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‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Returns To Studio; Gov. Cuomo Welcomes Him Back To The City

‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Returns To Studio; Gov. Cuomo Welcomes Him Back To The City

7/14/2020 2:49:00 AM

‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ’ Returns To Studio; Gov. Cuomo Welcomes Him Back To The City

EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Fallon has become the first late-night host to get back to the studio as The Tonight Show returns to 30 Rock. Fallon returned to a modified Studio 6A to film tonight’s episod…

The Tonight ShowFallon returned to a modified Studio 6A to filmtonight’s episode ofNBClate-night show and he and the show’s house band The Roots will continue to film in the New York studio with a limited crew.New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was Fallon’s first guest back and, in a video interview shot over Zoom, welcomed him back, saying “New York is really open now that you’re doing your show again” (see full clip below). Other guests include Charlize Theron and a performance from Little Big Town.

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This comes four months after the host started filmingAt Homeeditions of his show.Related StoryConan O'Brien To Film TBS Show At Largo, Observing Health & Safety Protocols, Becomes First Late-Night Host To Make MoveThe production will employ social distancing as well as all of the health and safety guidelines as approved by New York authorities. The majority of staff will continue to work from home, and there will be no audience.

The show’s studio return comes as the city has dramatically improved its situation with COVID-19. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reported zero deaths on Saturday.The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon launched its At Home Edition on March 17 initially with hybrid episodes before segueing to full episodes filmed at his house.

Fallon’s wife Flower Films co-founder Nancy Juvonen helped film the show with his kids Franny and Winnie becoming break out stars. He had guests on including Adam Sandler, who sang a quarantine song at the beginning of the lockdown as well as the likes of Miley Cyrus, Alec Baldwin and Jose Andres.

Showrunner Gavin Purcell told Deadline in April about the evolution of the quarantine-produced show. “These shows are about reflecting what’s going on in the world and we’re leaning into how people are living right,” he said. “Creatively, we’re trying to go in different directions but emotionally, we’re also trying to figure out what we’re doing is right for right now. You want to be a place where people can enjoy, but it’s also a safe landing place for people.”

In hisTonight Showinterview, Cuomo admitted that New York City “went through hell and back”. “We went from having the worst infection rate in the country, we now have the best infection rate so we really turned the corner. New Yorkers stepped up,” he added. “We tamed the beast, we just have to cross our fingers and hope that it stays there.”

Cuomo said New York had a different approach to many other states. “You had the President of the United States basically denying that the virus existed. I believe he played politics with it, you have these other states rush to reopen like there was no problem but there was a problem. You can;t deal with a virus politically, you have to be smart, you have to get it under control, you have to close down and people.”

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Fallon jokingly asked Cuomo at what phase was he in with regards to dating after splitting from his longtime partner, TV chef Sandra Lee. “I think New York City will be full reopened before I get out of phase 0 on dating,” Cuomo replied.Subscribe toand keep your inbox happy.

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I like Gov. Cusmo Seeing you back in the studio actually made me tear up....and then laugh when I saw that you made the studio look like your awesome home....Thank you for the million laughs during anything and everything! 🤯🔥Cuomo is No laughing matter... what an incompetent governor he turned out to be 🤯

jimmyfallon you’re having a murderer on your show. He literally shoved infected senior citizens into nursing homes and killed thousands. Great job! Some bullshit. Only in liberal held territory. Three Iranian protesters are going to be execute in next hours .please use your voice to stop it . اعدام_نکنید

All you people live in a bubble and have no clue. Don’t forget to ask him what his favorite color is and the name of his childhood dog Fuck. I missed it Blood on your hands forcing infected patients into nursing homes Gross. He just murdered grandma. melissadderosa Phase 0 on dating. Oh no!!! Single New York women are waiting for the good Governor to enter Phase 1 on his dating opening up!!!!!!!

Yay! Good to see you Governor on Fallon last night! FALLON1974 Loved it! Brilliant! melissadderosa What a publicity stunt How dare you have that horrible governor on your show he lets New York run amok with all the crime and put covered people in nursing homes that killed hundreds or maybe even more people I will never watch your show because of that

'Comedy' Good luck to Fallon melissadderosa Did he quarantine for 14 days melissadderosa Here is proof in Cuomos own words that they are under counting the number of nursing home deaths. Gosh be careful. This seems too early. Awesome, I stopped watching the at home version. The studio shows are much better.

Love you both💕 Two frauds I didn’t stay up. Did jimmyfallon ask Cuomo about this? I wonder if Karl Malone will watch. Oh and the families that’s love ones because of NYGovCuomo stupid a** order. Yeah welcome back from the re-education camp, bow down fool. Killer Cuomo and blackie Well Governor Cuomo when you get out of phase O of dating and the city is open. I am still ready to meet you at the top of the Empire State Building. It is beautiful at night. Yes I am asking you. Just a friendly gesture.

So glad hes not in a suit !🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺 👍👍It was nice. The Gov was on point..very nice interview. Great job! GOV CUOMO is the Best of the Best! Shut this shit down. The governor said no INDOOR activities. Welcome back Jimmy! Today is Monday, July 13, 2020 and it has been 110 days since NYGovCuomo issued the EO that killed thousands of NY’s elderly and AndrewCuomo has yet to accept responsibility.

Welcome back, please Benicio del toro again. I love his hairstyle 😆😁 Welcome Back Jimmy!!!! ❤️ Fallon should Ask Cuomo to “say the names” of police officers killed in the line of duty. Cuomo is the worst performing governor of the covid pandemic. He put covid patients in nursing homes and didn’t purchase ventilators when the state health department warned him of a shortage.

'a MASS murderer interviewed by man in black face' Ask this narcissist about killing so many of our greatest generation. Awesome!!🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️ Ask about recalling de Blasio and having his city go to the shitter. Don't go easy on him. Is fredo going to be in the background doing his nude photo shoot? Glad I don't have to watch.

He has so much to talk about, I'm sure. Wow, KillerCuomo kills scores in nursinghomes and gets invited on national TV to crow about it! Amazingly corrupt media. No thanks! Impeach Killer Cuomo Slayer of the elderly By 'welcomes him back to the city,' does Cuomo intend to kill Fallon in a nursing home?

Of course because an appearance on Jimmy Fallon will help the hurting people of NY state. Just an awful feckless man What's the point? He's the only one in the studio. Everyone else is on zoom. Why not just stay home with the tonight show background on zoom? it’s not like the governor didn’t know that care facilities were a breeding ground for a virus hot spot

Oy Oh lucky boy, you Jimmy! Will you be able to touch at least his elbow? Please, let us know what it feels like to have a Cuomo elbow to elbow experience! DVR set! How about asking him about all the elderly people Cuomo sent to their death. But you won’t. WTF is Cuomo doing on Jimmy Fallon. Shouldn't that slob be doing something about the tens of murders in New York and NYC.

Who cares If you don’t ask him about nursing homes then you’re a fraud, you should stop the political play, and go back to being a comedian. Will you be asking him what it feels like to be a psychopath who murdered elderly people to artificially spike the covid death rate? They knew what they were doing.

Ask about the nursing homes. Not for me Like Ewwwww Why do u have on a MASS MURDERER Cuomo is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THOUSANDS OF NURSING HOME DEATHS!!!!! jimmyfallon CANCEL THIS NOW I really loved the 'At Home Edition ' THANK GOD! rafakumagai No more tours of his weird ass house Will Jimmy be wearing a mask? I believe running his hands through guest's hair is not permitted these days

amazing i loved the tonight show

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