The Strangest New Dating Shows On TV

The Strangest New Dating Shows On TV

7/22/2021 1:00:00 AM

The Strangest New Dating Shows On TV

Several dating shows with odd premises have premiered recently, like Sexy Beast, where contestants wear animal masks, and Love Is Blind, where contestants interact without being able to see each other. The Onion looks at some of the other strangest new dating shows out there.

Sexy Beast, where contestants wear animal masks, andLove Is Blind, where contestants interact without being able to see each other.The Onionlooks at some of the other strangest new dating shows out there.AdvertisementDate My Leader:Each episode’s contestant chooses between three suitors from around the world based solely on a group date with their respective heads of state.

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Love Is Patient:A group of 20 singles put their hands on a car and the last person standing in physical contact with the vehicle wins the car, which they can use to pick up dates.Mikey Tells You Who To Fuck:No one really knows who this guy is, but he’s already pairing off singles and telling them which bungalow to strip down and enter.

Fit, Hetero, and Able-BodiedDo you have what it takes to reinforce societal norms?G/O Media may get a commissionWho Wants To Go To Prom With Bobby Olonsky?:NBC president Martin Olonsky needs to get his son a date, fast.So We Both Got Birds:Watch as two lonely people with aging parrots resolve to settle for one another, forever sharing the cost of bird feed.

AdvertisementPBS NewsHour:Host Judy Woodruff looks for love while recapping the day’s news with a different contestant as co-host each episode.Swept Under The RugThe show where all the dates take place under a very large rug.AdvertisementIt’s Date Night!

:Mom and Dad share an app at Maggiano’s Little Italy and go to the AMC Theatre with recliner seats because they have gift certificates that expire soon.Troy Aikman Just WatchesThe former Cowboys quarterback simply observes couples on blind dates from a nearby table.

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