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The U.S. and the Taliban Are Near a Deal. Here’s What It Could Look Like.

Details of how American troops would withdraw and how a cease-fire would be shaped are among the most crucial issues in the talks’ final stages.


After months of negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban , both sides have signaled that they are nearing an initial peace deal for Afghanistan . Here is a look at the most likely facets of a deal.

Details of how American troops would withdraw and how a cease-fire would be shaped are among the most crucial issues in the talks’ final stages.

At the peak of the war, there were more than 100,000 American and tens of thousands of allied troops in Afghanistan. With a consensus emerging that neither side can win the war militarily, those numbers have now dropped to about 14,000 American troops and several thousand from NATO allies.

As a compromise, the most likely timeline for the withdrawal of troops would be about two years or a little less, and would take place in phases. Noncombat support staff, including trainers and advisers to Afghan forces, could leave in earlier batches, with the more lethal Special Operations forces and the technical teams necessary for coordinating air power leaving later.

American officials have insisted on assurances that the Taliban will not support international and regional terrorist groups like Al Qaeda — an alliance that precipitated the 2001 invasion after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani, in April. Talks between his government and the Taliban are expected to be held in Oslo.

Direct talks between the Taliban and Afghan officials

Those negotiations will be difficult and could take months, if not years, because they will be seeking a compromise between two clashing views of governance. One side is a democratically rooted republic, the other ruled as an emirate led by a religiously credentialed supreme leader. Such talks would also test the political discipline of each side — both have long lists of grievances against the other, as well as internal constituencies that are wary of any peace process at all.

The aftermath of a Taliban bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, last month.

American officials say they have still insisted on an immediate reduction on violence. That kind of stepped-down agreement could take this shape: a cessation of violence in regions as Americans begin pulling out of them, so that a de facto cease-fire widens along with the progress of the withdrawal.

Read more: The New York Times

Vladimir Putin Will never allow it! This is what it could look like: Attacks on Girls’ Schools on the Rise as Taliban Make Gains “Freedom cannot be America’s gift to the world, purchased with the blood of US service members alone.” Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) USBluder US blunder continues,first in Iraq bombed,destroyed country and left,Syria same pattern follow,and now in Afghanistan US is doing the same thing again and leaving the country to the mercy of murderous Pakistan based and trained TALIBAN.

Call at least one war in which the US losers defeated the enemy themselves, and did not sing in second voices and did not twist assholes at a dance? Grenada is not considered, there are 90 Cuban airport builders beaten by Delta special forces. MujMash It is my belief that this will fail. it’ll look just like vietnam after the US pulled out....

Hey GOP - thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorist ?

Afghan president Ghani rejects foreign interference as talks advance Afghanistan 's President Ghani and his government have not been involved in months of negotiations between Washington and the Taliban on an agreement for a peace deal in the country. Iski itni auqaat Ghani and his bogey man aka Pakistan/ISI. Look at both sides, they are Afghans. Leave the region the fukc alone and stop sending your terrorists cannon fodders.

orwell4ever Timeline: blah, blah, blah & then the Taliban crush all freedoms & execute anyone who ever helped America in the fight. Taliban is a terrorist gang, and Trump's scheme to appease Taliban terrorists will have catastrophic consequences for Afghans, Americans, and others. Trump is ignorant about international and security issues. Afghanistan terrorism

The Taliban waited out America just as it did Russia. Negotiations? Surely tariffs would’ve worked better? Lets all pray that the deal would bring peace to war-torn Afghanistan 🙏 For a successful insurgency the primary strategy for victory is not to win, but simply not to lose to be victorious. The Taliban are playing the long game—way beyond 18yrs—and will not lose. We now create a “Peace with Honor” narrative to get out and try to be ok with it all.

Just eyewash!Who created Taliban? LiarNYTimes Riiiiiiiiiiiiight! So you came in dropped mother of all bombs and still went to negotiate?

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When does Kabul Trump Tower open? How many dead and maimed for this? Could u kindly pick up the stories about Raittaihan, please? Korean government hide the facts of what Koreans did to Vietnamese women. It's really a good idea that a statue of beautiful Raittaihan has been placed in London. Do the same thing for woman's rights!

Good.. But USA also look at the peace process in the entire region and how India is trying to fail the peace policy in the region. It is not possible for the Pak army to keep on helping you in bringing peace in Afghanistan while we have tension on the eastern borders. I'm sure it'll be a success like Iran..

Thank you Jared! If I were a woman or a girl living in Afghanistan, I'd get out of there right now... ADEOS ISIS YOUR FIRED !!! MAGA I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists? I tend to think any negotiations would be against Sharia Law...

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As U.S. Nears a Pullout Deal, Afghan Army Is on the DefensiveAfghan commanders promised last year to stop fighting a static “checkpoint war.” But most of their soldiers are still hunkered down in their bases. It's time to leave its not our country The USA has to pull out the troop becuse lots of tax payer money wasted on corrupt unfaithfull backstaber afghan governement but the corrupt afghan governement achieved nothing they just stole USA taxpayer money USA most withdraw None of the outsiders can decide our future..! This nation gave a lot of sacrifices and lost their beloved ones. Therefore, they won’t keep quiet and accept the shit emarat of US puppies (Taliban). We’ll fight against terrorism & extremism till lost breath of our life.

U.S. draws back Afghanistan operations against the Taliban as peace talks concludeNewsweek has learned from senior defense officials that U.S. forces have been ordered to stop targeting the Taliban and advising Afghan allies as thousands of troops were set to withdraw from the Well as Gen. George S Patton always said... '... get the 'GD' job done or get the hell out of there...'. Where is George when we need him... sadat_hasina Aren't they still blowing people up and killing our troops?

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