The Rise of the Post-Pandemic Buzz Cut

It's officially buzz cut summer.

7/24/2021 10:00:00 PM

It's officially buzz cut summer.

The shorter, the better is the style this season.

, says it could be down to an increase in body acceptance over the pandemic, an urge to defy beauty standards, and the rise of “gender fluid confidence,” as she puts it.“I’ve definitely seen more buzz cuts and much shorter hairstyles this season,” she told NYLON. “A lot of them have been DIY jobs and I’m living for it. I’m also guilty of it myself, as I sheared myself last summer.”

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Hannah DiFolco, a hairstylist and colorist, thinks the shaved head trend signals an era where, with a new perspective from the global health crisis, we continue to worry less about what we see in the mirror. “I think this time allowed people to really look at themselves and see what was important,” she said. “And honestly, our bodies and hair are the least interesting things about ourselves.”

She also believes it signals a new understanding of femininity. “Femininity comes from within, regardless of gender. It’s so powerful and wonderful to feel so feminine on the inside and look however you decide on the outside,” she told NYLON. Read more: NYLON »

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US jobless claims rise to 419,000 from a pandemic lowThe number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits rose last week from the lowest point of the pandemic, even as the job market appears to be rebounding on the strength of a reopened economy Follow us for the most up to date Covid news. We aggregate all news sources so you don't have to! covid19 staysafe So we are creating new jobs but no one wants them. But let’s cut off unemployment life lines to millions who lost their job due to zero fault of themselves

Vietnam locks down capital Hanoi for 15 days as cases riseHANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Vietnam announced a 15-day lockdown in the capital Hanoi starting Saturday as a coronavirus surge spread from the southern Mekong Delta region. The lockdown order, issued late Friday night, bans the gathering of more than two people in public. Those two are way too close to the camera... its almost a gathering of three!!! Bullshit. So basically just enough time for people to feel better but still be contagious so when they all go back out they’ll just spread it again

Germany's confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 1,919 - RKIThe number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 1,919 to 3,754,511, data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases showed on Saturday. The reported death toll rose by 28 to 91,520, the tally showed. Subscribe 👉🏾 1,900 cases? In a whole country? Am I missing a typo or something? This is front page news?

Alabama GOP governor says 'start blaming the unvaccinated folks' for rise in Covid casesAlabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey on Thursday called out 'the unvaccinated folks' for the rise in Covid-19 cases in her state, a remarkable plea at a time when many GOP leaders are refusing to urge people to get vaccinated even as Covid-19 cases surge in many parts of the country. “Ronald Gilbert, 60, said he did not really believe in the vaccines and has never been a fan of needles, but with an uptick in cases he reasoned that it was “better to be safe than sorry.” A free COVID vaccination is waiting for you. So we gonna blame children under 12? And I really dont like anti vaxxers Tell people to think of the virus as an intruder wanting to kill you and the vaccine as their weapon. Use the vaccine as your weapon against the intruder and stop it before it gets in. Use your weapon for good, save yourself and others.

The rise of the Delta variant threatens to derail theaters' best-laid plansTheater companies, orchestras and others keep a wary eye on rising infections caused by the Delta variant, and get ready to pivot yet again. IdeaGov This photo is wild Only in Los Angeles. The rest of the country hasn’t completely lost their minds. Himalaya Exchange believes that you should be the master of your wealth!

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