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Frustrated Political Scientist Patton Oswalt Attempts To Explain Gerrymandering Without Help Of Visual Aids

10/26/2020 6:14:00 PM

Frustrated Political Scientist Patton Oswalt Attempts To Explain Gerrymandering Without Help Of Visual Aids

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pattonoswalt This guy compared proud patriotic Americans waving American flags to Nazi Germany. He's a disgraceful human being. pattonoswalt 'Political science and elections expert Patton Oswalt.' I'm pretty sure this is how all celebrities see themselves. pattonoswalt Patton is a Pedo On The Topical:

pattonoswalt pattonoswalt brilliant. pattonoswalt I heard this creep killed his wife. pattonoswalt Oh wow ... the Onion does post factual statements . 👏 Bravo! pattonoswalt I can’t wait until SarahKSilverman discusses filibustering. pattonoswalt Aren’t you jag offs supposed to be satire? Oh, the joke was calling him an expert. 😂😂😂 you guys are good.

pattonoswalt You forgot, 'After removing his daily wedgie...' pattonoswalt 😂😂😂 pattonoswalt And Gerry Manders as The Beaver. pattonoswalt Funny guy but what a psycho. pattonoswalt I thought he was an expert on playing DD and not knowing the touch of a lady... boy is my face red pattonoswalt Can he please explain how he looks so radiant and healthy while maintaining an excruciating work schedule?

pattonoswalt And just in time for all of the 'Werewolves & Lollipops' you get at your door on Halloween! pattonoswalt I heard this guy killed his wife pattonoswalt Oompah loompah pattonoswalt “Okay—it’s like when Emperor Palpatine used his imperial senate quorum to force Alderan to...” BobaFat GoldenStateSchiller

pattonoswalt Does he give advice on getting rid of a pesky spouse? pattonoswalt He probably knows way more about pedophilia that he does voting. pattonoswalt MeredthSalenger 👀 pattonoswalt Excellent, I only listen to geo-political opinions of those who were supporting characters on King of Queens pattonoswalt When 'The Onion' does a serious report

pattonoswalt cc: SamWangPhD pattonoswalt KTeaFahey pattonoswalt Watching TotallyUnderControl . It is beyond belief. We need a tribunal like Nuremberg. pattonoswalt pattonoswalt pattonoswalt Awwww. Here's a kitten. And other unrelated information. pattonoswalt 😂😂😂😂😂 pattonoswalt Didn’t this explain how Republicans feel about everything ?

pattonoswalt I've never heard it explained clearer. pattonoswalt See Jabba the Hut wanted to marry Princess Leis so he had Boba Fett imprison Han Solo in a block of carbonite. Which looks just like gerrymandering if you squint your eyes really hard. pattonoswalt Oh Patton, your slide into liberal hive mind insanity has been so swift. So long old friend 😭

pattonoswalt Hilarious pattonoswalt His Twitter is pretty insufferable actually pattonoswalt Aides pattonoswalt How you know you made it. pattonoswalt Trust me, he'd find a way... just give him 10 minutes at a local Parks & Recreation meeting. :) pattonoswalt Visual aids are for purists! FookThis pattonoswalt He looks like a Evil Constipated Hobbit - which is also my band's name. Check us out on Spotify!

pattonoswalt Patton Oswalt unable to answer challenge he is simulacrum of hopeful Japanese Kikikomori with uninformed choices about American high school cliques pattonoswalt pattonoswalt Yes. And. pattonoswalt Джабаров pattonoswalt pattonoswalt Can we get the video please? pattonoswalt It doesn't help that the visual looks like a Stargate glyph....purple would think it was a new fantasy show

pattonoswalt 'Please, call me Pat.' - Patton Oswalt Professor of Political Science, Tempe Community College of Arizona pattonoswalt For the longest time I thought this guy was one of the hobbits from LOTR pattonoswalt link to the mp3. podcasters, please provide an mp3 download link, some of us refuse to listen to audio at 1x or increments chosen by an embedded player.

pattonoswalt Legit thought you were talking about Frank Luntz pattonoswalt pattonoswalt this true? pattonoswalt The short dumpy beta male that was never attractive to women until he because “famous”. And I use the word famous very loosely when describing this lump of fat. pattonoswalt He is really good at talking with his hands.

pattonoswalt Paul Wolfowhere are my flash cards?