The Safest (And Worst) Places For Women Travelers: You Won’t Believe How America Ranked

The Safest (And Worst) Places For Women Travelers: You Won’t Believe How America Ranked

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12/2/2021 3:59:00 PM

The Safest (And Worst) Places For Women Travelers: You Won’t Believe How America Ranked

A new report reveals the 15 most dangerous countries and the 15 safest countries for women travelers.

SafetyDetectivesThe United States ranks seventh on the list as one of the most dangerous countries for women. In its report, SafetyDetectivestakes a deeper dive into the dangersfor women in the United States, and the results are chilling. According to SafetyDetectives, one in three U.S. women fall victim to physical violence, rape and/or stalking by an intimate partner—and the figure is even higher for lesbian women, bisexual women, transgender people and women of color.

Coming in as the most dangerous country in the world for women: South Africa, which also topped 2019’sWomen’s Danger Index. This is followed by Sweden at number 2 and El Salvador at number 3. Other countries with the highest reported crimes against women include Jamaica, Honduras and Guyana. New Zealand is also on the top 15 list.

According to SafetyDetectives, while the report is based on data, it is flawed in some ways. A chilling revelation: “It should be noted that data for crimes is based only on officially reported cases,” says Haun. “As these kinds of crimes often go unreported—from sexual abuse and sexual assault in the U.S. military to the murders of trans women—we can assume that the actual number of occurrences is higher in all countries.”

For instance, Sweden often ranks highly on other lists of the safest countries for women, but in its research, SafetyDetectives found that Sweden has the highest (reported) rape rate in Europe. “The fact that several other relatively safe countries like Norway, Australia and New Zealand also rank highly on this list suggests that reporting may be much more common there, or that the definition of rape is broader—and not necessarily that more crimes are committed—although further research would need to be done to confirm this,” says Haun.

Also important to note: “Just because a given country has laws in place to protect women, that doesn’t mean the laws are necessarily working,” says Haun. “They may not be enforced or followed—so while our ranking does provide insight into where women are safest on paper, it may not accurately reflect their actual safety. One example of this is Cambodia, where women are legally protected in theory, but much less so in reality.”

Read on for the top 15 safest countries for women, as well as the 15 most dangerous countries. You can see the entire report, which also includes lists of the countries with the most and least favorable laws for women, women’s perceptions of safety, places where women are most afraid to walk alone and more.

Japan is the safety country for women. Pictured here: a young woman looking at Kyoto's Hyakumanben

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