'The Real's' Jeannie Mai Jenkins Is Pregnant With Her First Child

She shared exclusive maternity photos with 'Women's Health.'

9/20/2021 6:10:00 PM

Congratulations to jeanniemai and jeezy! 🎉❤️ See the exclusive maternity photos:

She shared exclusive maternity photos with 'Women's Health.'

The Realco-host has announced she and her husband Jeezy are expecting their first child together."Jeezy and I have been kind of saving this and hiding this for five months," she tellsWomen’s Health."So, we’re relieved to finally share the news." She’s admittedly a bit nervous, too. Before this morning's show her co-hosts, Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, and

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Garcelle Beauvais, had no idea she's expecting. But she looks forward to celebrating with them. (And no longer having to conceal her belly—a tough feat for the fashion-lover.)Jeannie and Jeezy decided they wanted to start a family nearly a year ago, but they struggled to conceive."It was not easy," the former

Dancing with the Starsin-vitro fertilization(IVF), which was a humbling experience."We both needed a bit of assistance, especially with me being 41 at the time," Jeannie explains. But then, just a month before the couple’s March 2021 wedding at their Atlanta home, Jeannie discovered she was pregnant. Soon after, however, she had a miscarriage. headtopics.com

"I wondered if I was being punished. I wondered if I’d jinxed myself or cursed myself," says Jeannie, because, up until last year, she never wanted to be a parent."My entire life, I never wanted children. When I say never, I’m talking a hard-stop never." She symbolized the choice with a tattoo on her stomach. It gave her a sense of freedom and serves as a reminder that motherhood is always her call.

So, following the miscarriage, she found herself reflecting on her change of heart."Falling in love with Jeezy made me see life differently for myself. Our love is honest, pure, and safe…something I hadn’t felt as a child," Jeannie says. It wasn’t until she met him that she could envision fostering the happy environments she and Jeezy missed out on growing up.

A week after their wedding, at a doctor’s appointment for her IVF treatments, Jeannie discovered she was pregnant again. It makes sense, she says, that during the happiest most stress-free period of her life, they were able to conceive."It was the most beautiful sign that anything’s possible, that you’re not in control, and God has a plan," she adds.

Throughout her pregnancy, Jeannie’s found herself thinking about her own childhood."I’m so aware of my own emotions growing up right now. It all comes back to you." She calls her parents amazing but says they had difficulty handling her trauma as a sexual assault survivor:"It still affects me to this day as an adult. So now, when I think about my child, the one thing I can tell you is how much I plan to protect this child," says Jeannie."I’ve got that down on lock." headtopics.com

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She’s not necessarily talking about early curfews, but about transparency. Jeannie plans on"really in-depth conversation about what people are, how to draw your own safe spaces, and how to understand consent." Now that Jeannie’s recently found her voice, she’ll make sure her child finds theirs sooner rather than later.

George Kapetanakis (@kapetanakis_santorini)"Being a mom is hands down the hardest role in the entire world," says Jeannie."Now that we’re bringing another Jenkins into the picture. I have no idea what to expect." But while she juggles the varying opinions about breastfeeding, eating her placenta, and doulas, watching Jeezy, who is father to two, has been a comfort.

"He’s an amazing dad," Jeannie says, and it"overwhelms me with even more love."Before bed, she and Jeezy will rest their hands on Jeannie’s belly and meditateuntil they fall asleep. It's a shared moment she cherishes every night. However, Jeannie's less moved when Jeezy claims to experience sympathy pregnancy symptoms including cravings and nausea—she's not buying it.

In addition to Jeezy and his supposed sympathy symptoms, Jeannie knows she can also rely on her fans, who she calls the Mai Fam, to be by her side in what will undoubtedly be a beautiful and wild ride."[They’re] going to be really helpful in telling me tried, true, and tested stories that will help me relate," says Jeannie. They’ve long helped reinforce her pride in who she is, so she knows they’re"in this together, and [she's] not going through this journey without them." headtopics.com

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jeanniemai Jeezy R we really celebrating a person who says black men r side pieces?The same woman about to raise a black child with that attitude towards black men? Only black men allow this racism from woman of other races N don’t tell me her ass changed She like that black thing like his money jeanniemai Jeezy Beautiful!!!❤️

jeanniemai Jeezy I’m so happy! jeanniemai Jeezy See what the right man can do. She strongly talked about not wanting kids for a long time. I saw a clip of The Real today on YouTube and she literally talks about how her husband made her feel safe and loved enough to want a baby with him. Am so happy for her❤🎊.

jeanniemai Jeezy Congratulations jeanniemai Jeezy It must be a shortage of white men!!!! jeanniemai Jeezy Another soon to be single mother Jeezy Wow, is this really true ? jeanniemai Jeezy This is why I never believe people when they say they don’t want kids. Congratulations for them. jeanniemai Jeezy ♥️

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jeanniemai Jeezy Smiling ear to ear because last time I checked Jeannie didn’t have the urge to have children! Wrong person wrong time with that last one. Glad she found happiness. Just goes to show how things can change when you find the right person. jeanniemai Jeezy Congratulations! Wonderful news.

jeanniemai Jeezy That is beautiful jeanniemai Jeezy Congratulations jeanniemai Jeezy ❤️💙love this for her. Sometimes it just takes the right time and person jeanniemai Jeezy Jeezy more Jizzy, yo. jeanniemai Jeezy I could have sworn she said didnt want children on an episode. I’m thinking of someone else?

jeanniemai Jeezy She looks stunning. jeanniemai Jeezy Who cares jeanniemai Jeezy What is meant to be will always be. Congratulations! The photos are amazingly beautiful 😍!

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jeanniemai Jeezy Congratulations Jeannie Mai & Jeezy! 👶🏼🤰🤴🏽🎉❤ jeanniemai Jeezy Awwww many blessings to you both. Love you both together. Yes!!💐💐💐💐💐🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Beautiful!!! I almost cried hearing the news. We need happy news. jeanniemai Jeezy so she wants to be pregnant but Not with the WRONG man

jeanniemai Jeezy my grandma says if you carry it low it’s a boy...sooo congrats! jeanniemai Jeezy 🤢🤢🤢 jeanniemai Jeezy Hmmm, I thought she didn't want kids! jeanniemai Jeezy Congrats Jeezy! jeanniemai Jeezy jeanniemai Jeezy Now this the baby shower of the year. When is the shower cousin? I’m bringing the greens 🥬

jeanniemai Jeezy After always saying she didn’t want kids 😯😯😯 WOW!!!

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jeanniemai Jeezy What's a Jeezy? jeanniemai Jeezy Didn't want kids with someone who didn't have the money or lifestyle she wanted jeanniemai Jeezy Congratulations to miss 'I don't want kids' jeanniemai Jeezy Wow, well isn't that something? She dumped her husband because he wanted to have children with her but she didn't want children. Now, she's married to Jeezy and is expecting her first child....Yeah, that makes total sense.

jeanniemai Jeezy Absolutely so Fkn! Happy For Her!!! (I Love It)♥️ Blessing to Both Them... jeanniemai Jeezy ❤️ jeanniemai Jeezy did you announce this before her 👀 jeanniemai Jeezy It is very progressive of you guys to feature a woman who weighs less than a quarter ton. I hope that other magazines follow suite and really get their act together.

jeanniemai Jeezy A woman looks thousands times beautiful than she's, during her pregnancy period jeanniemai Jeezy I heard she got some of her eggs frozen.

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jeanniemai Jeezy My thoughts: 1) Hmmm... 2) she seems really happy and I'm happy about that. I wish them the best 3) Are we to assume its a boy because she's wearing a blue dress? 4) TamarBraxtonHer told us about a week ago that J&J were pregnant 5) can't wait to hear the name. jeanniemai Jeezy Gotta be real proud of someone having a baby with a rapper………

jeanniemai Jeezy Beautiful! Congratulations. jeanniemai Jeezy Wow! And she was so against it before. I’m glad to see she’s happy 🥰 jeanniemai Jeezy Congrats jeanniemai Jeezy Oh sh*t..girl congrats. I thought you never wanted children but so happy for you. You look beautiful! jeanniemai Jeezy SkinCareBully

jeanniemai Jeezy Yes. Sounds like a very stable relationship. 🤦🏻‍♂️ jeanniemai Jeezy Congratulations!!!! ♥️ jeanniemai Jeezy KingAP504 losocoldtweets

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jeanniemai Jeezy Congratulations. jeanniemai Jeezy OMGGGGGG😭😭🎉🎉🎉 jeanniemai Jeezy Miss I don't want no kids I see you!!! 🥳🥳 jeanniemai Jeezy Yeah I can't congratulate her after hearing her say she don't want to have a child. I'm wondering did Jeezy talk her into having a child . it's not good to make this big a change for someone when you were so adamant about your previous decision

jeanniemai Jeezy So happy she feels safe...Congratulations!! 💓 jeanniemai Jeezy Congratulations to them both!!!❤ jeanniemai Jeezy Wowwww...Congratulations! 🎉 jeanniemai Jeezy Congratulations Jeannie❤🥰😍 Phil_Lewis_ jeanniemai Jeezy beautiful jeanniemai Jeezy We knewwwww it!!!! Congrats to my gurl! This is inspiring to know that things can CHANGE! 😍

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jeanniemai Jeezy So happy for Jeannie and Jeezy 🥰🥰