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Humane Society Urges Americans To Opt For Shelter Turkey This Thanksgiving

11/25/2020 6:30:00 PM

Humane Society Urges Americans To Opt For Shelter Turkey This Thanksgiving

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Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez to perform at diverse Biden inauguration

Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez will take the stage at U.S. President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony in Washington next week alongside others in what his transition team said would showcase a diverse America.

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this man learned everything he knows from the internet. And for that, I do not trust him If you cook the turkey for Thanksgiving you are a god. You make Thanksgiving happen. You are a big shot. Imagine being Daniel and freaking the fuck out because they called you out in the podcast He’s all talk. chefdonnyy

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I was too late to get one from the shelter this year, they had all been gobbled up. That is so kind 😢 Umm shelter turkeys... This seems like a legit thing that a white 42 year old Evangelical Christian lady named Karen would say. The reason there’s still so many turkeys in the shelters is because it cost so much to adopt them. They got to be vet checked have all their shots be spayed and neutered. It’s much cheaper just to get them frozen from the store

That's pretty warped. Shelter Turkey Lives Matter