORK to the Coronavirus Emergency Bill !!

The Prime Minister of the UK has tested positive for the coronavirus. In how many weeks ? 7500 people die everyday in America ! They send our young men to die over oil. Is this the hill we want to die on ? Not me. Find another way to accomplish your goals vs destroying our way of life for everyone ! We should be able to vote on this.

close the country Morning_Joe Population 1+billion in China, 300+ million in U S. Yet China infected number is slowed and nearly stopped, U S not at all and number infected no higher. Why? China followed a virus response playbook. Trump ignore our playbook, and continues to ignore it.

'Reported' .. doesnt count the 'Self Care' due to lack of tests Morning_Joe Crunching the numbers . In the worse case scenario. Americans have a one in three chance of being infected by Coronavirus. Now spreading here in Oklahoma rural county's. And Mr President said it was a hoax. Oops. NationStateInfo Is this President's refusal to use the full resources of the federal government akin to allowing Americans to walk into gas chambers? How does one explain the slowness to rollout testing, the refusal to get PPE to healthcare workers...something that can be done with pen stroke?

WAIT....DONALD TRUMP SAID IT WAS UNDER CONTROL Thanks realDonaldTrump ! Winning? Quarantine DumpTrump2020 ....and yet the Federal Government (Trump) refuses aid to those States making negative comments! Thanks Trump! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Because you have a muppet for a president things are going to get a lot worst.

America: a glorified third world country SPECIALLY in healthcare 1.2 million effected in China and 60000 people have died ! So work that one out ! Manipulating numbers possibly! I wonder why Imagine the number if we actually could get tested... And as there are insufficient test kits number is obviously higher!

Sure...if you really believe China's numbers. Which I don't. Still no vaccine or CURE... 😔 Very Bad Virus

USA USA USA number one 1) When U S foreign intelligence informed President Trump that China was combating an epidemic what actions did Trump take to protect the USA. Marker: POTUS45 makes executive decision late March 2020 the state of NY doesn’t need 40,000 ventilators in spite of Gov Cuomo’s warning!

BrandonStraka ⬆️ I hope you don't turn your eyes blind and still vote for Trump. 🤔 Really disgusting Numbers....Americans want 2 to be No 1 in all fields. Didn't expect they achieved the feat in Coronavirus active cases....Long Live Trump n God Bless America ToniBee1045 Trump won’t believe it unless they stack the bodies on the WH lawn. Not a bad idea if it wasn’t for the families of the dead needing closure.

The season flu is gone when Coronavirus come. A happy coincidence? No, just no tests were done before Is there no lockdown? America first MartinMcEdin ‘Trump Virus’

With a ignorant DonaldJTrump we are not surprised thru lens of the Matrix. Americans listen up: To Corp. America you are the product/ mission of growing income/ profit for Amazon and the like. To the covid19 virus, you are the host/mission to spread exponentially. It's your choice! ChifeDr alykhansatchu TunjiLardner

Holy shit. You don't say. There is the last place on the planet I'd like to be right now. 🤷‍♂️ Ignorance America always leading the way!! No one was aware of the Coronavirus until March, even until now, some people still didn’t pay attention to this. I can imagine people calling Trump racist if he did anything back in January and February.

God bless America And is the number in China really correct? Do the test kits in China show correct results? Thank you WHO. And this is not ChineseVirus ChineseVirusCoroana Stop be fooling Americans and the whole world . Have some guys finally .

Good that means we’re developing antibodies to the virus at the highest level Explain to me again why anyone should trust the NYT or their editorial staff. Easter? jpublik Another world shattering record for the Don 😷 Tens of thousands of deaths can be laid at his door. TrumpVirus America FIRST !!! And we're just getting started.

Keep safe🙏🙏🙏 We need National Lockdown!

Don't worry. It'll get much much worse. And that without proper testing... We're all living in Amerika, Coca Cola, Wonderbra We're all living in Amerika Amerika, Amerika Trump must be so proud of doing an amazing job😡 We propose Trump Tower for Corona Rehabilitation center for all New Yorkers. TVMohandasPai U still refrained from calling it as the ChineseWuhanVirus

Morning_Joe Guys - strongly recommend you look at the US health weather map by kinsa If you want to get an idea of what’s coming.. JoeNBC Florida looks terrible Sadly deaths across the USA will start to sky rocket because of corona virus StayHomeSaveLives US has been living the reality of leading on everything under Trump administration. Why stay behind in the case of corona infected population. After all fake news media has nothing good to do other than tarnishing the reputation of sitting duck president.shame on you!

And Newyork times gives lesson to India on Corona

And testing!!! Thank you Coronavirus Task Force.... You must all go and kneel b4 the doctors of CUBA children of the great Fidel Castro and they gonna enter America with a huge flag of CUBA and the great Fidel Few days back it was a hoax for realDonaldTrump Some people in the comment section are really uneducated. Comparing US to countries like China, India and Nigeria? Umm excuse me, as the so-called leading superpower of the world where all the 'great' minds come from, how can you compare the medical expertise and management?

A lot of those deaths are bullshit btw if you die of stage 4 cancer and have the virus it counts as a covid death. Healthcare professionals in my state are frustrated with what is being counted as a covid death Government failure . Reported? Terrorist attack Fake news next🧐😆 Only the beginning... 😰🥺

Congrats on being number one 😘 xoxo .Check out which state is flattening the curve today. (daily update) Today's winning state: South Carolina, New Mexico yuuuge number, numbers so big! TVMohandasPai NYT, you are also to be blamed for it. When realDonaldTrump was working on it you abused him of not to stop international traffic. You were all busy in impeaching him. You are sold out media. You can never love USA or any country or even humanity.

TVMohandasPai Nyt is fake news. China hasn’t disclosed real numbers. Do your job and go get facts from China. They’re nothing less than a million infected and 50000 dead. TVMohandasPai You have to thank China for this. ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChineseVirus TVMohandasPai TOP developed country with top infected with virus.

Why Is This Happening? Called it ChineseVirus19 TVMohandasPai Biggest fake propaganda

Also NYT 👇 HirokoTabuchi a sad America First May Allah have mercy on this world... may dis pandemic eradicate soon 😥 The NY Times reported with glee. And most of us with symptoms still can't get tested. 🙄 Epicenter of coronavirus epidemic/chaos is slowly shifting to USA, better be ready,, You should say tedlieu 100,000 tomorrow guaranteed! And still have 10% growth on death every day. So tomorrow 300?

Amrica Speeeeeeeeeeeed!

:( Andrew Cuomo, Governor!! So, You & Other Governors Had a Meeting with Trump & Now Your Second Guessing You Self, Your Sence if Right & Wrong With Regard to Your City. You are the Voice of Hope Courage, Strength. How In Gods Name can you Allow pres, No Mind to Get to you. NO! Probably one of the lowest percentages of death rate which is good news.

Do all countries define a covid19 death the same. I would bet Germany. With very low rate, names other causes even with virus patients...and that may be more accurate Keep America great! US never gives fake on this; courageous to face it, and transparent; protect yourselves and families, Americans. God bless you all.

Finally USA wins over China. maybe unreported cases too No. 1, Trump will be so proud of it.

Okay, realDonaldTrump was right. I’m officially tired of all this “winning.” TrumpVirus May Allah pak bestow his blessing. America make CORONA VIRUS for American poeple. Thank you CIA and Mr.President Trump. Is this what he meant when he said that we were going to get so sick of winning? Congratulations. Trump must be happy now.America first again.🐿

Greatest nation will always lead! Does this mean that America is great again? The US government concealed the epidemic, shrugged off its responsibilities, and ignored the life for the sake of the economy, but it pitiful the American people. LVSZN10_ crying as we speak

God bless USA take care of one another SarahMaslinNir Well, NYE this year will be interesting with an empty Times Square. Thanks don... def making headlines 1 because China is a lying about their numbers. Also given the large population in the US it’s not a total surprise numbers of infected people would grow. I wish people weren’t happy about it.

Because Trump is your president not Obama realDonaldTrump TheDailyShow BarackObama Thanks to the disastrous open border polices of the left USA USA USA USA!! And yet, Trump hopes to be at Easter services!! So this is unexpected? Its been said for weeks its going to spike. Oh how you haters just continue to hate no matter what. And NYTimes, you just fuel the fire and are PATHETIC!

BLKLiberation84 All the churches will be packed by Easter smh...... Make America great again。

This is what happens......when you have a self absorbed and incompetent President. People are dying and the economy is tanking and Trump supporters still think that he is doing a good job. Totally, beyond crazy!!! Until America Repent from SLAVERY more is going to happen...God is controlling Even the bad people that plotting against us👿

Trump did say we will always be 1 in everything. Good job President Trump we are now 1 in the world with COVID19! Thank you China ! ChinaLiedPeopleDied WuhanVirus Us always wants to be NO.1 in the world. And this is only the beginning deanrmarsh AmericaFirst ..bumping into Spirituality,cause the curse with the treason,killing people gradually VN, with the infringement of science technology,with the plot of human sabotage,gradually kill brains,pushed people into tragedy,terrifying harm human,as well as taking that as a reason to ..

FoxNews and drdrew are already taking victory laps. Sick. Is the Chinese New Year party still on?

Blocked for crappy journalism. Have the other countries been testing patients as much as the US has? This is definitely the end of the world Do you understand and know human(freedom rights)? There is no slight infringement that people do not even recognize and Squash personality, gradually gnawing human consciousness, Worst disasterg in history that i understand -know and subjected through each test human,sabotage..

U.S.A. U.S.A. !!! Will some one tell the president like all the others moments he labeled incorrectly, the coronavirus is not a hoax and there is a real role for him in this battle! What deceptive reporting. Now show the recovery rate, negative test totals, and the dropping mortality rate. At least try to practice real journalism.

According to Imperial College and China American virus can not be hidden for long The moron president is totally irresponsible and insane. US people are in great danger!

Guess this is what Drumpf meant when he said “we are going to win” Winning? Trumpanzee is making us great! We are now winners in the pandemic with the most deaths!!! Way to go!!! I hope he goes to hell!😡😡😡😡😡😡 ... time to hold China accountable... Oh shit, not surprised DrOz Yet Dr Oz the snake-oil salesman goes on FoxNews and says this... Your friends a total Asshat Oprah

wow america’s great again Wouldn’t it be easy to close the bridges and keep New York from infecting the country. DrOz Kmt

So what. We test more. AMERICA FIRST 🙂 The Trump virus. Thanks Trump realDonaldTrump redditindonesia Country roaaaadddd... Take me homeeee Morning_Joe 1100 deaths. Let’s make it 1300 for good measure. Do the math. I’ll help. 1,300 DIVIDED BY 300,000,000=? I’ll help again. .000004 All because Trump did not take the spread of the virus seriously. Like China said his gov't wasted precious time.

DrOz I’m not registering to read this article. This should be free Well we report our data. Not every country does. Russia has 840 cases and a population of 145 million. And it borders China. Hmmmm. markberman So much winning.

Read the facts, not the misleading interpretations. Since China won’t report true figures NYTimes would make a headline like this. FBI shd check these editors who publish these articles of what they got from Chinese lobbyists. DrOz Perhaps it's because we've tested way more than any other nation 💡

I'm curious, 10,000 patients have been confirmed today, but what's the total number of tests? If 10,000 patients are found, but only 15,000 tests are performed, God bless America. I would bet that both China and Russia have much more than reported. I am not alone in that belief DrOz And we all believe the China numbers. 😂 😂 😂

CongratulationsAmerica Morning_Joe Just a question, do we know the quality of the data coming out of the other regions? I wonder the accuracy coming out of Somalia for instance which scares me more, BAD DATA I’m confused. I was told we would be at zero by now.

DrOz Your info is not complete. And so it begins... Congraturation! Is this what potus meant by 'America first' and how we're 'winning' Because China stopped reporting their new cases. We're 1 President Trump made America “great “ again! **NEW FROM DR. FAUCI- 'The overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza ... or a pandemic influenza [like in 1957 and 1968] rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS'

That’s about a .000030% mortality rate you know how many people have died from seasonal flu during this same period? Enough with the fear mongering headlines

How many deaths to THE COMMON FLU THIS YEAR 20 THOUSAND? CDC says 68,440 Detol kills 99.9% and includes's just a cold... DrOz In fairness usa tested more people than all countries combined. China stopped testing February. Statistics are showing that in Europe & Asia only a small fraction with coronavirus have been tested & are counted. USA is higher because of far superior systems & capabilities.

Wake the fuk up! USA is no different to the rest of the world. Don’t believe me, just watch... All because of Trump CongratulationsAmerica TrumpPlague The Hoax virus Going down in history as the only sumn was Donald’s goal welp he’s done it now

all kudos to Trump - number 1 again in the world My heart goes out to America today, especially to New York, who is experiencing the most during this crisis. I'm sorry you have had to endure having the most heartless President in History. If you had President Hilary Clinton, America would not be experiencing this tragedy now.

cnni thehill robreiner DNC ❓ democrats with her attitude towards I can do whatever I want to do are causing New Yorkers to die in droves yes you can do whatever you want and you can die however you don’t want❗️ Poor Leadership did this!🥺🥺😖😖😖 Tired of winning Nice to see realDonaldTrump this is on you. Period.

But it was only 15 🥺💔 Fuck Yeah!! 1 bitches!!

😱😭 Figures wont lie, CCP lied ! So what does that make the survival rate? We’ll wait. No, those are too many US hasn’t done that many tests Fake news The president:this a hoax it’s under control we doing better than other countries but it went from 0 to over 81,000 within 2.5 months from more people die from the flu you can recover to Over 1000 dead and counting. Not signing Bills because it benefits the Public so people

Oh yeah, top of the world. It’s so called “MAGA”? US always no.1! Another victory for the president. Morning_Joe ☠️Covid45CullCommences🐀‼️ 😷BuDonic Plague😱💉👺djtGoblin GOP👺 🤑Trump-Turds-Turdettes💩work the🤑Angle$ as ☠️Covid45Cull☠️THINS🇺🇸US🌏Global POP💀 via Max C-19 LETHALITY‼️ WAIVE POSSE COMITATUS GEN MILLEY MUST HELM FED GOV‼️ Else500-million GLOBAL DEATHS😱‼️ 🇺🇸25th445🤪🕟🔫

Um. No. Why is it, as of today, the CDC is reporting 68,440 cases? Making up stories much. What ever happened to integrity in reporting? I respect the Donald who tells the truth and is helping the American People; not an opinion paper or a writer obsessed with self importance and misleading stories. Nice job Donald Trump, way to be out in front of this.

How come This is bad, like really bad. Hope things get better. Just waiting for Trump to shout FAKE NEWS and then cancel the lockdown and send everyone back to work to save his presidency. 'It's a very contagious virus. It's incredible. 𝗕𝘂𝘁 𝗶𝘁'𝘀 𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘄𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗹 𝗼𝗳.' - Trump, just 11 days ago (March 15th, 2020)

American first, first thank Trump! SpvceG

The reporting across the world is so inconsistent..... I’m not sure there are comparable experiences... America First! Just do what China has been doing and the numbers will drop significantly And yet trump claimed today how perfect and awesome he handled the Coronavirus situation No test, no case🤓 This is going great...

Morning_Joe This many cases and still the medical profession is screaming out for more test kits, which begs the question, 'What percentage of the population have actually been tested to reach this level of confirmed infections?'. We're 1. Is this what MAGA means? The de sears started in Trump Tower!!!!!

Thanks to the uselessorange loaf!!!!!

Were just getting started baby! '...the nation is now the epicenter of the pandemic.' NYC and Seattle are not the USA. Classic NYT bad take. And either we magically have the lowest death rate, or we are testing a higher percentage of those infected. Why do other countries have 4x daily deaths? Tell Trump that listen to this.

Have you verified the Chinese numbers? Oh, you mean the America Virus? covid19 Ummmm you're leaving out the European Union. How many cases do they have? according to Trump's logic,call it Trump virus because under so-called best ever administration US successfully has the most cases of covid19. So contained? Isn’t that right KellyannePolls Conway?

How did this happen !!!!

Cool The US can thank the fukin’ Chinese bastards for allowing their infected citizens to travel worldwide even after knowing of the virus danger. “ F “ China! No laughing matter covid 19 infections can triple every 3 days. Shame on Trump, Never ever will I subscribe to this once great paper. Your bias is palpable. So sad.

You just know NYT couldn’t wait to push this out. How long ago did China write it for you? As you sow, so shall you reap... 😐 Has it started getting obese people more now? ...and most is in your 'dense' back yard. Liberals are idiots , cannot follow simple guidelines, and now are fleeing NYC to spread it elsewhere.

Is there a coronavirus narrative? The number of coronavirus infections are much higher. Since most people weren't tested. And have since recovered. So the dealth rate is very very low.

Thanks Trump 🤬 jeandunn52 Speechless DeniseDresserG It is time to demand Trump to expedite the wall building. wierdduk Altijd bigger better.....sterkte daar in het land van mijn dromen makeamericadeadagain Yes!! We're winning!!!! LasVegasLocally India might get caught up as they started to shut down later than we did.. the top 5-10 countries in population should have the highest absolute .. Italy has been hit a lot harder then we have .. but I do question the lack of numbers coming from Russia.. I find that suspect

It’s what open borders get you. Good job Trump👏🏻 You officially killed your country

How about according to WHO ? I will check again tomorrow morning because they update daily. I am curious to see and compare the numbers ! Roughly 60 per cent of people who contracted the new coronavirus in the central Chinese city of Wuhan were asymptomatic or very mild cases not reported to the authorities, according to a study led by a group of Chinese doctors

Laugh it out, people. Since when has poor people's lives mattered, get some more money in the hands of the already rich. Save the economy, let the people die. Save the corporations, Save the country. You fools never learn.May be death is the only way out. So smile. Covid 19 doubles every 3 to 6 days without testing and quarantine infected and social distancing for all.

The tragedy is to begin in the US: huge healthcare workers are infected and quarantined, the number of critically ill people choosing who to let die. And more people are being isolated at home to infect their families and become severe, watching them die in pain. Cause we cant seem to stay the eff home!!! 🤦‍♀️

usa! usa! usa! Cases are not the most important metric... we have 7.5x fewer deaths. Deaths are important... This can’t be right.. I heard our very own President of the United States say there was only like 15 cases and soon there would be zero only a few weeks ago

But isn't it also a chance for us to improve the entire healthcare system for future, sincerely tackling the mounting problems and all related disasters? Let's make lemonade out of lemons. According to China...thanks NY Enquirer Still waiting for when it will magically disappear... The coronavirus has reached every U.S. state and Washington, D.C., according to our database. At the start of March, when testing was extremely limited, only 70 cases had been reported. We're tracking every case here.

American first Big heads big numbers!! 'The United States, which should have been ready, was not. This country has an unsurpassed medical system supported by trillions of dollars from insurers, Medicare and Medicaid.' If you don't blow your own horn, no one will do it for you. Wasnt this always the plan ...(?) or...?

Have US coronavirus deaths outpaced aborted babies and overdoses in 2020?

USA number 1. Suck it China. PrestonTVNews This is a good fake story to feed the people that hate america and their own miserable lives. America’s winning again! We’re number one! We have the most coronavirus ... Thanks realdonaldtrump 😐 Trumpers be like, “USA! USA! USA!” Oh look realDonaldTrump you’re finally winning

No, not a WartimePresident, Trump is TheDisasterPresident Lord God please have Mercy over your Land shephardm No worries, Easter is just around the corner! It will be down to 0 cases soon said realDonaldTrump V2019N

No, no, trump said 1 or 2 maybe. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻In Jesus Name!!!❤️ 🇺🇸 ❤️

modooborahae Why am I not surprised, with Spring Break and Mardi Gras and all. That's what happens when you are told to buy guns and 'it's all a hoax' rather than guide through the application of science and medicine TrumpLiesAmericansDie 1. China's data is not accurate. You know this, but fail to report it. 2. How about you post on a per capita basis? You know this is the accurate way to report, yet you don't. 3. Also please report per capita morbidity. You could, but this wouldn't fit your narrative.

Fake News....China said it wasn't contagious to begin with. Do you really think they are reporting their true numbers? You ppl are pathetic and should shut down. All you do is cause division and hate! Morning_Joe Very deceptive headline. We have the 4th largest population. India and Nigeria are in the southern hemisphere so not applicable. China has the largest population but I wouldn’t trust their numbers. It’s a lot of cases but keep it in perspective.

Leading in the number of reported cases say more about the number of tests than the actual infection rate. The number of dead is a more telling figure. Hmm?

Cancer kills 1,660 each day in the United States. So yes let's shut everything done and destroy the economy. And embrace communism. R.I.P United States 1776 - 2020 vvanwilgenburg That is if you believe China's numbers, which I do not!🤪 No surprise, the world knew this would happen to US but US didn't think it would happen to US. This is a deadly virus there is no vaccine stay indoors.

LGBT_Activist I hate ‘liking’ this post 🇺🇸 U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S... oh wait Hmmm...i think China, as usual, is lying about numbers... justsaying BreakingNews BREAKING coronavirus CoronavirusPandemic And it's just starting here ... We aren't taking it seriously and that starts with the POTUS 🤦🏼‍♂️

Why ofcourse, because all the stores are still open people are still lining up to get tested with no guidance and checklists. All bound to happen and it will continue to rise if still mayor of NYC doesn’t take stricter actions. SandaYama ‘Reported’ cases because CHN just stopped testing altogether.

We're 1! Go MAGA! So much winning! This is what our government allows. This is what they promote. Our govt hates us Em alguns dias o Brasil também começará a pagar o preço pela irregularidade de jairbolsonaro .. contar aos montes os mortos pela gripezinha, resfiadinho e nosso histórico de atletas. Liberação de igrejas e lotéricas... Pouca gente sobrará pra orar nos templos depois do caos...

Morning_Joe Of Trump considers this a competition, the there is so much winning Wow. That escalated quickly. Before measures will have a significant effect there’ll be at least 200k infections America First! How does a nursing student become a volunteer? TrumpVirus TrumpDepression CongratulationsAmerica

'If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.' - Abraham Lincoln drninaansary Now tell us how many cases and deaths of the regular flu we have had this season.

winning MAGA2020 Just amazing how the Media isn't questioning the numbers that the Chinese are giving.. 🤷 Tam_Resist Officially the Yankee Virus now. Filthy Yankees! USA! USA! USA! V2019N Thats what happens when you love open borders. Thats the result. Well there’s ONE thing we lead the world in. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Who knows how many have it that have not been able to get tested as our government is trying to block people from getting tested in order to keep the numbers down. Three hundred million people...eighty one thousand cases!

realDonaldTrump you got us 1 in the wrong thing! 'reported' is a big key word there Winning. Morning_Joe If only realDonaldTrump could read. TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus NUMBER 1!!!! 🎉🎂 USA USA winning TrumpVirus Fake ass numbers, they are tallying deaths that aren’t even contributing to Coronavirus. Saw a report of a guy dying from falling and blunt force trauma to his head and another a heart attack but since both had Coronavirus it’s a “Coronavirus Death”.

realDonaldTrump SoMuchWinning WorstPresidentEver ActualWorstPresidentEver ddknyt This virus has been in the US for weeks if not months. And only now we’re testing and counting. It’s a real shame and failure on the part of those we elect and employ to serve us. At 100k Trump has to go. Right?

We are 1! ‘Merica! So much Winning! Y’all like all this Winning? All trump ever does is Win WinNoMatterWhat Winning ThanksTrump He did always say glhe will make the US 1 🤷🏼‍♂️ And that's an underestimate. Testing is still catching up. Congratulations realDonaldTrump. You should be proud that your efforts are outpacing Chy-Na (who has 4.25x more people). Adjusted for population, they stopped at 59 deaths per mil and you are already at 251 per mil.

And healthcare for all is socialism? 🤷‍♀️🇨🇦 American exceptionalism. We are number one again.

I fear the global numbers now will become The US numbers before this is all over with. The H1N1 flu had 60 million cases for perspective and comparison. LaFamiliaFilm nanitacard1986 uy no, yo por allá no voy USA IS NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD IN CORONAVIRUS INFECTIONS. Thanks to the stable genius realDonaldTrump

Certainly sad to see. However, we all know the Chinese numbers aren’t accurate. Morning_Joe Do you really trust China’s numbers? Don't be surprised by the increasing number of the confirmed people! Those are the landmines that have been removed. It is a good signal. The more tests we do, the safer we become. The country that conducts little or no tests is really a hell with COVID19.

MAGA ‘Murica!! Trump virus? ChinaVirus don’t u ever forget that!! 🇨🇳

Seems like a good time to relax social distancing..... winning! maga! 'We have the best and the most viruses. No one would believe how beautiful our viruses are! Everyone said there's no way the US could have so many cases but thanks to my administration, we proved them wrong. The CDC and WHO? What a bunch of losers and crybabies!'

nyTimesLIES so AmericansDie The tables have turned. China is temporarily banning foreign visitors to curb new cases of coronavirus and avoid a second wave of infections. OceanGirl790 Is this what trump meant by winning? MAGA t, KAG (GAG) Trump2020 is fired! For god sake help them feds

The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is making Earth shake less

April 2 coronavirus news - CNN

The whole country should be under stay-at-home orders, Fauci says

How to sanitize your groceries

New York governor says virus is spreading like 'slow-moving hurricane' across US. More than 6,000 are dead

Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 1 million globally - CNN

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The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic is making Earth shake less April 2 coronavirus news - CNN The whole country should be under stay-at-home orders, Fauci says How to sanitize your groceries New York governor says virus is spreading like 'slow-moving hurricane' across US. More than 6,000 are dead Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 1 million globally - CNN In one month, coronavirus has gone from a China epidemic to a global crisis Kushner Puts Himself in Middle of White House’s Chaotic Coronavirus Response Trump's 'Chinese Virus' rhetoric part of a long U.S. tradition of scapegoating The owner of the New England Patriots used the team's plane to bring hundreds of thousands of masks from China China's early coronavirus victory lap, misleading data hurting global response