The Trailer For Aida Rodriguez's Stand-Up Special Just Dropped And She Brought Her 'Fighting Words' With Her

Viewers can expect to see, 'My heart and soul — my truth. A view into my life and the why I may see things the way I do.'

10/25/2021 9:05:00 PM

Viewers can expect to see, 'My heart and soul — my truth. A view into my life and the why I may see things the way I do.'

Viewers can expect to see, 'My heart and soul — my truth. A view into my life and the why I may see things the way I do.'

HBO MaxShe also talks about meeting her father for the first time in the Dominican Republic, and the familial discoveries that ensued from that visit.HBO MaxAnd as someone who's very familiar with the nuances and differences between Latinos, Aida is no stranger to pointing out these differences and still finding the common thread between them. She told BuzzFeed,"I think that it’s important to speak the truth. This idea that we are harmonious and monolithic is false and harmful. Truth is, we are fragmented and complicated, and that serves our beauty, but if we really want to find common ground, we are going to start by being honest about it all."

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HBO MaxAs for the titleFighting Words, Aida said it's a joke on words."We used to say those are 'fighting words' in my neighborhood. It meant you said something that could start a fight. From a 'your mama' joke, to making fun of someone’s house."

HBO MaxShe said viewers can expect to see,"My heart and soul — my truth. A view into my life and the why I may see things the way I do."HBO MaxKris Mercado — a Puerto Rican film director who's worked with people like Bad Bunny and comedian Phoebe Robinson — along with Nadia Hallgren, a filmmaker who directed

Becoming, a documentary about Michelle Obama, are the two powerhouse directors behind this special.Samantha Burkardt / Getty Images for SXSW, Jesse Grant / Getty Images for International Documentary AssociationUltimately, Aida hopes people — especially Latinos — leave the special knowing"that we are growing and building. And that it takes time to heal. That our stories matter, all of them. And that we are worthy!"

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