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The trailer for the Eyes Wide Shut homage about Jeffrey Epstein is here

The trailer for the Eyes Wide Shut homage about Jeffrey Epstein is here

10/22/2021 4:15:00 AM

The trailer for the Eyes Wide Shut homage about Jeffrey Epstein is here

‘Red Scare’ host Dasha Nekrasova directs the erotic thriller, ‘The Scary of Sixty-First’, set on NYC’s Upper East Side.

 The official synopsis describes the apartment hunting efforts of college besties Noelle and Addie who “stumble upon the deal of a lifetime”. The deal in question is a swanky duplex on Manhattan's Upper East Side. “But soon after moving in, a more sinister picture of the apartment emerges when a mysterious woman arrives and claims the property used to belong to the infamous and recently-deceased Jeffrey Epstein.”

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 Of course, the girlies don’t take this so well. “With this news, Noelle becomes obsessed with the visitor — to the point of infatuation. As the pair plunge deeper into the conspiracies of the Epstein case, Addie falls into her own bizarre state: a pseudo-possession complete with inexplicable fits of age-regressed sexual mania. As they peel back on these strange occurrences, the truth reveals itself to be more twisted than they could have ever imagined.” It sounds it!

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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer Reveals Return of Green Goblin and Electro, but Still No Tobey or Andrew

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This looks unwatchably bad.

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