Health, Us Coronavirus: The Surge Of Covid-19 İnfections For Unvaccinated People İs Only Beginning, Experts Warn - Cnn

Health, Us Coronavirus: The Surge Of Covid-19 İnfections For Unvaccinated People İs Only Beginning

The surge of Covid-19 infections for unvaccinated people is only beginning, experts warn

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7/31/2021 6:16:00 PM

Health experts and officials expect the surge to worsen as long as large segments of the US remain unvaccinated

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North Korea fires ballistic missiles in 2nd test in a week

North Korea fired two ballistic missiles toward the East Sea on Wednesday, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Let's be honest, when the government has to bribe you with food, money and raffles...they are not to be taken serious. They are even giving free vaccines at interstate rest areas now. Wtf. Don't forget all the illegal super spreader aliens coming in at the border too. Jab democracy? Why dont they make vaccines mandatory, or face huge fines enforced by the irs?

A man had no fear of covid, He was praying to God for protection. He was told to wear a mask, social distance and get the vaccine. He didn't HE DIED and came before GOD Why didn’t you save me he asked? GOD said, I sent you masks, distancing and a vaccine. What more did you want? Both sides are getting sick ; I keep seeing a different story every day. It’s ridiculous. Dividing people doesn’t help. It’s just hurting us even more

YET No Use of Alternate Meds allowed by MORONS ...! Here's everything that's wrong with the USA is one convo: Him: Asymptomatic spread is bullshit! Me: Typhoid Mary Him: Who? As long as we talk about unvaccinated, there's little hope; but when it comes to vaccinated ones, concern.😕

Covid-19: Furlough 'kick in teeth' for firms and 'Covid jab scammers nearly got me'Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday.

If your vaccinated your safe. If your unvaccinated that’s your choice and could be a deadly one. Why would a vaccinated person have to comply with what an unvaccinated person has to comply with when the vaccinated are safe?

#LoveIsNotTourism: Covid-19 travel rules keep couples an ocean apart - CNN VideoUS-UK couples who have been separated for over a year due to Covid-19 travel restrictions have joined an online movement, Love Is Not Tourism, to petition governments to speed up the visa application process and allow them to reunite. Not just couples, and not just the UK. Families and Europeans are also concerned by these restrictions. They affect more people than you think. LoveIsNotTourism liftthetravelban IT'S ALL AROUND THE WORLD!NOT JUST US/UK!Our movement LoveIsNotTourism is INVISIBLE to ALL our governments🤬 They REFUSE us to LIVE with our loved Ones ONLY because they are FOREIGNERS! Suicides,Deaths,Sickness,Lost of Babies,we R completely DESTROYED by this PoliticalTravelBan Guess that shoots the hell out of 'Love Travels.' Try this: 'we promise we won't go anywhere as long as we can be within actual elbow distance.' It'll reach deep into the hockey love in everyone. Wink.

Florida's unexpected COVID-19 Delta surge could be prolonged: Infection expertFlorida health officials said that while they expected an uptick in coronavirus metrics over the summer, none predicted the Delta surge to be as significant as it has been across the state. Changes in the death rate is all that matters. All else is political propaganda. Delta was significant in india and uk and now in decline. Read article in ny times about it today. Cases arent deaths. Why get vaccine if you can still catch/spread it and have to follow same vaccine mandates as un vaccinated? Im never getting it.

Kristen Bell Calls Daughter's Name a 'Big Bummer' Amid COVID-19 SurgeThe actress opened up about the unfortunate coincidence of her daughter's name and the latest strain of the COVID-19 virus. Meryl Streep is overrated Delta used to be a great name…used to be…

Front-line workers in Florida say current COVID-19 surge 'feels like it's an impending storm'Thousands of COVID-19 positive patients, nearly all of them unvaccinated, are streaming into hospitals in need of care. This is particularly true in Florida, where virus-related hospitalizations have skyrocketed in recent weeks. perplexing good What are the age groups and pre-existing conditions of those in this group? How many had antibodies from previous exposure?

Japan expands state of emergency as COVID-19 surge shadows OlympicsTOKYO (Reuters) -Japan said on Friday it will expand states of emergency to three prefectures near Olympic host Tokyo and the western prefecture of Osaka, as COVID-19 cases spike in the capital and around the country, overshadowing the Summer Games. Tokyo, already under its fourth state of emergency since the pandemic began, announced 3,300 new daily cases, after a record 3,865 on Thursday. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told a news conference the virus is spreading at an unprecedented speed largely because of Delta variant, adding he is worried the country's hospital beds could become stretched. oh no There’s 37M people in Tokyo & 3,000 daily infections…. Do that math…….