The Roots of the Delhi Riots: A Fiery Speech and an Ultimatum

Civil Unrest, Hinduism, Bharatiya Janata Party, Aam Aadmi Party, Delhi India, Gujarat, Kapil Mishra

A local Hindu politician told the police to evict a group of Muslim protesters or he and his men would. Now, 25 have died in some of the worst violence in years.

Civil Unrest, Hinduism


A Hindu politician in New Delhi told the police to evict a group of Muslim protesters or he and his men would. Now, 25 have died in some of the worst violence in years.

A local Hindu politician told the police to evict a group of Muslim protesters or he and his men would. Now, 25 have died in some of the worst violence in years.

Sameer Yasir Feb. 26, 2020 NEW DELHI — To many in the eastern Delhi neighborhood where a convulsion of religious violence erupted this week, it all began with one man. Kapil Mishra, a local politician with India’s leading Hindu nationalist party, had just lost an election. Acquaintances in the area, which now feels like a war zone, said he had been looking for a way to bounce back. Mr. Mishra, 39, is known for his outspoken views and flexible politics. As an upper-caste Hindu from a political family, he had worked for Amnesty International and Greenpeace, and risen in the ranks of one of India’s most progressive political organizations. But several years ago he shifted allegiance across the political spectrum to the Bharatiya Janata Party, India’s current governing party, which has deep roots in Hindu supremacist ideology. On Sunday, he appeared at a rally against a group of protesters (most of them women) who were objecting to a new citizenship law widely seen as discriminatory toward Muslims. There he vented his anger in a fiery speech in which he issued an ultimatum to the police: either clear out the demonstrators, who were blocking a main road, or he and his followers would do it themselves. Image Kapil Mishra addressed a rally in New Delhi last year. Credit... Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times Within hours, the worst Hindu-Muslim violence in India in years was exploding. Gangs of Hindus and Muslims fought each other with swords and bats, shops burst into flames, chunks of bricks sailed through the air, and mobs rained blows on cornered men. Many Indians, including Hindus, believe that Mr. Mishra and his Hindu nationalist supporters have weaponized a very dangerous mood. In a Hindu majority nation, with a Hindu nationalist government that has allowed the killers of Muslims to go unpunished, fear has been growing that violent Hindu extremism could spin out of control. “Kapil Mishra should be in jail,” said Rupesh Bathla, a businessman who says he has known Mr. Mishra since they were teenagers. “He started communal riots. He planted hatred in other people’s hearts.” By Wednesday, at least 25 people had died, hospital officials said, most from gunshot wounds. Several witnesses said that the live fire came from the direction of the police officers, and the dead included Hindus as well as Muslims. Though property belonging to Hindus was burned, the destruction was much heavier on the Muslim side. In Muslim areas, shop after shop was destroyed and entire markets were burned down. Dozens of Muslim residents have accused police officers of standing passively by while the destruction was underway. On Wednesday, the few people out on the streets walked quietly past the blackened car hulks and smashed homes. The whiff of charred materials still hung in the air, in what some scholars said was an eerie echo of previous religious bloodletting in India. “On the whole, the Delhi riots of this week are now beginning to look like a pogrom, à la Gujarat 2002 and Delhi 1984,” said Ashutosh Varshney, the director of the Center for Contemporary South Asia at Brown University. While the death toll is nowhere near that of those earlier bouts, the episodes shared a disturbing similarity, Mr. Varshney said, with “mobs unleashing savage violence while the cops look away, or join the mob, instead of neutrally intervening to crush the riot.” With the violence cooling down for the moment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who hosted President Trump as the fighting raged, broke his silence on Wednesday after Mr. Trump had departed, urging people in a Twitter post to “maintain peace and brotherhood at all times.” He added, “Peace and harmony are central to our ethos.” As night fell on Wednesday, a few sporadic attacks were reported, but no large-scale mayhem. The police, armed now with assault rifles, had been reinforced with paramilitary troops. In the area that suffered the worst in the fighting, many residents laid blame on Mr. Mishra, who declined a request for an interview. But , he said, “It’s not a crime to ask for blocked roads to be opened. It’s not a crime to tell the truth. I don’t fear this massive hate campaign against me.” Video The street clashes in New Delhi were sporadic on Wednesday after more than 20 people died in three days of sectarian violence in India’s capital. Credit Credit... Dinesh Joshi/Associated Press Mr. Mishra had said in his speech that he did not want to create trouble before Mr. Trump left the country on Tuesday night. But as Sunday evening approached, gangs of Hindu and Muslim men began throwing rocks at one another, and that quickly spawned far greater violence. At a court hearing on the riots on Wednesday, a judge pressed police officials about why they had not watched videos of Mr. Mishra’s incendiary speech — an indication, the judge implied, that they had not seriously investigated the sources of the violence. “This is really concerning,” said the judge, S. Muralidhar, according to LiveLaw , a legal news website. “There are so many TVs in your office, how can a police officer say that he hasn’t watched the videos? I’m really appalled by the state of affairs of the Delhi Police.” Mr. Mishra’s supporters said the majority of people in the community had backed his effort to evict the protesters. “How could our kids get to school with those protesters blocking the road?” said Alok Kumar Gupta, a retired military officer who lives near the protest area. “Kapil Mishra was only trying to help.” But others wonder if Mr. Mishra was trying to make a name for himself in Hindu nationalist circles. He had been elected to the local assembly in Delhi in 2015 from the progressive Aam Aadmi Party, but eventually fell out with his colleagues and defected to Mr. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, or B.J.P. He then started espousing Hindu nationalist views and vilifying Muslims, more out of political expediency than true belief, argued Mr. Bathla, who claims to have known Mr. Mishra for 30 years. “When he was younger he wasn’t like that,” he said. “He was chill.” Just a few weeks before the Feb. 8 local assembly elections, Mr. Mishra posted what was widely viewed as an incendiary Twitter message, framing the contest as “India vs Pakistan.” After he lost the race, several people said he took the hard line against the mostly Muslim protesters as a way to improve his standing in the B.J.P. “He wasn’t getting much attention from the higher-ups,” said Hasrat Ali, a legal officer who lives the same area where Mr. Mishra’s family lived for many years. “This was all a plan to get a firmer position.” At least one other politician in Mr. Modi’s party is now distancing himself from Mr. Mishra. “Whoever has done this, strict action must be taken,” said the politician, Gautam Gambhir, a member of Parliament from the area. “Kapil Mishra’s speech is not acceptable.” Protests against the new citizenship law , which makes it easier for non-Muslim migrants to become full-fledged Indian citizens, have flared intermittently since December. There has been a subtext of religious differences, with most of India’s Muslims objecting to the law and many Hindus supporting it. But this past week was the first time the protests turned large numbers of Hindus and Muslims violently against one another. Most of India’s Muslims distrust the B.J.P. and point to the sectarian killing frenzy that claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people, almost 800 of them Muslims, in Gujarat State in 2002 when Mr. Modi was its chief minister. Mr. Modi and his state government were accused of quietly ordering the police to stand by as the violence raged. He has denied those accusations, and in 2012, an investigative panel for the Supreme Court Read more: The New York Times

' My blood boils when I see these reckless comments from Western politicians. If this was “anti-Muslim mob violence”, then why are the vast majority of the dead Hindu? Hindus have humanrights, too. DelhiRiotTruth ' ( As tweeted by RachaelAMS ) what crappy reporting. Such bias...toilet trash that's what NYT is synonymous with.

Fake news ! If you want to keep any clout as a newspaper better hire real reporters not these paid lot When the protestors were asked nicely by the police and politicians to evacuate the roads blocking common citizens, students and ambulances from taking there route they dint evacuate, so an angry politcian made that statement and hence People came out, what's wrong In that ?

Soros It was a riot against Hindus you propaganda peddlers.. most killed were Hindus and properties burned down belongs to libbis are same everywhere when it comes down to muzzies Two things This is 'Poison the well' to first paint the person with tar Then report the matter without referring to KapilMishra_IND clearly saying 'Not a stone was pelted from our people' - clearly indicating Stone pelting had already started by Muslims

Hideous It looks like Hinduism is not a peaceful religion but incites violence and terrorism! We must do whaever it takes to save the Muslim people and prevent a repeat of the Nazi genocide being perpetrated on Muslims by the Hindu people! Trump supports India's Hindu Nationalist regime. They are calling it 'religious freedom', but it is ReligiousSupremacy

Dear dumb..if some people come block your street for will see & watch..r call 911.. Same he requested 100..

Next Time You Go to Philly, Check Out 'Avenue of The Roots'East Passyunk Avenue below South Street will now know as 'The Avenue of the Roots.'

Propaganda peddling by FakeNewsMedia Jewish racists hating hindus.abrahamic hatred for idolaters. India is on way to Fascism Never changes KapilMishra_IND is a Bhagwa Hindu Sher. Kudos to him for leading from the front! Jai Shri Ram! What's wrong in telling a people not to assemble at an area without permission? Also, since u have shown the journalistic courage to write abt a Hindu politician Pls write abt this. This is Mohammed Shahrukh, he was trying to shoot a policeman. He is a Muslim.

kapil mishra has the right to support CAA.....he made a statement in response to the illegal protests by the anti caa lobby which has assumed all right to take the city hostage.....but wait what is your concern in our internal matter ..oh it's a leftist ..Islamic. Propogenda A picture is worth more than a thousand hinduphobic lies.

Now many Indians have died in Delhi riots majority of them Hindus And a Muslim politician from local party ruling Delhi has been found chief perpetrator of riots with rooftop of his house stocked with toxic chemicals, petrol bombs, guns Fact vs Fiction of Hinduphobic NYT 🚫Stop your Propaganda against India. No True Indians will tolerate your Anti-India posts. You should change your name and replace by 'The Anti-India Times'🚫

New Delhi sees deadliest riots in decadesFrom beating Muslims to burning a mosque, here is a look at how rioters ran unfettered in India's capital New Delhi as security personnel appeared as hapless or complicit bystanders. Please correct ur statement. These are well planned pogroms to carry out a genocide of Muslims by the modi government. These are not in any sense a riot. Mr Doland Trrump and Mr expert in riot ( Narendra Modi) have put oil in the fire. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'alla guide them. If they are not guidable may Allah subhanahu wa ta'alla destroy in a way that humanity has never seen .

Aiii aiiii Riots must happen to learn about India. The peaceful CAA protest by our Kids converted into Anti National by Anti Nationals in Hindu/Muslim community in every party. The anger killed many innocents also. But all Party leaders are urinating in pants by seeing the violence. Good Fact that got omitted the death includes muslims and Hindus it was a conflict and both sides need to be condemned. The left need to stop attacking jews, Hindus & Christians or they'll lose millions of supporters. We condemn all violence against anyone. Love is the way❤

Hey idiots..Muslim protesters were illegally occupying public roads and a metro station obstructing traffic and passengers. KapilMishra_IND demanded from police to get it cleared or else he will start counter protest. What's wrong in that? See how easily these world media broadcast the half truth, Muslims are everywhere & wherever they are, problems are there.

Baised reporting that's why your credibility is zero. How much you pay these brown asslickers .... Three prostitutes hired by senior prostitute of NYT to write this. How many prostitutes you pay NYT Petrol bombs recovered from muslim politician's house. An intelligence(IB) officer was killed by Muslim mobs. Why don't you tell the complete story.

A Muslim Politician told few days back,150 Million muslims would override 1 billion Hindus but NewYork ‘FakeNews’ Times consumed adhesive it seems. Why choose Jihadi News? 'protesters' 🙄

Citizenship riots in Delhi turn deadly while Trump talks up religious unity in IndiaAs Trump talked up the religious unity of India, deadly sectarian protests in Delhi claimed at least seven lives, including a police officer. What does trump know about religion and unity? Nothing! Give us citizenship or we’ll riot 🤣 Trump and religious unity in the same sentence is like

The NYT is so far from the ground realities. How Hindus are killed narendramodi AmitShah rsprasad This story reflects very bad for BJP government. It should have never happened. Then you transfer Judge Murlidhar, rated among the best judges, to Punjab, Haryana High Court, shows your government’s incompetence. Better do something fast or else.

If your report about Hindu politician was responsible how come 20 Hindus including IB sleuth murdered & throat silted by Islamic crowd. Suspicion is on an Muslim MLA Thahir Hussain in whose house bombs, acids were stored. Let the police investigate & bring truth. So dont jumb gun Stop lying, most people who died were Hindus, killed by rioting Muslims. They threw acid, burnt shops, used guns, petrol bombs, used swords to kill and injure hindus

paritoshZero Do Americans even take NY times seriously? is clearly trying to target Hinduism. Nothing against TahirHussain yet. We know who funds them. And we know why Trump often screws then. hrw UNHumanRights HRC what’s your take on this systematic wrongful demonisation of as peaceful majority of Hindus routinely attacked abused and tortured by jihadists in India

Will you dare show this done by those so called peaceful protestors

Death toll rises to 20 from Delhi riots during Trump tripAuthorities say at least 20 were killed in three days of clashes in New Delhi between Hindu mobs and Muslims protesting a contentious citizenship law. Scores were injured. The violence was apparently set off by President Trump's state visit to India. . Horseshit. Everything trump touches dies. You literally give the cause to the clashes in the headline and then do a 180 to blame Trump.

Indians are not woried about corona but indians woried about ———-(fill in the blanks ) But the ground reality is quite contrary to your claims. Why are you lying? A Muslim politician Waris Pathan directly threatened to unleash violence on 1 billion Hindus. THAT started these riots. NYTIMES,which gives platform to terrorists to write editorials, is again saving them for agenda.

OFO rag Jihadees rioting in the street killing hindus in broad daylight and yet the Islamic mouth piece , only picked the 'hindu politicIan' part FakeNewsMedia NYT is a big time liar, the perpetrators are Muzlims and ones killed are Hindus. Check your facts before publishing such rubbish. What this Imperialist-fascist media is reporting vs what's the ground reality:

Sameer Yasir - what else can be expected Root cause is Islam doesn't abandon jihad, ghazwa, taqiya, umma, conversion, treatment of khafirs, population explosion, 3talaq, hijab, etc

In New Delhi, Days Of Deadly Violence And RiotsAt least 20 people have been killed in New Delhi's worst sectarian clashes in decades. The fighting follows months of mostly peaceful protests over India's new citizenship law that excludes Muslims. Diversity doesn't work. *People willing to die for their religion. Please see my profile picture Meanwhile, according to Trump, 'India was great.'

New York Times which gives space to Taliban Leader to write an opinion piece is siding with fascist mob, who is surprised? While there has been zero mention of daily disappearances of Hindu and christian girls in Pak being converted & married to middle aged men. NYT loves that Propaganda vs truth told by public but scumrads at nyr won't show this

Are you aware of Hindu genocide Hindu Sher KapilMishra_IND Muslims starting pelting stones on knowing that there is someone there to challenge their unlawful protest. Muslims started HinduGenocide , when Hindu reacted for survival it became Riot. But Presstitutes are siding with Muslims. hinduphobic spotted

Modi needs to be removed from office, he is a Hindu extremist. United States should put sanctions on him. The unlawful protesters were blocking two major roads. He told the police to clear that mess or else they would be forced to hit the streets as well. Stop spreading misinformation!! Mu$lim mob killed an intelligence officer. Why no outrage or reporting on that?

That's why you are in process of losing credibility he only make statements but what about the Muslim leader they themselves involved in the violance incidents and killed a Officer there.India is far better than us for Muslims. So stop misleading the world of defame India.

Indian journalists face the wrath of violent mobs in ongoing Delhi riotsWith at least 23 people dead and more than 180 wounded, the rioters aren't even sparing journalists who are being attacked or confronted and asked whether they are Hindus or Muslims, as they report on the Delhi riots. please do not call it riot. it is a pogrom. anti muslim pogrom done by the indian government, against own citizen. This need to stop. Where is the DYSFUNCTIONAL OIC hibernating? Turkey Qatar Malaysia iran n others must pull out of the OIC n form up a new alliance minus certain countries.

Hindus are killed there house are burnt.. Muslims are on rioting in DelhiRiots He did right thing. No? He pleaded with police to remove protestors. If he was promoting violence, he would not have asked police. Btw, most of those who have died are Hindus. So it's Muslims who have instigated violence. fakenews

awesome level of hypocrisy.......👍👌👏👏👏👏 Fake News This kind of political rhetoric in very common in India between Hindu and Muslim politicians. You have Muslim politicians who have said much worse. The protests were illegal, They escalated to the benefit of international media attention during Trump's Visit.

You are most pathetic news channel I have ever seen... Newyouktimes western media and judiciary systems are not sold out as they are in India's bhajpa's rule. Congratulations Just wow. NYT not just being vengefully selective but blatantly twisting facts. Such shoddy and lopsided reporting is some fall. Strange how Americans are putting up with such a pack of liars calling themselves journalists.

No constitution about religion. The Usa need to share India 🇮🇳 the first amendment The Person in question. Name : Kapil Mishra Earlier member of - Amnesty International Green peace AAP Party. Now in BJP. Speech- He told the police to remove the protesters blocking the two major roads by 25th of February or else they would hit the streets.

Its hard for me to believe how biased and one sided NYT is!! Cherry picked news to create a fake narrative! If this is the state of western jounalism, then US democracy is seriously in trouble!! God save America! Congratulations KapilMishra_IND u made it to New York Times. you say this also when this quran ideology comes into ur home/country then i will see how u tackle because we are hindu and we always take stand. let me guess why u not say this propaganda like this when Laden attacked you and why u spread propaganda on us.

hats off to and their investigative journalists they have already completed all the investigation and got to the root cause without even being present in Delhi at such a short time. awesome U, Sold Out Times,. Did you not know What Wariz Patan, Amanullah Khan, Rana Ayub, Asaduddin Owaisi, do every day. You ,....,........ SOLD OUT TIMES.

Shame on journalists who wrote this article and publisher as well Still world is supporting terrorist modi govt. RSS is more dangerous then ISIS

Oh, I'm sure the Muslim's were perfect angels... Peaceful religion did this and now those jihad-backed people started accusing Modi and Shah! If in fact, this religion has gone out of the earth, then the world will live in peace

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