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The U.S. is still a dominant power — but it's not clear if it remains the global leader

The U.S. is still a dominant power — but it's not clear if it remains the global leader

9/17/2020 7:41:00 AM

The U.S. is still a dominant power — but it's not clear if it remains the global leader

Four experts debated about whether a leaderless and divided world will be the new norm at this year's Singapore Summit, which was held virtually.

But those strengths are also why the U.S. lacks the interest to lead, said Bremmer.The world has an inherent need for leadership. If the U.S. genuinely can no longer provide it, someone else will.Niall FergusonHoover Institution, Stanford UniversityA world without a leader doesn't hurt the U.S. the way it hurts other countries, he added. "The Americans are not going to be hugely interested or feel the impulse to fill that vacuum in the near term, so I believe that we're going to be leaderless and divided going forward for the foreseeable future."

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However, Niall Ferguson, Milbank Family senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, argued that the leadership of the U.S. has in fact been "very striking" this year. It can be seen in theU.S. Federal Reserveproviding financial leadership during the depth of the pandemic-induced crisis and Washington showing technological leadership in campaigning against Chinese tech firm Huawei, he said.

He also added that even if the U.S. did not step up as the global leader, someone else will because the world needs one."The world has an inherent need for leadership. If the U.S. genuinely can no longer provide it, someone else will. Perhaps China, perhaps — who knows — a

who now seems to have its own relatively strong leadership in Berlin and Paris," Ferguson said.Taking sides: U.S. or China?The debate also centered on China's rise as a global power and its attempt to fill the leadership void left by the U.S.

But the expertsagreed that China is still far from playing a leading role on the international stage.China itself has repeatedly saidit's not interested in replacing the U.S.or in exporting its ideology globally, said Yan Xuetong, dean of the Institute of International Relations at Tsinghua University.

Still, the U.S.-China rivalry may force other countries to choose sides. Yan noted that increasingly, countries are seen siding with China on economic issues and relying on the U.S. for security. He cited Singapore, Japan, Germany and France as example of those who have taken such a stance.

In other words, for the third countries in the world, the smaller countries, the new competition between China and United States across these institutions does not spell doom and gloom.Ngaire WoodsUniversity of Oxford's Blavatnik School of Government

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Ngaire Woods, dean of University of Oxford's Blavatnik School of Government, agreed that countries may need to "selectively cooperate" with either the U.S. or China.In fact, the U.S.-China competition could be an opportunity for smaller countries to push for changes they would like to see in international bodies such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, said Woods, who's a professor of global economic governance.

"We've seen every international institution changed and get pushed to listen to more of its members," she said."In other words, for the third countries in the world, the smaller countries, the new competition between China and United States across these institutions does not spell doom and gloom. It spells an opportunity for other countries to start playing off those superpowers and push further for the changes they've been wanting in those institutions themselves."

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For example.... Trump has put the USA back in power (that we lost under Obama). Is it because we havent started a new war ? Read this Under Trump the leadership had trimmed due to his Braggadocious manner! The left propaganda, the globist doctrine. Dominant power in destabilizing regimes the world over and instigating wars. USA can't even control a little 'covid19' flu.

After 8 years of Obama doing very thing he could to bring America down to “not greatest nation” status because to him american supremacy equates to white supremacy. Or at least that’s what he said over and over in private speeches. Here’s an answer, it’s not. Trump has stabbed many of our allies in the back with things like arbitrary tariffs, leaving the Paris accords, leaving the WHO (WTO will be next), and something else new seemingly every day. America can’t be trusted with Trump in office.

Leadership....still a relative term. Certainly not Britian Certainly not where oh Where! Is the tht leads? Still Quite foggy n the rear view mirror. Interesting. Dominance When folks stop forcing their way over the borders...desire NAmerican passport over....all others . Then the guessing is over. Looking to C when tht happens. 🤔

That time has passed. Big oceans east & west, weak neighbors north & south, the US is the most defendable land mass in the world. Yet, it costs USA taxpayers a lot of money to be the global leader & project power & generally try to keep everyone in line. Enough ye globalist, you just don’t get it! FakeNewsMedia partisanship

Yep dumb Donald destroyed that Yeah because the democRATS sold it to china yrs ago Crystal clear. Dominant. As long as the US kept writing checks all was fine. Get lost!! What the heck is this commie garbage? I have an eye doctor I can recommend. FAKE NEES cnbc socialist media team hard at work ! Let's get TAXES back in the game-We all know by now Putin has seen RUMP's taxes. That't the reason VP HAS something over RUMP. So Get 2 It-show us your taxes 'el presidente' CNN MSNBC JoeBiden SenKamalaHarris DNC DNCWarRoom ericswalwell RepAdamSchiff SpeakerPelosi taxes

Has CNBC not seen the news coming out of Eastern Europe and the Middle East the past two weeks? Yeah. Those peace agreements certainly showed the USA isn’t a global leader. You people Global leader not with Trump in charge he’s a wrecking ball everybody knows it insane want to be king no clothes Only in the eyes of a Democrat & the CCP

You mean the country that just created peace in the Middle East without firing a single shot...might not be a global leader? Your argument is terrible We need to get a real president for the country to come back. Vote Biden Who says? What is this an editorial or news? When you get a chance check out what Trump is doing in th Mideast this week!

The US is now seen as untrustworthy, willing to throw allies and alliances under the bus for a few dollars in trade. The US is no longer seen as a global defender of democracy and human rights. Global confidence in world leaders (Pew, June-July survey): Hasn't been for last 5 years. News flash. Guss who give a perfect chance to China?

Does any country want to be led by Trump's US? I think most of the Global community outside of North American borders are still in shock not sure how serious to take us, not sure if they can trust us again to lead the world! Our great country has been given a really bloody nose, being led around by Putin via realDonaldTrump

Dominant, domineering no doubt. A leader? definitely not, a lone wolf? Likely Ask any democrat and they will tell you our country sucks and basically everyone is fuked ! Don’t you love the lefts point of view, smh God bless America 🇺🇸 keep the power, and it's not necessary to be the global leader. well how could we when we outsource everything to everyone else’s labor force?

FireCramer FireJimCramerCNBC FireJimCramer FireJimCramerNow Still USA is global leader, no matter how Trump has carried out his foreign policy. Kushner got for him peace between Israel and Middle East powerful states. Palestine state not talked. Russia, China politically disputing role Lol. Name another country try that has done more for the world than the USA

So what country is the global leader? U.S is in coma! Another hate America news story by CDNC. 4 more years of Rump and the USA will be like a third world country with all the corruption, violence, racism Not after Trump. He's screwed it all up. Destroyed alliances. Wasted trade relationships. Frittered away international credibility. Sold American honor for personal fame and profit.

It definitely isn’t the Global Leader. Trump put this country in a Hell hole, a laughing stock, huge embarrassment, a delinquent president with a 50 word vocabulary, can’t put a complete sentence together, knows more than Military Generals, calls himself a genius, won’t show his college grades. We deserve better. Vote

America is now the reluctant global leader. No other entity, PRC, EU, or the UN comes close to replacing it... Yeah it’s a global leader. Maybe if you’re an America hating liberal, you enjoy saying it’s not Weaker with dumb Trump. GLOBAL LEADER ? kidding, CLEAR to me USA NO MORE a Global Leader since Corrupted GOP SenateGOP & TRUMP in charge of the country. Only they know is: Tax Cuts, Corruption, Lies, Fear, Violence, Increased Deficits

The times of the USA being a ‘leader’ are long gone. If MAGA is right, the US lost that position some time before Trump, as it have not been great for a while. And if America First is right, the US is abandoning that position or what is left of it. So let me get this straight. You can figure out the dominant power, but not the global leader part?

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CNBC is a propaganda arm of the CCP Did Trump kill over 200, 000 American people? How come he doesn't quit like Abe? Under Donald Trump, the United States will never be a global leader. What other countries stepped up and released trillions of dollars to saved the market from crashing? You know there’s a reason why.

SHEEP: It's a fucking joke

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