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The Talk’s Carrie Ann Inaba stuns in intimate bikini photo – and fans all say the same thing

The Talk’s Carrie Ann Inaba stuns in intimate bikini photo – and fans all say the same thing

6/14/2021 7:47:00 PM

The Talk’s Carrie Ann Inaba stuns in intimate bikini photo – and fans all say the same thing

Carrie Ann Inaba stuns in an intimate bikini photo – and her fans on Instagram all had the same thing to say

"Finally… pool time," she wrote in the caption."They say water can be healing… What do you think? I think so. And sometimes… it's just hot outside!"MORE: The Talk hosts' incredible homes: Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne and more

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WATCH: The Talk's Carrie Ann Inaba gives health update from bedHer fans were blown away by the snapshot – and in particular, Carrie's incredibly youthful appearance."You look 15!!!!!!" one stunned follower wrote while a second echoed:"Is this pic from '86?" A third told the Hawaii-born star:"You are looking beautiful, Carrie Ann." headtopics.com

READ: Carrie Ann Inaba looks so different with super-short hair in 80s throwbackMORE: Carrie Ann Inaba admits fears in heartfelt post after taking time off from The TalkCarrie, 53, is currently taking some time off from The Talk to focus on her health and wellbeing. The professional dancer suffers from chronic pain as a result of her autoimmune conditions and has been seeking ways to try and reduce this.

Carrie Ann Inaba looked incredibly youthful in her latest pictureJust last week, Carrie sparked a reaction on Instagram when she shared a series of loved-up photos showing her with her ex, Fabian Viteri. The images showed the pair embracing on a haystack and Carrie simply captioned them with a love heart and praying emoji.

"Aww did you get back together?" one fan asked while another wrote:"Happiness looks great on you. Hope you are doing well." A third added:"You're back together. Yay!"The star is believed to have rekindled her romance with Fabian

Carrie previously confirmed the couple's breakup on social media just last month and stated she was single."Trying to allow the emotions. Trying to be strong," she wrote on her Instagram Story at the time."Allowing myself space to cry. And I will grow. And I will evolve. And I will survive this too. And I will honor the gift that it was." headtopics.com

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Carrie previously dated Artem Chigvintsev from 2006 to 2009. She also was briefly engaged to accountant Jesse Sloan and General Hospital's Robb Derringer. Read more: HELLO! »

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