The surprise religious group that could decide Trump's fate

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Latter-day Saints had been among the most reliably Republican voting blocs — until Trump took over the party

Mormon support for the Republican ticket dropped from 80 percent in 2004 and 78 percent in 2012, to 61 percent in 2016, even as most other Christians moved further to the right,“I do think Trump in 2016 — there were questions among not just Mormons, but other communities of faith,” Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, who is LDS, said in an interview.

Biden’s advisers argue that his message of restoring civility will appeal to LDS members who, like Romney and Flake, are offended by Trump’s conduct over the past four years. In 2016, Democrats did not appear to convert many of the Mormons who voted against Trump. Some stayed home, while many others cast a protest vote for the conservative LDS third-party candidate, Evan McMullin, who earned 21 percent of Utah’s vote. McMullin also received about 7 percent in neighboring Idaho, but his support in Arizona was negligible because he was not listed on the ballot and was only a write-in candidate.

A Biden official conceded that Trump will likely improve on his 2016 performance among Mormons, but that the Democrat's goal is to significantly limit those gains. Some longtime LDS Democratic organizers said Biden has already improved on Hillary Clinton’s efforts, which they said were too focused on Utah.

Trump is trailing Biden by about 5 points in Arizona, according to polling averages, and LDS voters could be decisive if the race tightens. In 2018, Kyrsten Sinema won massive Maricopa County — which includes the historically Mormon suburb of Mesa — becoming the first Democrat to win an Arizona Senate seat since the 1980s.; instead, they’re looking to run up the president’s margins in rural Arizona. The LDS enclaves in the White Mountains will be key to that effort.


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Please please please please Saints! Let’s DO THIS latterdaysaintsforJOE

it is up to us to SAVE AMERICA😤😤😤

BobSchaller Put your theology where your mouth is.

BeSeriousUSA Back when, before everything went sideways, you voted for the best candidate for Pres. over Party. Of course the values of the nation have changed. NOW, the parties are so divided and we vote down party lines. Perhaps, like Police, the same should apply..Defund, Abolish & Replace

LDSforBiden 🙋🏻‍♂️

I. It sure this car is big enough to carry the Obese Trump. How he hasn’t caught covid amazes me. It will happen.

I know way too many pro-Trump church members. I was extremely disappointed that Utah went Trump in 2016. So I’m not counting on seeing anything different in 2020. But I hope I’m wrong.

'Mormon support for the Republican ticket dropped from 80 percent in 2004 and 78 percent in 2012, to 61 percent in 2016, even as most other Christians moved further to the right, according to Pew.' And I sincerely hope it'll be even less than that in 2020.

“At the end of the day, President Trump more reflects the policy values of most Mormons than Joe Biden,” Exactly what are these Mormon values? Certainly- not decency or honesty because Trump is an indecent liar.

Here's one LDS member he's lost. Biden/Harris 2020

I Recorded this song, which I wrote! An 8 diverse member choral ensemble add their voices in the chorus. Our response to increasing divisiveness in the US, as a call to Action Music Video 4Americans to Unite: “Let’s Unite in Love (& Spread our Love”.

I didn’t vote for him in 16. Had zero plans in 2020 but that’s all changed in the last 5 months. Lesser of two evils in my book.

Biden is a true Christian. He is fighting for the soul of America. Repent! RestoreUsAgainLord TrumpIsAntiChrist BidenFightsForOurSoul

TrumpIsAntiChrist What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

Some people are so fanatics that they take his lies as granted even with proof 🙄 of the opposite.

docrocktex26 Whatever else can be said of Mormons - they have been two things consistently - patriotic and morally consistent. 45* has been a liar and I am sure they saw early.

geoffjBYU This LDS individual will not vote for Trump, and will not support anybody enabling him.

JoeBiden donwinslow LincolnsBible TheRickWilson RVAT2020 MeidasTouch ForTheRuleOfLaw MikeBloomberg staceyabrams justicedems TheDemCoalition TheDemocrats AOC BarackObama KamalaHarris Get the vote out in all 50 states

This people are stupid.

Mormon backlash extends beyond 2016. 'The thrice-married, immigrant-bashing Republican,' realDonaldTrump, is only a part of it. In 2012, M. Romney was rebuffed by the conservative wing of his party. The Tea Party and evangelicals refused to accept him as a fellow Christian.

He is an affront to everything lovely, of good report, or praise-worthy.


johannamillard I'm hoping that Romney and McMullin manage to pull a lot of Mormon support from him. But I doubt that all or even most Mormons will see the light.

johannamillard Good.

Look at trumps face...

lauferlaw Trump is antithetical to everything that Mormons say they stand for. Some (like SenMikeLee) are willing to ignore all Trump's vile misconduct and fall into lockstep with him. We'll see if other Mormons can resist the instinctual urge to vote Republican.

Mormons will go with Romney. They trust him.

the story about the officers getting ambushed and then state protesters were at the hospital, they were there blocking the ER entrance/chanting for the officers to die, if they were black citizens this would be a major story for all the media and it would have non stop coverage

I pray they vote for a moral, faithful Christian man, Joe Biden.

As a Latter-Day Saint, Trump is the antithesis of what I have been taught in the Church

Twinsfan811 Hey, Romney showed they way with his vote to impeach. They heard and are responding.

Romney, lead your brethren out of Trump's wasteland by endorsing Biden.

That is because he has more women than they do. Jealousy.

I don't think so !

Brings to mind the South Park Episode where it is deemed, “The Mormons were correct.”

Good for them!

Trump is the antithesis of everything they are about....

The Democrat Paedofile Mafia Party and its media is on the roll with lies today.

Time to get rid of the orange devil and get on with America. TrumpKnew

For the life of me I cannot understand why he is still in the white house!

Still are

Says lefty Politico 🤦‍♀️


You mean not the US voters who decide? Last time you said it was the Russians...

Good for them. Wish the Evangelical Right put country over party as well.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Trump is the only choice for us. We focus on religious freedom and realDonaldTrump is the only candidate who promotes it and believes in it. We are smart enough to see through the lies. We are still reliable.

Trump Lied americans died

Suddenly the Latter-day saints are the most important voger group in America. What a joke you are, POLITICO.

Morocco and Tunisia announcing Oct 1, according to DC embassy envoy peace accord with Israel. Two ARAB countries credit realDonaldTrump ‘s resolve .

I have to give a 'shout out' to the Latter Days Saints that make the so called white evangelicals look every bit of a heretic. Latter Day Saints evidently understood what Christ stood for as far as morals goes...white evangelicals confused as hell. They need to read the Bible.

We’re not Mormon, but my husband and I have had the pleasure of spending much time working in Utah. This article doesn’t surprise me: Trump has to be anathema for this faith community, dedicated to good works. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

COVID victims and deaths are screened and recorded under personal data. All COVID countries follow the same procedure, so the CDC too was providing accurate data onto COVID. Who is now to blame for the sudden and awkward reversal in CDC data to deceive people?

Religious groups are finding out what a Hypocrite Trump really is with all his rants, put downs, lies. Lying to us about the virus and his lackadaisial attitude toward the number of deaths is awakening some to the fact Trump's unfit to be president.

I'm in Idaho and was surprised to see a Biden banner waving in a Mormon neighbor's yard. I'll give them a thumbs up when I see them.

Politicals BS again. President Trump is doing all the right things for this country and the citizens and people are smart enough to see this. Smart intelligent people know this commie left regime calling for socialism is not good for America and will destroy her. Trump 2020

docrocktex26 The church that believes in rocks in a hat, faked a native American attack killing their own members for sympathy, controlled the Boy Scouts pedophile ring for decades isn't voting for Trump? Right!

Mormons r wearing masks in church. How does that fit in with the Trump narrative? It means these people r aware of reality enough to realize the virus is not only a hoax but spreads in communal settings. Killing ur flock is a surefire way to kill ur church

I have a hard time believing that any religious person of any faith will give Trump their vote?Will they?God doesn’t want anyone to hurt his children so I am sure that religious people know that and they know in their heart that Trump is not the person to bring peace to America👏

I’m surprised that any true faith religion supports this man. Praise this, praise that, but turn a blind eye and vote for evil. Hypocrisy at it’s best. God, of any religion would condemn this. It’s Shameful and Heartbreaking.

VisitorsWelcome VoteDifferent

docrocktex26 Are they led by white men of privilege? I won’t hold my breath.

Trump is the leader of a ‘Set’ death cult. Older white overweight ignorant men & female counterparts attend his sermons maskless, yelling, cheering, chanting. Say 5/100 r infected & infect 5 more who bring the virus home & spread it. Some will die.

MORMONS = Hypocrites 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 TrumpVirusDeathToll200K

We’re a Mormon family and will proudly be voting for Biden in 2020. We voted McMullen in 2016 and have never supported a Dem for president until now.

NARRATOR: no, they won't.

Nope. Sadly my LDS brother and his entire LDS FB feed are all pro Trump. It breaks my damn heart. I blame his LDS wife & the LDS Church for brainwashing him on many levels. My biggest regret is not shutting that down when he was a teen when met her & started attending her church.

Well his evangelical base that prayed with him in the oral office consider them non-christian pagans that are all going to hell unless the convert to their jesus. Bet a couple think the same thing about Catholics, lets not even mention jews and muslims

Isn't it weird the Latter-day Saints Who we have always made fun of Have shown to be more principled in rebuking Trump For his bad behavior Than other evangelicals and prosperity-gospel Christians Who have endorsed Trump's Sexist, racist, elitist, anarchist & incestuous behavior?

His lying, crassness and generally being the poster boy for the Seven Deadly Sins, means greater numbers of Mormons will desert him, as their most prominent politician - Romney - already has.

'Fine but at least I still have the Mormon vote.' - Trump, probably.


Voting for trump is like voting for a monster !!!!

Romney made that all possible. My heavy LDS community shows signs of not supporting him.

Mormons are still stuck in neutral with Mittens. Only a matter of time before they wake up from the neo-con fraud.

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, DUMB!

It’s going to be a RED wave and it’s going to be glorious!!! TRUMP 2020❤️🇺🇸❤️


You think Mormons are not pro-American? You think they all toe the Romney line?

So were vets and active duty military. Trump has driven them away...

Something tells me trumps fate has been determined without the Latter Day Saints, but their support for Mitt Romney is telling for Trump.

Welcome to the service

Latinos and Blacks were once staunchly for Democrats, and then Trump got elected

God will disgrace the media and their narrative just the way He relegated Hilary Clinton... Wait for it

BLM Protesters Chant 'We Hope They Die' Outside Hospital Where Two LA De... via YouTube


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