The Rittenhouse verdict was not surprising for Black and brown moms

The Rittenhouse verdict was not surprising for Black and brown moms


11/28/2021 12:02:00 AM

The Rittenhouse verdict was not surprising for Black and brown moms

Many parents of color see the not guilty verdict as a microcosm of what their children face every day.

"(My kids) have started to notice that in school, depending how they dress, their teachers will treat them differently," Brown said."If a Black kid is reprimanded unjustly, the reaction is, 'Well, we don't know the whole story. It can't just be what we saw.' It's automatic to justify the reasons behind a harsh punishment for a Black kid, while white kids get the benefit of the doubt. And people are less likely to speak up for Black kids because they think maybe they did something to provoke the situation."

Hill, 52, said she sees the system at work when she watches the way her two children are treated differently based solely on their skin tone."I have two beautiful daughters, and one looks white and she is treated differently. People don't realize that I'm her mom until she clarifies it," Hill told TODAY."My other daughter is ... dark ... and I have watched my own children be treated differently, whether it's at a park or at school, because they're completely different shades."

As a Black person in this country I am not surprised. And as a Black parent, I worry about my children's safety.Hill noted that when she enters a store with her two daughters, people will watch and even follow her and her older daughter, but"no one pays attention to" her younger daughter, who presents as white.

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"So am I surprised by the verdict? No," Hill added."As a Black person in this country, I am not surprised. And as a Black parent, I worry about my children's safety."

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They most likely don’t understand the laws in this country. It was self defense. What a race baiting virtue signaling BS piece. Shame on you. I use to hold this show and network in higher regard. Just shameful. As serious media nbc should be focused in be respectful of the due process instead of being instigating hate!!

why are you making this a race issue? He pointed his gun when he had one pointed back at him. You are continuing to make the racial divide wired, and frankly is a disgrace. Are you kidding me? This type of commentary has got to stop. It's not journalism to make these comparisons. How do you figure when he was defending himself against 3 white guys one of whom had a gun pointed him, another who kicked him n the head, another trying to beat him with a skateboard? It was not race. It was self defense as decided by a jury. FactsEmotion.

What? Not one black or brown person was shot. Had nothing to do with them. Nothing. Unless you are liberal NBC. This is just More today show and NBC…pushing the narrative. (i.e. lying) The f*ck kind of post is this? I hope he sues you. Yes almost every black person knew that he was going to get way with With murder because of his white privilege bottom line and we all had to see that he had white privilege

it was murder.. plain and simple - he went there with all intentions of firing that weapon..and he did! News flash: it wasn't surprising to white moms, either.

The Broken System That Allowed Kyle Rittenhouse to Walk FreeRegardless of the legal verdict, Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber wouldn’t have died if Rittenhouse hadn’t had a gun. I don't know who needs to hear this, but AR-15s are not required for first aid—they create the need for first-aid. --John Pavlovitz Never gonna happen, Vogue They better cool off ,that's the food belt that Herod coup of JFK,is kicking between the knees

The Todays shows problem is obvious 🤣 Always a race issue. Another post from the media trying to get people riled up. Give it a rest They look alike! That's IDIOTIC... It was always self defense, with idiots rushing a man with a gun and no vest... DUH I guess fake ugly cries got to this jury with a 3rd grade education!

Self defense period ...race mongering...

Arbery, Rittenhouse cases spotlight self-defense and vigilantismThe verdicts in favor of Kyle Rittenhouse and against the men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery have shone a renewed spotlight on vigilantism and self-defense in America. YES , we should just let the government shirk their responsibility to protect lives and property and allow ourselves to be beaten to death over the head by skateboard man. It’s almost as if the justice system works There is nothing more dangerous in America than a white guy with a gun. The rest of America should arm themselves to balance the scales.

Let’s acknowledge that they were rioting and criminals to begin with. Dad needs to be apart of most of these peoples lives. Black, brown, white doesn’t matter. I have never seen anyone fake cr6 like him, Not one drop of a tear fell! Seriously! Is that from inbreeding? This wasn't a case about race. It was about self defense. Stop with the race baiting crap.

Twitter hid most of these comments btw This was not a race issue but self-defence Today show, you ate too much Turkey. Media stays pumping out bullshit. Stop it already. Ugh. A white man shooting another white man that pointed a gun at him.

Conservatives’ reaction to Rittenhouse’s acquittal follows a familiar playbookKyle Rittenhouse's acquittal in the deaths of two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, prompted some outrageous yet unsurprising reactions from white conservatives. _Jahan thereidout More racism from joyreid in her continual attempt to divide the country. Liberals have supported violent blacks like George Floyd, Freddie Gray, Jacob Blake, Michael Brown, Ahmad Arbery, Darrell Brooks, and all the blacks that kill black children and women in their own community _Jahan thereidout Racists are hurt by this post. _Jahan thereidout 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

So dumb Why do you only capitalize Black & not Brown? 🤔 Why I as not a race issue!! It was self defense Well no one should have been surprised. It was pretty clearly the correct verdict. That case had NOTHING to do with Black & Brown moms. 🤦🏿‍♂️ What a stupid article. Any truly fair minded person who actually watched the trial and paid attention to the law would find him not guilty. The media just loves stirring the racial divide in this country in which this trial had nothing to do with race.

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