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The Texas Abortion Provider Who Defied S.B. 8 Has Been Sued

The Texas Abortion Provider Who Defied S.B. 8 Has Been Sued

9/21/2021 1:39:00 AM

The Texas Abortion Provider Who Defied S.B. 8 Has Been Sued

The suit was filed by a private citizen in Arkansas, who says the law should be subject to judicial review

The situation is improbable, but, because of the language of the law, it is not an entirely unsurprising outcome. Since S.B. 8 is unlike other six-week abortion bans, it has necessitated different strategies for for stopping it: like an abortion provider willing to act in defiance of the law and take the fall.

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Texas doctor admits he provided abortion after ban took effect despite 'legal consequences'He described seeing three teens die from illegal abortions in 1972, a year before Roe v. Wade . Prosecute baby murderers?

'Fundamental Right': Defiant Texas Doctor Goes Public About Abortion He Provided“I fully understood there could be legal consequences,” Dr. Alan Braid wrote. But he said he wanted to make certain the 'blatantly unconstitutional law' is tested. Thank you, Dr. Alan Braid.

Texas doctor says he violated the state's new abortion lawA Texas doctor reveals he performed an abortion in violation of the state’s new law that bans most abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy, arguing he “had a duty of care to this patient” and she had a “fundamental right” to an abortion. let´s collect money for his lawyer... Hero. Absolutely proud. He took his oath seriously. A hero

Texas Doctor Says He Defied State Law by Performing AbortionA Texas antiabortion group says it's looking into a doctor's claim that he defied the state law that recently took effect by performing an abortion on a woman past the sixth week of her pregnancy Someone needed to make a case so it could be challenged. Predictable. What you going to do arrest the Doctor to gets vote. Pretty sure womens in your family are exempt and have all medical facilities. Its the poor women going to suffer. $10k bounty coming

Ripples from Texas abortion law spread to Illinois safe havenAn Illinois clinic, emblematic of a state that has deemed itself a safe haven for abortion care, is feeling the reverberations of the Texas abortion law in the form of dozens of women forced to travel hundreds of miles just to secure an appointment. Remember, in Texas a woman can be raped at gunpoint and could be forced to bear the child and furthermore, the rapist could sue the woman for visitation afterwards. Outrageous! America is not, by any means…The home of the free. It is the home of assorted groups trying to tell people what to do.

Texas Doctor Challenges SB 8, Admits To Performing An AbortionTexas Doctor Challenges SB 8, Admits To Performing An Abortion “I believe abortion is an essential part of health care. … I can’t just sit back and watch us return to 1972.”