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The Republican Party Is Only Getting More Attached to Trump

Liz Cheney's role in GOP leadership is just the latest casualty of Republicans' cultlike devotion to the former president.

5/10/2021 3:41:00 PM

Liz Cheney's role in GOP leadership is just the latest casualty of Republicans' cultlike devotion to the former president.

The anticipated ouster of bedrock conservative Liz Cheney is the latest example of Republicans abandoning principles in their cultlike devotion to the former president, who may soon return to the rally stage.

Friday, Trumpism is now the foundation of the GOP: His agenda, parts of which once ran counter to Republican orthodoxy, is now the institutional platform; belief in or at least tolerance for his lies, however absurd or dangerous, are a prerequisite to remain in good standing; and critics, however vocal, are being pushed aside and pushed out. In short: Where the establishment once sought to harness the power of Trumpism, the establishment now

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isTrumpism. To the extent there ever really was a GOP civil war after the November election and the January 6 riot, the anticipated ouster of Cheney from her House leadership role will represent the symbolic end to it: By this time next week, GOP leadership in the House will likely be “full-throated Trumpers,” as Allen and VandeHei put it.

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Good !!! Republicans in office at the local, state, and federal levels are not cult-like devoted to Trump...Republican voters are. Trump is the Republicans 'useful idiot' because he gets the votes they need so they can do bad things to the very people that vote them into office... Addicted to reality TV

Apparently they all want to hang together as opposed to alone per the American Revolutionary quote & that’s a good thing BIDEN TOUCHES CHILDREN ✅💯 PATHETIC HUMANS you allow it They keep applying this purity test and pretty soon nobody’s gonna be left in the party. 🤣 He is NOT CHARLES MANSON 🤣🤣🤣 HATERS 🤣🤣💯 GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP FULL OF HATE 💯✅ PATHETIC

Goebbels playbook ... and it's terrifying.

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Larry Hogan: GOP turning into 'circular firing squad' over Trump loyaltyMaryland Gov. Hogan criticizes those within the GOP who insist they need to double down on keeping former President Trump as its leader despite his loss in 2020, saying that it's part of a “battle for the soul of the Republican Party.' 2018' article analyzing Trump's attitude and negotiation strategies. GovLarryHogan time for a thirdparty with RepLizCheney MittRomney It’s the policies. Obviously. Duh. Focus on running the country not complaining about Trump for attention.

Larry Hogan: GOP turning into 'circular firing squad' over Trump loyaltyAs House Republicans prepare to oust Liz Cheney from leadership, one outspoken GOP Trump critic says the party should not swear fealty to a 'dear leader.' GOP GOPChairwoman GOPLeader LeaderMcConnell ICYMI GQP fuhrer does not tolerate dissent, how dareth thou speak ill of the godking! Where is freedom of chioce, freedome of spech, freedome individule of the GOP. I think the GOP is an example the dictators.

Maryland Gov. Decries GOP “Circular Firing Squad” in Trying to Appease “Dear Leader”Larry Hogan said the Republican Party needs to start focusing on winning elections rather than staying loyal to Trump. This is the natural evolution of the lies we normalized for at least decades as “political spin”. Donald Trump stumbled into our hunger for truth. He has always shown as a white supremasist avatar. When he joined the GOP, their ideology allowed them to now follow him aloud.

Column: Liz Cheney and Donald Trump are locked in mortal combat. So far, Trump is winningThe two Republicans are battling for the future of their party. She underestimated the obsequious cowardice of the GOPs and made the fatal mistake of assuming they actually had integrity and ethics. Whoda thunk Dick’s daughter would have such moral courage👍🤩 Bravo LizCheney