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Business, Corona Beer Sounds Like Coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus couldn't have come at a worse time for Corona beer

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Corona beer isn't making any changes to its advertising despite the name's unfortunate similarity to the deadly coronavirus. Two surveys released this week show that the Corona's brand is suffering from negative buzz.

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Constellation Brands (STZ), which brews several variations of the popular lager, said in a statement that its customers"understand there is no link between the virus and our business." The spread of the coronavirus couldn't have come at a worse time for Constellation, which is spending $40 million to launch its new Corona-branded hard seltzer. Part of the promotion includes a sponsored tweet that has sparked criticism for using the phrase"coming ashore soon." Introducing Corona Hard Seltzer. Four delicious flavors. One splashy entrance.

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Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

ooooh no! Wait. Do they know if this 38% also voted for Trump? Apparently, 38% of Americans wouldn't dream of ordering a pu pu platter. Fine, more for me. :D that's what you get for making the US your main market. I'm pretty sure the 38% still drinks coke because they're convinced there's still cocaine in it.

Leave it to CNN to spead more fake news lmao How daft are these people? The people that think that the coronavirus is linked to the beer should probably not drink to begin with, because it sounds like they only have two brain cells left to spare. Hahaha No link between beer but there's an obvious link with the new 5G roll out - WHY AREN'T WE PREPARING TO REJECT THIS ITS DANGEROUS AND PROVEN EVIDENTLY HARMFUL TO OUR HEALTH. THIS VIRUS IS TO CREATE FEAR AND WILL BE THE COVER UP.

38 % of Americans wouldnt but Corona beer because it's MODELO TIME FOO Abundance247 usa CoronavirusUSA

‘Corona beer virus’ and ‘beer coronavirus’ searches increase as fears of outbreak spreadAs the coronavirus continues to spread, Mexican beer brand Corona is drawing criticism for a social teaser promoting the brand's hard seltzer. Strike while the iron is hot... News is taking advantage of the fear tactic Did coronaextrausa hire the astros PR team? wingoz minakimes MGolicJR57 katienolan Who knew

We should buy more Corona beer so it would be the real Corona virus. How dumb! people should be smarter Ironic since the virus would not survive in alcohol It saddens me that not even CNN would check their source before reporting a headline like this. Pure clickbait and embarrassing. It's also disheartening that none of the top comments call this out. Check the source of this 'study' people. It's misleading and even CNN fell for it.

And these 38% get to vote for President of the United us. U took time to report on this...smmfh This comes from the same county in which 7% of the adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Color me as not surprised. Crap, and those 38% of dingbats are running around among us? That’s that 38% that voted trump (45) in and believes EVERYTHING it says!!!

People are scared of buying Corona beer amid coronavirus pandemic fears, new poll shows'Unfortunately for one of America's favorite beers, that fear has extended to [Corona] even though the illness has nothing to do with the adult beverage,' said YouGov. No they aren’t. People are stupid Who exactly are these stupid individuals? I mean, everyone here says they aren’t thinkin this ridiculous thought.

More FAKE News from CNN... People are actually believing CNNs statistics? Paranoid😁😂😂 OMG! If this is true, I would be really worried to have such a low IQ among a country’s population, such as the US. 😱 tokoroa119 Drink a Corona and order a Chinese. It's all good. Quit confusing people with real news.

I like how people are quick to judge the entire country based on a survey of 737 people, which doesn’t even mention where or how these people were surveyed.

Corona releases 'poorly timed' ad during coronavirus outbreak - Business InsiderAs the coronavirus goes global, Corona Hard Seltzer releases new ad about the beverage 'coming ashore soon' pensando assim vemos a seriedade da empresa! Somewhere, it’s some poor soul’s job to answer the “we’re just reaching out for comment, are you trying to profit from the recent popularity of the coronavirus?” phone calls.

Those 38% of Americans are 100% Democrats Más nos toca...😁😁 People are being ridiculous. The name has nothing to do with virus. How can people be so stupid! i dont Believe the one Saying that 'You can call something sweet like vanilla the name of something bitter like death More for me Isn't that the same percentage that supports Bernie?

Americans showing their intelligence as usual omi_sadek I- Murica 🙈 And we are surprised Trump won..... why?

Corona will continue controversial promotion for hard seltzer amid coronavirus outbreakConstellation Brands will continue a marketing push for its new Corona Hard Seltzer amid controversy that its tagline 'coming ashore soon' is in poor taste. There is no outbreak you cnbc criminal boiler room carnival barkers.. Re your last guest's statement on foot traffic in the USA, please refer him to this: There is nothing 'controversial' about it. Merely coincidence, not controversy.

El nivel de incultura de muchísima gente de ese país no me sorprende. Si los datos son correctos, estamos hablando de que 125 millones de personas relacionan la cerveza con un virus por el mero hecho de pronunciarse de forma parecida. And I'm sure every one of them votes Democrat And they watch CNN All Trump supporters.

CNN speaking to their target audience, the 38% that keeps CNN in business God Bless America! *no proven link First I gave up my Lime. Damn Lyme disease. Now my Corona. QuotedReplies And presumably all are Trump supporters

Corona x University of Texas Nike Air Max launching: how to get them - Business InsiderCorona and the University of Texas are releasing 12 pairs of custom Nike Air Max shoes. Here's how they were made and how to get them. Corona what? It will go viral for sure. Coronavirus shoes? No wonder Texas sucks!

That’s a first for CNN expressing the truth 40% of Americans believe in Creationism... What other stats would you need to see to know everything about Americans? My company Foot&MouthClothing suffered the same fate. Beyond my capability to understand. Seriously, give me strength. There’s a dozen solid reasons to not drink Corona but this....? Damn, we are stupid.

Ain’t this the most naive set of people 🤦🏻‍♂️ I should just order 50 costume plague doctor masks and walk around with one on selling them for vague promises of safety for a 900% profit. Except I’d wind up getting shut down for infringing on Glenn Beck’s copyright privileges. In case anyone wonders how we got here.

So 1/4 of Americans are stupid, I would think it was higher than that BrendonVella4 Well, a majority of Americans thought Baghdad was somewhere near Austria when the illegal invasion took place....

‘Corona beer virus’ and ‘beer coronavirus’ searches increase as fears of outbreak spreadAs the coronavirus continues to spread, Mexican beer brand Corona is drawing criticism for a social teaser promoting the brand's hard seltzer. Strike while the iron is hot... News is taking advantage of the fear tactic Did coronaextrausa hire the astros PR team? wingoz minakimes MGolicJR57 katienolan Who knew

typical americans Its not hard to believe (some) Americans are that stupid.. look at their president 😳 These would be Trump voters - simpletons Thicko Yanks🤦🏼‍♂️ I’m Italian, I’m Napolitaner and I drink Corona beer 😊😊😊 I love the risk and I hate idiot people. Hahaha, let's face it, Americans are a bit thick. They won't drink a beer because of it's name but are quite happy to shoot hundreds and thousands of their own people.

Lmao what a joke Is that the 38% that bleave what trump says? The people who don't buy coronabeer because fear of coronavirus shouldn't be allowed in heaven..

Quite incredible! X to doubt : you have quotes around 'under any circumstance' but none around because of the coronavirus. I suspect CNN just added a relevant and stupid cause so that this would get traffic and we could all feel superior to these dummies. tan bien pendejos me cae Such ignorance astounds me.

38% of Americans probably need to check their IQ. JuliusWesche LOL!!! Who says the average American is stupid? 38 per cento eh? C’è un otto per cento che balla che assieme al trentotto fa tutto l’elettorato di Trump

Yet, most Americans wouldn’t have to think twice about purchasing a powerful handgun! Corona typewriter? jesus christ Actually a lower percentage than I would of thought.. 38% of the people are ignorant and have no common sense whatsoever, thinking beer has to do anything with a virus just because the beers name is corona as in like “corona”virus like that’s just something really stupid.

That's such an unusual thing to happen, especially in a country known for the intelligence of its civilians. No Kidding!!!! If there's ever an IPAvirus I'm doomed. 38% of Americans are high all the time By saying Americans do you mean : a) people who live in the USA b) people who live in the actual continent called America .

Any comment AimannShafiq ? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Coronavirus you have met your match. Just saw this - Damn - people are stupid! One wonders that they can walk and breathe at the same time!!! 🤣🤣🤣 duh!! Ironically 38% of America supports the president.... Coincident? I think not... 🐸☕️ Thank you CNN I was so afraid to go to my liquor store. Thanks for working diligently to make sure that I can now drink safely

😂 38% seems kinda low.

It’s probably trump supporters I'm in the 38% OMG🤷‍♀️ Dear CNN, you have failed again. I am an American and I drink Corona. I was not polled so I call b.s. on your statement! A burrice omniplatypus All I can say is wow. barroso04 And these people vote....sigh www

CNN is about to murder a brand with their polls 7% OF AMERICANS THINK CHOCOLATE MILK COMES FROM BROWN COWS!!! That coma as a bit of a surprise, I thought the percentage of Dumb Americans was higher than that Fake - there’s been no legit poll indicating this. stupidity at its finest Dumb Americans 🤣🤣🤣 A day Corona beer actually sounds pretty good right now...

I love this! Its just so hilarious that they think this What a stupid statement😠

Yes, we will conquer Mars and explore other galaxies. allan_tait 😂 I'll leave this with you I'm saying nothing 🤣🤣🤣 MrVivekJoshi No dan más de pelotudos entonces JAJSJASJA Not convinced there’s much of a similarity between Corona beer and beer. BACC05 k 😂😂😂😂 USA=the most stupid common denominator dinosaurnuggies So, I reckon they wouldn't travel to Corona, California, either.

lol, and here i am buying it by the case anyway because if im gonna die i'm gonna die refreshed Dumb and Dumber 3 😂😂😂😂 Americanos are really a JOKE 😂😂😂😂 38% of Americans are trying to turn the replies into political hell It’s corona time Anitapasardi That tells you something about your viewership 🥴🥴

Americans Is it because they is tick. Dom would be furiousssss

They'd steal it, though. Really!!!🙄🙄🙄 Is this at all shocking. Given it’s Americans. Any chance we could name the next strain the Kardashian virus? I bet they’re all Democrats. Sounds like it anyway 🤦🏻‍♂️ MURICA Thick as pig shit🤦‍♀️ It isn't a news day if CNN isnt purposefully spreading misinformation for clicks. Have we not learned anything from their track record?🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

38% of Americans wouldn’t buy Corona under any circumstances. Virus has nothing to do with it. Taste the likely culprit.

And 100% of those 38% are 'Brilliant Minded' MAGA 's🙄 She started this.. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ People are Very thick unfortunately . Never been the brightest firework in the box. Sounds like a Democrat’s propaganda People recover without vaccine. It's not the plague. It's just the flu 😬🍻😁 I won't buy it because it is shitty beer. 🤣

This country and its people stupid that’s why

Why is it called coronavirus to begin with? Se até a CNN ta falando que estadunidense é tudo burro quem somos nós That why you rub the lime on the mouth of the bottle before putting it in so any germs on the line skin get killed from the lime juice on the rim. Everyone know that. never seen so many stupid people how to americans

Bernie Sanders voters 🤣 True millennials The survey (by a PR firm... working for whom?) actually doesn’t conclude it’s “because of the coronavirus”, perhaps a lot of the respondents just don’t buy Corona. Nice clickbait though. legalCAT10 114 millions idiots... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ I wouldn't buy corona beer under any circumstance, but that's just cause I don't drink. Also, there's better beer out there.

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Stoopid To anyone who believes this bullshit, I recommend you look this up on your own. The study actually found that 38% of americans said they dont or wont drink corona, the virus was not mentioned. Only 4% of people surveyed who already drank corona said they wouldnt drink it anymore.

We r smart JenWesthoven And they all voted for...? 38% of Americans should just stop everything and live in a cave with their eyes closed. Ok, that's a joke, right? Where did they get these numbers from? They wonder why their ratings are in the 🚽. Nice job CNN. This has to be an all time low. Anyone who believes this go back to the ranch your flock misses you. 🐑 🐑

Wie konnte dieses Land so lange bestehen? 🤦‍♂️ AmericanIdiot

Same 38% voting in the next election!! Now that’s scary!! Idiocracy? Hmmm, 38 percent of Americans. Would that be the same 38 percent who are now going to blame Mexicans for the virus? Or is there? louiss1999 🤯 That’s cap Your headline is a flat out lie. Do better. rrrenskech HAHAHA bro besef Ai Victor_Maia93, o que você previu está acontecendo.

To be clear you need lime to drink Corona. No lime no way I’m drinking it. I wonder what the% would be if Fox said that Coronavirus is caused by drinking Corona beer? Maybe they have😳! GuidoCrosetto Siamo in un mondo di matti How dumb are those people. Obviously Corona Light is the one you should worry about.

38% are dumb as a rock? in argentina the corona beer was a joke for like the first two weeks of january, in the united states its a real fucking issue,,,,,, Stupid CNN I bet they are on Budweiser! 😅 Please dont let there be an Elijah Craig virus Remember.....these 38% are gonna vote in november... Doesnt make me feel more confident somehow Zo stom als het achterend van een varken, om het maar zo uit te drukken...

Hmmm, 38% you say? 🤔 coronavirus You should inform then Corona is Spanish for Crown Anything Crown related? Avoid! We need to teach basic Latin in elementary schools. If people understood the latin derivatives in worlds, the world would be a much easier place to navigate, and people would be smarter and understand more. Geesh!

Que pendejos están Be more specific. 38% of Americans ‘admitted this.’ The other 62% were anonymously stupid!! It's delicious to drink now! rodrigocoelhoc rodrigocoelhoc kkkkkkkkkkk fuckrander Isis was a perfectly good name for the River Thames and I drink Thames Water straight from the tap.

alissaaa713 I wonder what they will do if a new virus called burgervirus comes up Levisonwood 🙄 And that is why Trump is president! FabianNegreiros e igorlopesrr. Sounds like 38% of Americans need to be sterilized. Its just looking for its Lyme

Hillary and Bernie supporters... The same 38% are petrified of catching BudLightVirus...but they’ll still vote Trump2020 and you wonder why donald trump is your president? 🤣🤣🤣 This type of a response to Coronavirus can be found around the world.. not only America. Just that the world is busy with more PRODUCTIVE actvities to CONTAIN the pandemic, than creating surveys on how many people won't buy the beer.

That’s just ridiculous. It’s really hard to believe that 38% of the Americans wouldn’t drink Corona beer because of the Coronavirus. What’s happening to the American people? almeidamri Smile.

We now have proof that listening to or reading CNN causes brain damage and social psychosis. Fake news slinkers5 Can't fix stupid... ... honestly if a survey asked me that, i'd probably answer similarly just to be tongue in cheek sarcastic. i hope that accounts for at least some of that number, but i'm scared to think how many of those folks may well have answered that without a lick of irony....

And no wonder Trump and Johnson got elected, with an electorate this stupid. Well it is said that the brewery consider renaming the bear to Sars... And voting should be mandatory? If someone asked me this stupid question I’m gonna give you the dumbest answer possible and I think 38% of people feel that same way

“Think of how stupid the average person is and just know that half the world is stupider than” - George Carlin Well, they made Trump president so...

Fuck's sake. Are we really that stupid? 🤦🏻‍♀️ America OMG! People are so thick ! that's funny AlbinAndr1 NA logic be like Oh boy. Looking forward to Trump winning in November 👏👏This is the shit CNN has to come up with 😆😆🤣🤡🤡🤡 MAGA ns!

Oh goody! More for me! About the same % support Trump, coincidence, I think not DumbMaga These are the people who voted for Trump Are u kidding me! Trump voters? 737 out of 227 million. Is this a parody account? That‘s why Trump is happening 🤦‍♂️ Hahaha! Kkkkkkkkkk Hmm... 38% of Americans also support the dumbest president in American history.

There is no link between and reality, yet people watch this drivel. 38% of Americans are from Florida? É bomq essa cerveja abaixa de preço No wonder why Trump targets the stupid. There are so many of them! A CNN survey? 🙄 They’re daft b they American not know chosing president , it's not surprise for me ... now the Brazilians follow this campaigns too gadob17

Somehow not even surprised... Gaules AI MANO Goes to show you how ignorant American populace is. Bet most of them are liberals.

Meanwhile in Europe, Corona beer is frequently sold out because of people joking they “have corona“ Same 38? 38 de cada 100 norte americanos, son tarados. The same 38% that will vote for BernieSanders I've been to concerts with almost 20 times more people than were polled for this. I feel like the real article should be 'most beer drinkers skip consumer surveys.'

So this is what CNN covers while they wait to blow something Trump did or said out of proportion... Never under any circumstances is right, but because of the taste and nothing else.

38% I won’t buy it because it’s a domestic they charge import prices for. They ain’t fooling anyone About the same number of people who like trump wonder if there’s a connection it’s basic stupidity Yall worried about the wrong corona Don't worry, they got this “Corona Extra sales grew 5% in the United States in the four-weeks that ended February 16.” Content of the article is wildly at variance with the headline. Clickbait.

What's the one word expression for being 'abundantly clear' about the 'bleedin' obvious'? EU COMPRO, MANDA TUDO PRA CÁ rsucre Esto es PARANOIA

I wouldn't buy Corona, but not because of the coronavirus. It's just shit beer. Trailerparkamericans Dude you are so dumbs Wonder what they'd make of beef dripping They're not missing much. It tastes like piss Smart. We're getting 4 more years aren't we? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 YDutra1 38% are idiots, not realising that is the VACCINE!! 🤦‍♀️ SMDH!

Someone better tell that to the crowd of Heineken beers

Thick cu*ts it's not bottled virus. How the hell can they be a world superpower? Idiots The dumbing down of North America. its probably more like everyone can forsee the corny joke the cashier will try to make if you were to purchase it. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid How the hell did you get that number What did poor Corona do? Couldn't they have chosen Keystonevirus or NaturalLitevirus?

CNN lies a lot, but in this case...

No link......that we know of Drink tequila 38% off ignorance That is all. Good thing I was born and raised in England, we don’t have stupid idiots like the 38% of Americans who think a beer is connected to a massive virus because they have the same name. comou son pendejous Why because of the name people are so dumb drink the goddamn beer people enjoy your day!!!!

Yama: 'Hold my beer!' Hardly surprising when this guy has more intelligence than most Americans 38% of Americans will also still vote for Democrats, too.

Oh, crap. Stupid! I’m not sure what is worse- that CNN’s headline is creating a false narrative, or that so many Americans are willing to crap all over their fellow countrymen without the due diligence of reading the article... The 38% group said they wouldn’t drink it regardless of the virus. 😂😂😂 deary me

The people that believe this fake statistic are the stupid ones! This is literally all I drink 🤷🏻‍♀️ 38% of Americans are complete idiots? Yeah, sounds about right. DiorIzzy That’s actually misreporting the survey! The survey said 38% people would by corona beer, period. It was 4% of those due to the virus.

Why does this not surprise me at all. I bet 60% doesn’t know where china is. ma siete scemi?

Probably the same people voting for Bernie I don’t care much for the alcohol industry, but can you sensible people make an effort to buy Chinese food a bit more to make up for the idiots who aren’t because they think it will kill them? Cause they will probably be struggling to stay afloat right now. Explains why Trump is most popular in the least educated states

How is it news? .................................................................................. LOL. True, there is no link, but it is a pretty lousy beer. Maybe this will make it finally go away. God, what idiots. Is there any wonder Trump is president 🙄? Stupid jerks

A Democrat each and every one of them. That's about the size of their supporter base (Or what is left of it until next week. Then be a lower number.) Americans 🙄 This kind of thinking is very silly. Linking name of a beer brand with virus shows fear of losing life among humans. Staying alone in isolation is scary for many people which is normal feeling. I feel cause of panicking is staying isolated than virus

38% of Americans have Arab roots 😅 estadunidense é uó viu Just about sums it up Do you think if this is strange? Hahaha listen to this. We slaughtered orange because we had issues with Netherlands! So dont fuck with us!!! 😎 did you really write an article about that? seriously? 🤷🏻‍♀️ And these are the same people that elected tRump. We are rat-fucked for sure. Cult45

Give me American citizenship, I'll be much smarter than these 38% bunch😭

😂😂😂😂😂😂 38% of Americans were high when they were surveyed Does explain how Trump got elected rex_gatchalian 🙄 100% of these are Trump supporters, so, yeah. 38%のアメリカ人は、 バカなんだな (-_-) En serio no mamen Really Don't suck Jesus christ how dumb can a population be Wow This does not surprise me one bit

JoshBarker4 we go again lad! Exactly everything I need to know about 2020. Geez More Corona for me Americans are still stupid then. The world has gone mad!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂👽 38%... These people can vote, decide important things... That is scary as hell, perhaps America should invest *a little* more in its education system ?

veinydickmaster Not the sharpest knives.... I mean they shoot tornadoes and confuse Corea with Canada so why not.

38% is real GREAT number to the U.S., People there are accustomed to involove innocent people...... 38% of Americans are dumber than the other 62%. Just to be abundantly clear: There is no difference between American ratios and the entire Earth population. Stupid is as Stupid does. Fake. Trying to drum up business

So I assume you will be recanting your earlier story. You guys are more rediculous by the hour. Notice Presidents hat tip to your “He’ll be SICK without beef in India? He mentioned eating STEAK before leaving. Several times. CNN really is that bad, Trump blames the Mexicans...illegal immigrants and now the corona beer virus 😂

This is stupid.... no offense. 🙃 Nothing wrong with corona beer, ppl can't be that stupid..😏 😂

Bruh America is the stupidest country in the world🤦 brinkerhof Hence why Bernie Sanders is a leading democratic candidate? Too many stupid people in this country CiaraBradley_18 told you:/ Because those people or whatever are absolutely ridiculous, but hey... today’s backwards world. bruh Sure we are talking about USA? Sounds like news from North Korea⚠️

This is false as fuck. CNN should be ashamed of themselves. It is sad that such reputational damage occurs

Lttlen umm, who's gonna tell them 😂 There's no need to fear. Plenty of beer drinkers to take their place Drink responsibly ha ha ha ha 🙈 Meritiamo l’estinzione (Some) Americans are not the brightest species i'm telling you they also won't let their kids have the flu vaccine because it sounds too much like flu

Murica 38% waiting for a new brain. 38% only? I guess they didn't tell people that Corona beer is bottled in Mexico Now that’s funny. Sono gli stessi ignoranti che hanno voluto TrumpVirus? Yeah, Americans are kinda goofy. Not surprised at all. Numpties GuidoCrosetto You are completely crazy and stipid

Anyone who drinks Mexican beer is a sissy! I want that Corona with a side of lime disease pleas and thanks!

YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! I don’t know if those are ignorant or stupid 🤦🏼‍♀️ No wonder Trump became president of the US well those 38% better stay safe because damn they are stupid if they get sick they won't last 🤣 be fine, stick a wedge of lime in & boom...citrus will kill any germs. 🤗 GuidoCrosetto Sordi aveva previsto questa alzata di ingegno del 38% degli americani, perché 'americani so forti'.

Una massa di decerebrati! Someone should have informed them that..

I wonder how many of them are Trump voters..... 🤨 Sounds a assaulting survey. Also wondering why CNN would bring this up, to demonstrate the world how stupid American people is? Wow just wow. Meanwhile in London... dear Mexico send us all your beer 🍺 thanks! Why do even have to be abundantly clear 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

OK, I'll have fun it on behalf of them. We could throw a Corona Beer party once we're over with this coronavirus crisis, to celebrate humanity's triumph. My favorite beer.Period. ERRONEOUS do better cnn

🤦🏻‍♀️ Again,this is why nobody trusts CNN, They lie I wouldn’t drink Corona unlesss there was a beer crisis stevelean4real Try czech beer. It's better and cheeper. Probably the same 38% who always stick with trump The AMERICAN stupidity never seizes to surprise me. Not true WelshMalaysian Hmmm that 38% is awfully close to those who voted for Trump (38%) and those who own firearms (39%).

What % are Trump supported. Guessing 100% of that 38%

Probably the same percentage that won’t eat Chinese now too! LOL This statistic actually helps me understand how Trump is President of the USA. Unbelievable stupidity. Just when you think Americans couldn't get any stupider. Ignorance is even worst than Coronavid19 Thank god it’s not the Miller Lite virus

Bull Sh.. All stocks down! Let us remember? They are probably the only big company doing well? Opposite to right from reality? Just what “All Trump “ want more blinders on for! Call Bull Sh.. Everyone is jumping to the conclusion that people think they can get the virus from the beer. Instead it is possible people just think it is poor taste (pun intended) to order a beer that sounds like something everyone is scared off.

Call the next virus : fast food and fizzy drinks virus...

I dunno, three six packs will end up with a head ache and nausea. Corona beer has no relation to virus. It explains why they have the president they have...... It's a pandemic NelkFilmz ain't stopping cnn, don’t do stupid shit like this! I want to see a venn diagram between those 38%, GOP voters, and anti-vaxxers

I have a good hunch that this is pure click bait. However, I would believe that 30% of CNN employees won't drink Corona for fear of catching the coronavirus. Or ya know it’s just ass beer and some people really Stan that statement. maga

All Americans Corona beer is vaccination to corona virus Joke right ? Please tell me it’s a joke. What a country the USA has become. Is Trump one of the 38%? Corona beer ad goes viral Honestly, I'm not even remotely shocked. Hope your figures are correct. He could lose on those. Americans again xD Stupid Americans.

This is explains how Trump elected. The survey encompasses polling from 737 beer drinkers 😂😂😂 ridiculous sample size 😂😂 Absolute idiots 😏 No shit Really? That's like saying, drinking 'Bud', will make you 'Wiser'!! Get Real People 🤔 Stupidity knows no bounds.. From a poll of 737 people Is the beer 🍺 an antidote for the virus

Ha,. They probably agreed immature school children

That’s the first true thing you’ve said for 3 years... although it highlights your schooling really quite poorly again... I hate CNN and I hate people. Poll based on 737 people, not a good poll. This headline is stupid, just like anyone who believes it. ....and these people are allowed to own guns? Does Ohio exist? Hey I can do a joke poll too and then pretend like people answered it legitimately and peddle it as click bait

Republicans 🙄 Could you imagine being that dumb tho? BS That’s sorta dumb Only children, a person who not good at alcohol, and idiots do not drink corona beer.

😂 United States of Ignorants Probably the same people that thought Garth Brooks was wearing a number 20 Bernie Sanders Jersey in Detroit 😂🤦‍♂️ jyesmith What if you tell those people that Corona comes out of the same brewery as Budweiser. They might finally sober up samapplegate I wouldn't buy any beer because it tastes like shit

美味しいのに。画像見たら飲みたくなったので今日買って帰ろう。冷凍しておいたライム残ってたかな~ I’ll be buying a 6-pack of Corona this weekend. What a stupid it is !

Hear about the American that wanted to travel to other planets so he bought a Mars bar? Hear about the American that wanted it to be colder outside so they bought a box of Frosties? 馬と鹿ですね Also, they ready to bomb agrabah 🤣 And they voted for Trump plus members of his family I’m not going outside because the sun has a corona too.

.......this is why the rest of the world can't stand us.....

People are worried that a significant percentage of people believe there’s a correlation between the beer and the virus. I’m worried about how people are easily be doped by percentages. 笑っていいのか悪いのか… 🤔 日本東京から 🗼 damn I knew us Americans were stupid but not THIS stupid jeez Mmmmmmmmurca Make CoronaBeerSA great again!!

Suspiciously similar to the percentage of Americans who approve of Trump’s performance as president... Delusional VoteBlue 38% of the Americans are manipulated by fake news. But hey, you have army and military equipment. That's something 😉 Mainly Trump supporters

Oh my god... Ok, Trump’s fans... Are you serious? This is supposed to be the most powerful country in the world? The tragic: they all can vote Sensible its piss You can say that public education has failed. Reaaaaal bad. That said, the beer does taste like piss. Ahahah Hahaha da hell

Lol The world was under the impression that US citizens were far more educated than the rest of the world being the land of the brave and free, with Trump and his stupidity it’s become the land of the farce and the fleece. Trump the trumpet of stupidity ⭐️ “I’ll get a corona, hold the virus tho” Idiocracy

The stupidity is nothing but outstanding 👏👏 What? Pass my lime wedge. 38% of stupid And here I thought the first world was supposed to have the highest quality of education 🤦🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ This is probably why The Strokes will never be as big as The Beatles and why Madness never really made it in the US

Can’t believe evacuation of City of Corona in Southern California has not been ordered. Even worse, phone lines to Corona have not been cut yet. :) Do you drink the water when in Mexico? Then why would you drink the beer? Why don’t they vote against reading novels? Buddy it’s novel coronavirus! How feebleminded can one get !?

I was about to say 'Real News' from CNN for ONCE. But I'll change it to Obvious News Not Worth Telling. Aahaaaa😆 this made my day Low IQ’s. That’s all you had to say! Reminds me of the Lucozade slogan “Lucozade aids recovery” dropped because they were concerned people would associate it with hiv/aids. People can be very silly indeed.

Please tell me anybody believes this. I wonder who those same people vote for? 🤔 Idiocracy Some people really abuse the privilege of being stupid. Meanwhile in Australia. HeathHussar if ya know ya know What was the actual question? Was it clearly about the virus or was it just in general, this is garbage reporting.

diggadugger Is full of IDIOTS LMFAO! Sounds like Trump voters

Unbelievable. Surely, they are not that fucken stupid? 357 Americans took the survey.. how the fuck is this even accurate data to classify “Americans” under. Thank you for pointing out that 38% of Americans are simply that damn stupid. America needs education... Trump's MAGA hats are made in China. Are they sure they're not infected? Lol

There’s also no link between this headline and the actual survey 38% of Americans are idiots🤔

IsEnspire They also think Australia is in Europe 😂😂 It’s a great sadness to know that these people truly believe America is the “greatest country” Jesus ! I was kidding about sending mike pence a six pack of corona to see if he would jump out the second story White House window !! Get a grip republicans 🤣

And this bottles up what the USA has become.... Again, this isn’t what’s scary. It’s only beer. What’s scary is that they may vote, and put someone in office who ends America in the way we know it! This is a totally irresponsible presentation of this poll. The question they are referring to doesn't even mention the virus. Do better, cnn

That poll shouldn't surprise anyone. 62 million Americans voted for Donald Trump. That says everything. 38% are die-hard Trump supporters. Of course there is no correlation. This maybe staged and NSFW, but Yea, we all drinking this now

ChuyySanchez97 I still drink corona with lemon. I wasn’t buying corona long before it was cool to not buy corona. 🙄 Man with coronavirus seeks woman with Lyme disease? Can't get Corona virus if it's always modelo time Probably the same 7% of adult Americans who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows Damn were stupid. Ever think god needs to flood the world again and start over. I wouldn't even be mad

Trump supporters Its still free ads for the corona beers hahahah ✌✌✌

It is my favorite beer, I hope they lower the price 😎😎 I don't buy it cause it tastes like piss Sales has increased in our neck of the woods Americans I feel brain cells dying from sheer stupidity! Same people voted for Trump. Hahahaha crazy this is so like Trump Idiots jaketapper Yep. It’s confirmed. We’re all going to die.

We’re the dumbest nation on the planet

Well, the Ortleib’s Virus of 1982 ended it for Joe, Harry. You're pimping fake news yet again, CNN. 38% of people wouldn't buy Corona anyway, virus or not. Doesn't have anything to do with the beer, just like the virus. So just to be abundantly clear: There is no link between CNN and actual, real news.

Wait, what’s going on? Haven’t checked the news in a while... AND THESE PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!!! No kidding why would ppl think this?ppl getting too paranoid coronaextrausa might wanna snatch that one up 😂 The fact that even one person would believe this makes me want to cry. 38% ugh 😩 This is just marketing by corona

Interesting, this reminds me of the statistic that 52% of Americans will never buy CNNs fake news. The other 48% think George Kastanza works there. luizacnv

Merica you make me smile My Aunt was talking about a new case that has popped up in California that was community spread, and my uncle said it's not a case just a six pack. No joke allowed here, be responsible please chosen_won76 Double00S__ dave10391 EGO_da_CEO That’s how stupid trump supporters are. They just don’t get it.

Give me things that didn't happen for $500, Alex. I only drink Corona in the summertime with a lime and only if somebody gives me one I don't purposely buy it. I'm a beer snob craft beer, IPA's, stouts, beer that has at least 8 to 10% alcohol none of that 3 and a 1/2 4% crap like Corona or bud mud ok lol NINJAGOSELCADAY

Omg lol 😂 38% 38% don't know how to use their brain...

Thank goodness the air has finally been cleared Idiots. コロナ 美味しいよね〜! CoronaBeer mexjp I don't think this is a 100% true study 😂😂 if you believe this your are the stupid😂 PharaohJCS hahahaha Those people should probably not be drinking. Explicación gráfica That’s because the Globalists introduced commoncore and other ‘educational tactics’ to destroy America. We can only hope they’re all sterile. Trump2020Landslide KAG2020Landslide

You made that up!

But it probably will at the next Trump rally. 🙄 They should just drink Brawndo , it has what plants crave. Deploralogic...Trump people are dumb. So 38 % of American are cry babies in other words. No taco tuesdays for thèse whimps then . Explains Trump’s popularity. People are really that stupid. Well... this is awkward

😂😂😂😂 Those are the same people who won’t put a Lime in it for fear of Lyme disease! Humans are flipping stupid Good!!! More Corona Premier for me!

I happen to have accidentally tried liquor when I was ten (my nobody was near the drink, I thought it was Dr Pepper, I didn’t know my dad would drink) and swore it off for a long time because alcohol is disgusting... I seriously doubt the accuracy of this. More likely they won't drink it because they prefer another brand. If there is a small percentage who actually connect it to coronavirus, I bet half of them were drunk 😂, not your finest moment CNN

And they’re probably not ordering or patronizing Chinese restaurants. Maybe for their seltzer advertisement they shouldn’t use the “Coming ashore soon.” slogan. This isn’t a joke. That’s what they’re using. Considering how reliable CNN is, this has to be totally real. Who would make stuff up and post a article? I know CNN would never

😂 more for me 100% of Americans should avoid CNN This sounds something Kaitlin Bennett might do Tecate?

MORE FOR ME!!! No doubt the same 38% of Americans who thought there was a war on Christmas. And in completed unrelated news: trump’s approval rating remains locked at 38% CNN viewers lol Is this valid news that a serious media outlet delivers, more like gossip mill....... CCN-GOSSIP channel Correction. No known link *yet*

🤦‍♀️ I drink one Corona a day as a precaution and haven't caught it yet ... I think I'm on to something here. 💉😂 After Corona a day keeps there doctor away 🤔 Murrica..

Wow! How dumb are people! 🤦🏻‍♂️ You. The hesitant Dem who might SOMEHOW see this tweet. You're not insane; these people around, they're all insane – or worse. They are willing to accept falsehood from CNN, to boost their hatred. You don't have to support GOP. But your party was hijacked by lunatics. Stay safe.

Is it ok to eat Girl Scout cookies? The true test is to ask Dominic Toretto if he’s still drinking it. I wouldn’t buy Corona because it’s skunky People are dumb. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ That 38% voted for trump

i thought /i/ was stupid Those people shouldn’t be allowed to judge the merits of single payer healthcare. We are going to Mexico next week. It’s a relief to know beer avoidance is how to avoid the virus. Looks like we’re having tequila. willtheyvote ? Astounding! Thanks to the mass media (fake news media).

Classic American Trump dummies. Jajaja que estúpidos 😂 Lololol man our country is collectively dumb I have not drunk a Corona since 2008. I was in NYC and Corona was the cheapest drink at all the bars so I ordered a lot of it. I’m still sick of it to this day. Kinda want to get some to off set the stupidity.

38 percent can’t spell carona Your country is so dumbed down. WTF? 逆に飲もうぜ😋 Cause ‘merca That is stupid. I knew this would come up just because the name itself says Corona. It's just beer. Smh I used to live in Atlanta and a photo of the article reminds me of my vacation in Cancun. Unfortunately we hardly see them in Japan 🇯🇵 coronabeer corona

What percentage of Americans won’t buy Corona beer because it tastes like crap? Are you pulling my leg? 38% of Americans are officially stupid. That’s an improvement from the 62% that won’t buy it because it tastes bad.

MAGA! Too bad, change the name. No Corona beer for me, and I’m not living in any city named Corona. No one believes this. That just shows how a Trumpian approach to “things” could be so moronic. How the mighty have fallen! Coincidentally they are all trump voters If they let hood kids in private schools 😂🤣

This must be one of those polls that only surveyed 1000 people and seriously scaled the statistics. Also the people who said that must have also just answered bullshit responses 🙄 I can’t believe I live amongst this stupidity.... People have to be told this?

That's how stupid we as a republic have become... Suprisingly me and the boys have beeb drinb I rlly don’t buy this at all. Like. At all. You dont know that for certain! Trumpers I work for their distributor and this is false 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Probably no coincidence that 38% is about the number of people who would vote for Trump “under any circumstances.”

Interesting that Trump polls around 38% popularity? The MAGAts really do share a single damaged brain cell, don't they?

I don't drink Labatt 50 for other reasons. 38% of Americans drink Bud because they think it will make them weiser. This coming from the home of Freedom Fries does not surprise me... Nothing like being schooled by village idiots. Also, stay away from leopards because you may catch leprosy. Whack jobs work at CNN

There are no depths to how dumb people can be. This must be that 38% they’ll believe anything Some people in this country are so effin stupid. I learned this when Trump was elected and this just reiterates it. Fake news

Sorry but most people aren’t this stupid I bet they are all Trump supporters. Between the Trump administration and this unfortunately named virus, you gotta say ouch for Mexico. There are towns called carona... I guess they're infected automatically lol I think a better headline would be '38% of Americans have a sense of humor and CNN just got taken'

If they r that stupid .... well it says a lot. Must be demonrats! I hate how stupid so much of the world is.... Thanos may have been right

whataboutjake 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 There is 100% a link between Corona the beer and Corona the virus. It’s the stupid trump voter that’s the link. How many won't buy limes because of Lime disease 🤔 I literally have ronas in the fudge rn and I’m chugging them for the boys. In a related story, ‘38% of Americans believe AOC should be Bernie Sanders Vice-Presidential running mate’.

Hoping there isnt a drygin virus All Trump supporters Dumb shits thats just ignunt Let me guess. They wear red maga hats, they are uneducated, they are ignorants, and they are trumpers.

Both suck, so that’s one link. Shake and Bake baby ! Shake and Bake, Fuck you foo joto guey more for me and the homies. It's why I've only been drinking XX for the past few yrs BigFax What you expect? They would also vote for a socialist But why take a chance? I switched to Dos XX. Big sale coming Challengemtv___ We all know how accurate your polls have been

That’s what you get when you let democrats run the public education system. sgxerri

Awesome more for sane Americans.. Give me a break. These are the geniuses whose genius parents were so freaked out by Jaws when it came out, they wouldn't go in swimming pools. The dumbing down of America because we have a dumb government. Twitter: CNN: 38% won’t buy Corona Twitter: I am going to pull the Trump approval rating out of my ass and say the two are directly related😈😈

It’s about the same percentage of people who think that the Earth is flat. It’s also about the same percentage of people who are trump supporters. Hmm... carolina_grovas veeeeeees CosmicChuck There is no link between those polled who wouldn’t drink the beer and intelligence either! This is a bullshit PR stunt. Not a true survey.

They must be trump supporters! People can really be dumb af 😂😂

The real danger is Arkanacide ClintonBodyCount Pure rednecks and Nascar fans. LOL this explains everything I’ve just lowered my expectations for our future by 38%. If you actually read what the survey said: - 38% of Americans wouldn't buy Corona beer - 4% of Corona beer drinkers wouldn't buy Corona beer because of the coronavirus But 'Less than 3% of Americans wouldn't buy Corona because of coronavirus' isn't as much of a headline is it?

Lol sounds like they've been drinking too much That’s a little extreme, but shows the level of fear people experience about the disease. There is a link, however, between 38% of the population and terminal stupidity. And there you have it America,this is why you have a clown instead of a President because people like that are allowed to vote 🤦🏻‍♀️

foxvirus is the gateway to people thinking corona beer has anything to do with coronavirus

Just proves that the people that polls are lacking more than a few brain cells😳 that what happens when you watch too much CNN... It could be that their beer just isn't very good and people are realizing it. I also won’t buy Budweiser under any circumstances. For, uh, Coronavirus We in Japan have Corona Hotel by accident and people are avoiding the hotel because of the virus.

Obviously they all voted for Trump Isn’t trumps base 38%? this is like if the Russian media claimed a connection between Corona (Crown in Russian) and the thing that Trump had giving Crowns to Miss America winners oh wait Hey CNN can you stop fricking our social landscape with your blatant lies and garbage so called 'news' just to make a profit?

That 38% is trumps base, I’m sure of it.

Same script here 😅😅 This is an Onion article. Please. annaliseb Americans hurt my head.... readyletsgo27 Bet they vote Blue This is why America needs free college for all. what fake news looks like: More than once I asked myself: what went wrong with the Americans?

🤣🙄Trump supporters We are living in the dumbest timeline. This is inaccurate- do your job They must vote Republican .... That really does explain why Trump was elected. 🤣🤣🤣 comedy gold You didn't? gsilvaflavio 🤣🤣🤭🤭 estadunidense sendo estadunidense Same 38% think chocolate milk cones from brown cows raised by Devon Nunez

This remind me of the early 1900´s, when Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari made has believe that prosperity was all over the place. When he left Mexico stumble in the worst economic crisis, then the Chupacabras was born, and now Corona beer?🙄

jaketapper But apparently a lot of stupid people All you need to understand our current situation in the US Pretty close to Trump’s approval rating, so makes perfect sense really 100% shouldn’t buy it because it sucks Because America Must be linked to Lime Disease What goes good with coronavirus For 38% if you it’s lemon..

Really? I immediately went the other way. Feel free to send me all the unwanted Corona you don’t want coronaextrausa

I can’t say I’m shocked given 7% of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. This is scary Thanks CNN 38% of Maricopa Cty residents still support Sheriff Joe Arpaio's search party of deputies paddling around the Atlantic looking for an island claiming to hold proof of 'the black guy's' birth. Yes. The Atlantic Ocean.

This is why trump is our president... Idiocracy is playing out in real life. They should stay away from any productions of Coriolanus while they're at it. This is dumb lol CryptoJikky i kind of believe this would be true 😂😂😂😂😂 But by gosh don’t add lime unless you want “lime” disease teehee Like getting lied to by CNN?

How can a poll of a couple thousand people represent all Americans? These polls are always trash. This survey is as stupid as the people answering it Wow 737 people wow crazy What in the world... What if were called 'novel Corona' beer? I wouldn’t buy Corona beer under any circumstances - not because I associate it with the coronavirus (I don’t), but because I’m not a beer drinker. Beer has a sour, unpleasant taste, IMHO.

MostafaHamdy_ مكانوش بيشربوا غيرها في المكسيك يا مصطفى أي كلام ده. 🙄 What the hell is wrong with these people? Coronavirus “NO deaths have been reported in the United States from COVID-19. However, 16,000 have died in US from FLU. What about 68,000 who died in one year from drug overdoses? Where is the outrage and sense of urgency on the damage from CARTELS on USA

Most people are stupid, hence realDonaldTrump is our 'president'.

Idiots not what the press release says. About the same percentage who like Trump...hmmm... Is it also true 38% of American's believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows? Has nothing to do with it tasting like piss water 😂 If 38% of Americans are more likely to buy Corona beer because of the indirect marketing campaign they have had in recent months would this cancel out?

100% of those people are your viewers. And love brianstelter Nobody drinks Corona. Sol and Modelo all day OMG! 38% of Americans - wow...are y’all registered voters too? The fact that this has to be stated is beyond ridiculous. Common thinking skills....cmon!!!

Nope. It's because it's shit. Never underestimate how irrational people can be. Not the most proud time to be an American. But on the bright side, now would be a great time for abinbev to ramp to distribution and marketing or VictoriaMX, and to explore collab w RefugeeInvest on using the beer to support refugees and asylum seekers in cross-border region!

Jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja... you're so stupid fucking gringos!!! Jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja I don't believe in voting restrictions but if I did that's where I would start That's Trump's base, isn't it? Modelo time foo Roxy4080 38% of Americans are estupido

38% ? So the remaining 5% who support Trump would drink corona. Interesting. Those are AOC supporters The bright side is, 38% of Americans can spell coronavirus. President not included. God bless america We have too many dumb citizens in this country Is it possible that they realized it's just awful? And this is why nature steps in

They'll be fine if they put a lime in it for nutrients. Are we sure this isn't a faked survey? It wouldn't be the first. I guess they don’t realize it’s a Mexican beer 😩

pablosimonetti 😂😂😂😂 🤦🏻‍♂️ Wow ...must've been a redneck survey ... 38% stupid Americans who all probably voted for Trump too. I was hoping it was the antidote, myself. I am getting a 12 pack when I get home. Our educational system really needs to be better. Expected. Those people are ignorant Why couldn't the virus been named BudLightavirus?

38% - won't drink Corona, well, because... 37% - Trump's base Coincidence? Dear Coronavirus, please take out this 38% first.

Thereby explaining the floor on Trump’s approval rating. 38% of 737 survey respondents, or 280 individuals, do not speak for approximately 327 million people in any meaningful way. The fact that this actually needs to be said makes me weep for the intelligence of the idiots who made this announcement necessary... 🤨

Only in the US.... Corona: Not The Virus, But Catching On® Not a good time for them to introduce Corona Seltzer Nope....not what the survey says, according to one reader. may need to issue a retraction here: This 38% of people have the same right to vote as you do

Trump voters Ignorance is one of the biggest dangers to democracy...which is what autocrats like Trump exploit to their advantage. Pues beban Salva Vidas I can't believe they are so irrational. 38%? Why does that sound familiar? 😅😅😅😅 And there you have the trump supporters .... There you go CNN, educate your loyal audience - try as you may....

iamJokunle There seems to be a lot of very stupid people in the States! Send all to my adress please, I don't Care!

It’s good beer a little overpriced maybe this will bring the price down😉 But surely that's how vaccines work, right? Drink some Corona to not get corona virus. I see a marketing campaign coming on soon 😅 Lol seriously these people cannot be this thick Did they stop buying little green citrus because of Lyme Disease too?

hey, isn't that the % that supports trump? coincidence? Thick as shit they really are This is the type of American stupidity that got Trump in office. 38% -That’s Trumps base!! No coincidence that's pretty dam close to the % of america that supports Trump.

WinstonS6079W Good grief Isn't that Trump's approval rating? I have bought nothing but corona beer for the last two weeks. I’d like to point out that 100% of that 38% will likely show up and vote. Don’t blame anyone else if you don’t. Anyone still doubting that Trump will be reelected? What about Mexico? Haven't heard anything about Mexico from the TheDemocrats or the media. Trump's wall must be working well.

Thank God it’s not called the coffee virus. Have we reached peak stupid in America yet? JFC! Probably 37% of those fickle Americans are Trump supporters. jaketapper And folks wonder how Trump got elected.....sigh.

Do you call this news CNN? This is just dumb. People truly are stupid. This might be the start of new viral marketing where companies release diseases and name them after rivals. CoronaVirusUpdates COVID19 corona viralmarketing Ha-ha! Ignorance is at a world high 😂🤣🤦🏾‍♂️ Those 38% of Americans who won’t buy Corona beer 'under any circumstances' because of the coronavirus, according to a recent survey are ridiculously ignorant. 🤦🏻‍♀️

We’re they all wearing red maga hats? I’m sure it’s the same group of people who think realDonaldTrump is doing a good job as president. 🙄 Are people really that stupid? Forget I asked that, of course they are. Bando de retardados.

I don’t buy it because of the taste Let me guess, they are all trump supporters as well! CNN Breaking news: this crayon is blue and the sky is blue. Therefore, the sky is a crayon. 👏 👏 👏 Americans are the stupidest people on the planet That 38% are the same tards that think vaccines kill. Damn Trumpers

So dumb it’s laughable All trump supporters Hay padre la gente

Maybe it’s just the people who watch low IQ CNN that think there is a link between the two. Pretty sure Fox viewers know the the difference. Ignorance at its best 🤭🤭🤭 “38% of Americans” sounds like every single American took this survey I'd *LOVE* to hear what those morons think of the sun's corona.🤣🤣🤣

Now do a study on how much of this 38% overlaps with Trump supporters. StableGeniuses They are so special 38% of americans are very dumb. That's why Trump. This is so damn dumb!!!! no link to the survey. no mention of the sample size, demographics, or anything else about how it was conducted. this is sensationalist reporting. just shut up.

How did we get to be so dumb MAGAs not drinking it cuz they think the beer came from Mexico illegally Still the ninth circle of Hell for their marketing department Damn people are freaking stupid if they think this beer has anything to do with the corona virus 🍺🍻🙄 Rediculous!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Then 38% of Americans should be allowed near any kind of alcohol!

Clearly only Trump supporters would be so ignorant. How stupid can some people be?

Yes.... Yes.... 🤦‍♀️ ( Idiocracy But if you the virus or the beer it’s equally as shit Not hard to see how Trump got elected. Trump voters don’t like Corona beer? No wonder why everyone is moving out of Corona California lol It's a cheap gross beer We all know what 38% of the population that would be !

TrumpVirus We are going to stupid ourselves into extinction They’re the ones that watch CNN! And all these people are voting for Trump Hard facts that help understand why Trump has a good chance for reelection. North Americans... it is time don’t you think? 🤦🏻‍♀️ 38% of Americans should be eliminated. We might be better off.

38% of Americans who are dumb That 38 per cent... All Trump supporters. Odd. It’s not like Americans to be over reactive, and ignorant. Just kidding. This is spot on.

They should drink Budweiser. It may make them smarter. This can’t be real Gotta love the edumacated. Same people will be voting for trump in 2020. Sigh. Prob the same people that would violently attack an Asian person for just being Asian. That’s about the same % that approves of Donald Trump... Yep 👍 that checks out. ✅

A sizable percentage of this country is profoundly stupid.

38% of people need the coronavirus Gotta be the RUMP voters Too bad you can't fix stupid. Damn. We really deserve to be wiped out huh Can we just nuke the world, we have clearly lost. Good hopefully now they’ll be cheaper to buy lol They shouldn't buy Corona because it's a shitty beer, not because of the virus.

I wanna become a penguin and move to Antarctica This makes science sad. Why didn't broadcast muslim killing issues by communal prim minister Norandra Mudi

There is really a quintessential American stupidity at work here. Whoever is running the corona twitter needs a raise... Which is about the core support level of the President? Great 👍🏼 This just in: 38% of Americans are so freaking stupid they can't tell that 'corona' is a common word referring to something that, in fact, didn't even have anything to do with viruses at all in that context.

Fucks sake I miss when Fox was the only news channel repeating fake news Americans are dumb Everyone knows brand marketing and association is part of a products added value. If you associate the beer with a virus (and you know others do too) buying it may either not be as enjoyable to you or may even be a bit of an unpleasant reminder to your associates.

Trum bad

It just goes to show you, CNN viewers believe that Corona beer is connected to the Coronavirus WOW LOL The fact that you need to add the clarification tellls it’s own story. These people shouldn’t have the vote. And those people can vote🤦‍♀️ The sad part about this is these morons vote. This 38% shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Only and idiot would drink a corona and RISK getting coronavirus. Nice try, CNN. Bovine America strikes again MOOOoooOOoooOoOooooo Just to be abundantly clear there is no link between truthful news and CNN. AleVelasquezR ASermeno jajajajaja.

jaketapper Whoopie Golberg had a sitcom called Bagdad cafe. Then Iraq raided Kuwait. I think the show aired like 3 episodes. More for me! The nerve! These people vote. 🤦‍♀️ Can we name the next disease Trump somehow? Also, it’s piss This is how stupid people are

Just remeber these people get to vote fakenewscnn That’s actually a great number I thought there would be more idiots More for me Had corona light virus Monday morning called off from work but I feel better now LOL it has been my experience that drinking PabstBlueRibbon while listening to Wesley Willis puts you in the clear

Bubba, Goober and Yokel... Americans are stupid, mostly. Yes, corona and “my sharona” should not to be confused either

budweiserusa could never 38% of Americans also support Trump.... Coincidence, I don't think so!! I heard “RI-COLA” gave you “E-BOLA” ModeloStrong Foolish like their president I don’t even like the ‘crap’ and now I’m going to buy a six pack. I’m going to my local deli and buy some Chinese food too! Just how stupid can you be?

Anyone who thinks this is accurate is gullible af. The media and some scientists love to trick people who don’t understand anything about statistics. They only had 737 beer drinkers in this “study”. I have no words......🤦‍♀️ You must mean that none of Trump's followers will buy it because they 'know' it comes from corona beer. 🤣🤣🤣

There's only one word for this. What might that be? Can’t believe 62% would risk their life for a beer... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 there's also no link between the virus and the 38% who wouldn't drink corona if they were PAID to... it's not good beer, is what i'm saying. Sounds totally reasonable to me. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙄

Just to be abundantly clear: if you actually think there’s a link between the two then you’re a dope 😂 Just more for me!! Misleading headline. They don't drink it anyway. OBTW both CNN and FauxNews are reporting the same erroneous information. How funny is that? This is why we have trump and people are voting for Biden and Mayor Pete

Trump supporters, 🤦🏻‍♂️ Is that the same % who voted for 45? ttoriaz whotea_ A poll of 737 people doesn’t represent all of America, you absolute buffoons. sorry me too I have stopped drinking it Would that be tRump’s 38% Base? If they streamed the man... But there is a link between America and stupid. The same number of people who support Trump no matter what. Coincidence?

The greatest country in the world guys Quarantine all location selling and storing this Beer. .... I forgot to add send me the keys of the ware houses where they are stored 😁 USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!🤦🏻‍♂️🤨 Given the sample size, this is essentially meaningless. The dumbest ideology Americans do! I wouldn’t buy this shit anyways it’s garbage

If we can just name a virus Gun-virus, that should sort a few problems out Lol! I do not understand how US has become superpower with such 38% intellectuals coronavirus 38% of 737 beer drinkers in the survey =/= 38% of Americans, unless the population of the United States is 737, which it isn't. coronavirus

Acosta If America is dumb enough to vote for trump they’ll believe anything. Acosta Estupidez Americana Acosta Ignorance is amazing extra3 das muss in die nächste Sendung hahah 🤦🏽‍♂️ if you think the coronavirus is bad, just wait for the corollavirus - the folks at toyota aren't messing around. Yet they’ll happily drink something called a Bloody Mary.

Once again showing how dumb Americans really are. We’re doomed Wait wut xD

I mean I'd never buy Corona beer virus or not... ... but don’t call Americans thick. proving the stupidity and the lack of a critical mind of the average American ... exactly why someone like Trump got elected (and will get elected again) CNN with another stellar article. 😷 Im not entirely sure how and if we still hold that “greatest country in the world “ title

The only thing shocking about this tweet is that the number of dumbasses isn't higher. spady_ryan People are really stupid! Where did the 38% figure come from? Did you interview every American? Or just a made up article to make Americans seem ever more stupid? jaketapper 😶

Imagine if there was a link ....AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG “38% percent of Americans should not produce offspring based on a recent study” Is that with or without the 17% that believes that brown cows give chocolate milk? Obviously all Trump fans Viewer poll. tbennett72 That's Trump's America for ya el_cjr 38% of stupids north americans 😂😂😂😂

Coincidently, that’s the same percentage of voters considered as Trump’s base. Coincidentally. The remaining 62% say they’ll boil it before drinking it. Maybe those 38% wouldn't buy that piss in a bottle anyway. If the survey is stupid, people will give stupid answers. This sounds like a survey Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show.

Idiots come in thirds. These guys should be ousted immediately of the voters pool. Just bought a 12-pack today! CoronaLight Wow people are stupid. Only the top stories as usual I see 👀 😆

And this ladies & gentlemen is the country you live in today. The GOP crime syndicate’s war on education was obviously a huge success. cigarettesfort1 i’m- Really? Otherwise, they should take a real beer, made in Germany 👍🏻🥰 not that creepy stuff 🤮 jaketapper I think you should take down this tweet. Adding “Because of the coronavirus” changes things

That is just ignorance at its worst. 🙄 Dont go outside during the day. The virus comes from the sun's corona Is it roughly the same percentage who voted trump be aise that would explain it these days, nobody needs corona extra. try the vaccination lager 38% of CNN viewers

Just squeeze a lime wedge into it. Lime juice kills germs, right? 38% of Americans are abundantly ignorant. 'no one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public' “There is no link between the virus and the beer.” I really thought this was a TheBabylonBee article at first. If you Venn diagramed this 38% with the 38% of Americans that still support the crime syndicate residing in the White House, I bet they are virtually identical circles overlapping each other. Change my mind.

I'm wondering if they think it will give them the Caronavirus or protect them from it? Now what % of MAGAt’s won’t buy corona beer? raise taxes in order to fix public education in your country by properly and universally funding it I blame Betsy Devos for this

I’ll buy a case tonight to show my support. Siri, add limes to the shopping list. I bet you a lot of these people overlap with the 65% percent of Americans that think they are smarter than the average American 😂 Oh wow... Corona beer is the antidote to the virus! jaketapper The notion occurred to me as a joke. I can't believe it is a serious thing. How can anybody be that .. foolish?

Seriously, is there any story more worthy of a 🤦🏻‍♀️ emoji I fear the 38% of people who believe there is a connection between the two. Should Corona, CA be evacuated? 38% of Americans: jaketapper Must be related to the president. JFC 38% if Americans are really thick!

Whoever named corona virus should compensate the beer company. 38% of Americans are seriously illiterate and ignorant?... Hold on, who is the president? laurenstricos StevenMounnarat you’re psychic NikLentz It's caused Corona to rebrand: Must be the same people who support Biden for president! realDonaldTrump DailyCaller

That’s not what the survey showed and this is an incredibly misleading headline and article. The same 38% of people support Trump. Yeah....America showing exactly why it languishes at the bottom in Educational lists among western world countries. janejane24 At least 62% of you have some smarts. There's hope.

They must be your viewers

I wouldnt drink corona based off taste. If you have to add salt and lime it’s probably not that good. Están bien pendejos la neta. This is why Trump is president. Ignorant, racist assumptions of the unknown. The fucking state of them. Are we sure 38% aren't drinking it because of the virus, or because it's Corona?

MAGAt’s TimPatAlPostma Seriously? A call to all humans : Use your brain please. People are stupid. jaketapper Ah yes. The American voter. Bring all f them here. It's our favorite beer

I’m buying me a bottle tonight and it’s Friday jaketapper Yes, I've heard troglodytes muttering things under their breath in the beer aisle tantamount to The Tower of Babel; fairytale folklore. Romo needs to combat this by announcing...Corona's and limes cure Coronavirus; in conjunction with Nyquil, Vaporub & Campbell's chicken soup.

jaketapper Can you say STUPID jaketapper The sun has a corona. Cancel the sun! 🙃☀️ Who are these people you polled? The bottom of the barrel of intelligence? There also no link between Corona and beer Like Huawei mobile ban by realDonaldTrump 😂😂🤣🙏💪

75% will not vote for a socialist or Democrat! So go figure All Democrats, I'm sure. Same 38% that watches FOX News. That's just dumb. At what stage will America do something about the chronic lack of education which is tearing you apart? Seriously, outside of the 'third world', no other country is so sub-standard. Fix it or fail.

If you like Corona, you have awful taste. There, I said it. The same 38 percent are boycotting the song 'My Sharona' too...just in case. 0% of Astros fans are surprised Education matters.

jaketapper Many other reasons not to drink this swill but this isn’t one of them In related news, 38% of Americans say they will vote for whoever the Democrat Presidential nominee is, even if that candidate is a SOCIALIST, because they have TDS. It ain't made in China the Mexican beer. One of my favorite beers with the lemon inside the bottle. It is ignorance if you don't buy it because of the name being similar to the virus.

That’s probably because those 38% have better options for beer purchases. So the Venn Diagram of these idiots and the Trump cult is basically a circle. Does it make their MAGA hats itchy? Are you kidding me ?! Those are the trumpians for sure !🤨🤪 But why tempt fate? The same people who gave us Trump. ... do they realize it's bottled in Mexico?

gorbalsgoebbels Omg that's..damn I don't know what that is🍺🍻🍺🍻 So... 38% of Americans are Republicans or TrumpSupporters... both? Invest in the education system- PLEASE!!! In other news trump wins in 2020, dear god these people are idiots ReginaldALawso1 FreedomFries was a politically motivated GOP-renaming of french fries (which hail from Belgium) in Congressional cafeterias in response to France opposing invasion of Iraq. 33% said it was patriotic. SwineFlu: Don't BlamePigs 2009

Son estúpidos o qué pedo? Still love corona with limo...💕 I bet most of these vote for Trump. 38% de ejemplos de idiotez y falta de oxígeno en el cerebro

Tremendous MuSt bE tRumP's fAulT Make this useful by assuming every one of the people in that 38% will be stepping into a voting booth in November. Are these the same people that believe the earth is flat? How dumb can you be lol Heard that it also comes with Lyme disease... I got nothing Fake news. The spinning vortex into stupidity is gaining speed rapidly.

This is why we have Trump. Oh yeah, then why does it taste so bad? In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man with a 6-pack of Corona is king. Only in USA jayehmsee They should advertise that it immunizes against the choronavirus. 😀 justwalden here is a good project for your students. How would corona’s PR deal with this? Or is it just 38% of Americans are dumb?

Yet they probably own guns 37.999% are Trump supporters. fakenews that's what you get for including UniversityFour in polls

I suspect a Venn diagram of these folks and Trump supporters is just a circle. That's 38% of Americans in need of real leadership and accurate information.....and who don't believe that Coronavirus is contained by a long shot. And, a good number of them are likely to be Trump supporters. Does that mean 38% of Americans are idiots?

Lmaoooooooo Bet they are all Trumpy’s Are people idiots? Why punish a beer company because of its name? 38% of Americans are Trumpers and are stupid. But they are still not washing their hands ugh 38 percent of the country are idiots. But I guess we already know that

No wonder People like Trump are in presidency Gotta admit - you had me in the first half 38%, isn't that the same % as trumps base? This is what Darwin was talking about. Exactly this Menos estupidez por favor Fear is a real deal Its piss beer anyway, drink whiskey. I wouldn’t but Corona beer under any circumstances, period.

We've hit bottom on the $SPY $SPX $DJI $QQQ $AXSM $TNDM $PINS $RDUS $TWTR $BHVN $DXCM $APTO $TPTX $DIS 😏🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Well, when 30% of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown we are. Wait I thought this was TheOnion or TheBabylonBee Well I like my corona virus with guacamole. This degree of stupidity is how we ended up with Trump. The stupidity is terminal. This actually makes me wish I liked beer, just so I could drink it to demonstrate how stupid this is.

There is a common sense problem in this country. IAmDuncanG Maybe the price will come down a little now 100% of Americans shouldn’t buy Corona beer because of how much it sucks.

So dumb I dont buy Corona beer because of the taste. It's funny, because you're a news organization and this reveals your failure. Ah yes the dumbing down of America continues. And it’s gotten much worse the past four years.😢 “There’s a club in Asheville called Isis that I refuse to set foot in.” I’m sure they all voted for Trump

Supports my theory that about a third of you are damn fools. Those 38% also voted for trump. And his is representative of our education system in the USA Holy lord.

If you think there is no link between Trump saying this virus will disappear, members of the GOP saying it was cooked up in a Chinese lab and Pence assigning the most unqualified Trump flunkies to deal with it, the GOP accusing Dems of politicizing it, then you're being conned. Sad nation! Good grief! Are 38% of Americans that stupid! Leaders of the Western World! I despair!

How do we say ...”stupid”......would this be from POTUS😂😂😂😂 Wow...people are stupid The general public is generally ignorant Virus from a beer....all right then. Makes me want to go buy some and I dont even drink More than half Americans are literally brainwashed idiots, the western version of north koreans

Might be a death Nell for that beer I've never bought coronaextrausa because I'd rather drink the vomit of a harpooned hippo. Horrific beer, if you can even call it that.

That reminds me to pick up a new 'case' of Corona today! Oh dear CNN, you are vindicating Trump. The survey data says no such thing. This is a fake news heading. Doesn’t speak very well for Americans. LoL 太好笑了🤣 Are we really this dumb. We can't be this dumb. 38% just proved how dumb they are. Get a clue.

To be fair I also wouldn’t buy Corona, but that’s because it’s just not a good beer. Dumb Americans is a real thing! M_Robespierre Philmoorhouse76 do you want a laugh?

Lmao 🤦🏽‍♂️ Oh come on now. Invest in education 🇺🇸 Corona beer is actually the vaccine against the virus. I've been taking it regularly and I haven't got the coronavirus, so there ya go! Proven. Must be one of Trump’s suggestions to avoid the virus. Does that 38% match the exact portion of the population that are “Trumpers”?

I don’t buy it because I’m not a beer drinker, but beer has fuck all to do with coronavirus. This is awfully close to the percentage of Americans who will support Trump no matter what. 'I won't get the Coronavirus if I don't drink Coronas' Same 38% who think coronavirus is a hoax? Omg Sounds funny

Don’t overlook Negra Modelo—so good. I’m hoping a large % of them were joking. 🤞🏼 i’m too hungies for my brain cells to be dying this early in the day 😐 They're boycotting it for the wrong reason. It's piss water. And let me guess – those people all vote, too. 😳 38% is trump's base My god there are stupid ppl out there!

I’m moving to Canada 🤦🏾‍♂️ We need more Darwin Awards

37% of Americans don't know what a Corona beer is/exist. :-) 100% Americans A Venn diagram of this 38% and the 38% or so that support trump would be a perfect circle. Why do you think we built the damn wall? To keep the kegs of Corona from getting in from Mexico. My brother drinks this Hopeless.... I mean how dumb can you actually be?

Shows how well the dumbing down of America has worked. And, one day they'll be running the country... SMH. 🤦 It's appalling that this needs to be explained.

It's a CNN poll, they can really trust their believers Trumps base no doubt Every time you buy a 'Woke' hat a racist get his wings BillHatfield20 BackHoller We're trying like Hell to get them to vote, too. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, I need a beer. they’re drinking pee water Just to be clear, there is no link between the source for this story and the fraudulent headline decided to run.

97% of the Internet loves being used to generate lucrative humour-clicks for organisations that used to let their journalists proudly go out and gather actual news and information which, while not always guaranteed to be lucrative, could be useful in a situation like this. So, 38% of people are COMPLETELY IGNORANT...we need to be very concerned about these idiots!!!!!!

Isn't that about the same percentage of hardcore trump* followers? StupidAmericans

If it was related then I'm immune now Cam_Storer Americans are a different breed of stupidity, honestly flaamnhcheetos Stupidity Seriously 🤦🏿‍♂️ timeout2575 If there were only a Budweiservirus, the world would be a better place. Had to be a misleading question there’s no way there’s that many stupid people

I guarantee all 38% of those Americans will be voting for BernieSanders in November. 100% of those 38% voted for Trump

Stupid ppl. Exactly same number as the Trump base...coincidence? I don't drink alcohol but 38% of Americans are stupid to connect this brand to a virus We are already the most corrupt country in the world. Now, you can add the ignorant to that description. I wouldn’t buy Corona beer, and it’s not because of Coronavirus.

People also believe Bernie Sanders can give us Free Health Insurance & Free College. Nothing is FREE! Middle/Working Class Americans will pay. We Always do. That’s why we struggle. 😢😢😢😢😢 Many people won’t buy American beer because of trump, funny that! Now that is just showing their ignorance 😆 Lol

Isn't that the same percentage of Americans that are trump* supporters? *Impeached

How many will buy corona beer because of the rona? We are very dumb Ha, ha, belachelijk en hoe dom zijn die gasten. Ze gaan het voor de zekerheid ook nog een keer extra uitleggen hoe het zit... The stupidity index in America seems pretty high if this survey is accurate. Mind you, it’s roughly the same number as Trump’s base of support....... hmmmmm is it possible that Trump’s support mainly comes from really dumb beer drinkers? Who knew?

More for me! Acosta I bet they’re all Fox viewers The overlap with low-info, science-denying MAGA cultists must be extraordinary. In that case....shouldnt Mexico pay for the research? Cause they paid for the wall right 38% is the Bernie Bro’s! Anyone stupid enough to vote for a communist\\socialist is def 38%

Also nearly 10% of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cow Ah! tRump supporters are very smart I see I am concerned that this headline has to exist. How are people that 🤬 stupid? Oh wait they voted for trump Sounds like the MAGA percentage... hay gente pendeja y los gringos I wouldn’t buy Corona neither. I’m more of SolBeerUS hombre myself.

SMH, can I believe it?

Psycologically, consumers are not to be blamed. No jokes Coronavirus is deadly and spreading real fast 😷 😷 😷 These people vote Your weirdo followers maybe What's the over/under in Vegas that the 38% are Trump supporters? 😂😂😂😂 I'm serious. If I'm Corona I'm telling the public Corona Beer is an approved vaccine for Corona Virus. Today. Because the only way you reach stupid people is with an elevated version of stupid. Is it irresponsible? Of course it is. But that's where we are.

Can we find some other way to demonstrate how unbelievably stupid people are? Corona beer should make the claim it’s a cure😂 Acosta From Canada with love That’s suspiciously close to the same amount of the country that supports Trump. Hmmmm......

These are the 'brown cow - chocolate milk' people. Our country deserves a better education system. One that teaches people, not one that makes dummies for the GOP. Same 38% that are MAGATs 😂😂😂 Our education system is fine. Part of the same idiot core who think Trump is doing a good job Nationofdingdongs

'Find your bleach' That ignorance in the U.S. is half of the cause of all the problems in this country. Idiots MAGA Idiots just like their Idol Really, ya'll? I mean... reeeeally?🤦‍♀️ 38%.....all of whom vote for Trump...?

Acosta I guess that explains the election results. Such stupidity Sounds like typical CNN patrons uninformed and ignorant. Merica! Thick as shit ! LucieCorp There is also no link between corona beer and flavor, which is a good reason not to drink it. Hahaha 😂 Americans are stupid.

Is this a Trumpism? 😂 That’s so stupid! It's always the same 38%. However, there is a link to liver disease which could take your life at an early age. My dad was one month shy of 53 when he died due to liver failure. It's more likely to kill the virus than to be the virus. Americans are the dumb.. What's with the Coroner?

STDs and diarrhea come from the consumption of Corona. I'd say that they all are CNN viewers , but CNN ratings aren't that high.

Why why are you correlating this on your network. This is how conspiracies get started. Just leave it alone. It’s a shit beer anyhow Our education system is trash Level of news we're getting is NOT making America any smarter either. jimsciutto is STILL asking DNC reps if BernieSanders statement on Cuba will derail chance to win election. I shifted to MSNBC! DUMB, but who dummer? PUH-leese! Who's helping make US/U.S. super-dumb? U

Most Corona beer drinkers aren't that smart to begin with When it starts to make sense why we haven’t won a war since 1945. Oh but this would be the best time to buy the Corona antibiotic. Protect yourself and drink a Corona to build your immunity...... Pocahontas did Ok so now we RACE-SLAMMING ASIANS and HISPANICS...really😐🤔🤨

Have to wonder how much of this is just florida and mississippi.

Stupid people That's America for you. No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us all the time now... wow Our educational system is so broken. A small % of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Doesn’t surprise me at all... Smh people are really this stupid. 🤦🏾‍♀️ If they want to avert that disaster they should rebrand as Trump Beer and claim the left is trying to suppress them. Those same morons will ensure that sales triple

It's that Modelo virus I fear! I feel for you, Corona Beer. Together we will get through this. CoronaBeer vs CoronaVirus CoronaVirusUpdates TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus FridayThoughts TrumpVirus

Well then people are stupid We should not be surprised by who they vote for 😆 More for me!!!! 🍺🍺 And this why we are where we are...and your daily reminder that 4% of Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows ThesePeopleWalkAmongstUs Remember when another disease destroyed a booming company?

That's just more for me. It did come to mind. I knew there wasn't no link to the corona beer and the corona virus.

RedwoodGirl Sounds like trump voters The dumbasses that believe this couldn’t afford it anyway This shouldn't make headlines, it's fear mongering. A beer company (sharing their name with a virus) and not making profits isn't huge news. It was predictable with a name like Corona virus. Give us more tips on staying safe.

Just plain stupid 38% people worldwide will choose over a bottle of Corona beer. Artificial intelligence to prevent, detect, track and contain coronavirus pandemic And those people choose who leads one of the most powerful countries in the world. Thats why Trump wins. duh cuz the lime kills it 👍 Only fake news viewers would think there was a connection

JFC Lmao

So ignorant it’s scary Same people vote for trump. What Mind blown. Leave it to FakeNewsCNN to waste time, $ and resources on something so stupid Education There is a reason why the public education of the USA is on 30/36 worldwide and why they voted for Trump. Good! More for me! 😂 it’s amazing your readers buy this garbage.

I see the connections now. That’s just more ppl than I thought.

this is good Corona it’s not just a virus it’s a beer too. Sure, Corona Lite but who really can afford that many calories at a time like this? are people really this stupid? 😂🤣🤷🏾‍♂️ Those 38% chosen realDonaldTrump as president What the heck?! Okay...we deserve to be extinct. I accept this now. Just shows how ignorant people have become....

More for me....

That is how you know there is not a shortage of low IQ people in America. Maybe that is why Trump got elected!:-) 😂😂 I bet that 38% votes for realDonaldTrump and listen to RushLimbaugh Only one can save us... These people get to decide whether it will be fascism, or not. MAGATS don't know Corona means crown.

😂 🤣 The Venn diagram of these people and Trump voters is a perfect circle. 👌

😂😂😂 I wouldn't buy it just because it sucks TopherBeard15 🙄 People are dumbbbbbbbbb What do the sales say ? SAMSUNG did just fine after they dropped the exploding phone advertisement Stay tuned for Corona party's to pop up at pubs everywhere! Show your work. Great Literal dumbasses

Humanity is doomed Why? Should they, Americans are that stupid. I do not drink beer. Bubble wrap and air is from China. Stupid Americans. They should make a play for the stupid homeopathy crowd — drink a little Corona to fight the coronavirus. People are absolutely insanely brainwashed. Unbelievable OMG people are so STUPID!! Corona beer was first brewed in 1925, so it WAS NOT NAMED AFTER THE VIRUS outbreak of 2020!! It is brewed in Mexico, where they speak Spanish, and Corona translates to...can you guess...yes, to the IMAGE ON THE CAP!!

Before Corona beer came the aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun and other stars, known as a corona. Stay away from total solar eclipses also. 😂 If you needed proof that people are stupid!🙄 They should try harder (Pic from Der_Postillon)

Change the name to Covid19 We are still loyal fans of the Corona beer brand! now that is just ridiculous, corona beer has been around way longer than this virus The beer came before the virus. If anyone should change its name it should be the virus. Once you put the lime in, it is totally safe. : / That's it. Giant Meteor 2020.

NeverMegatron How stupid do you have to be to confuse a beer that's been around forever with a virus? there are 2 confirmed cases in my fridge The loss of sales is a sad testimony to the stupidity of people...what else is new?

Corona, Ca. is probably going to change their name. I hear the sun is thinking about getting rid of its corona due to the negative connotations.

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