The Queen Hilariously Trolled a Group of Tourists Who Didn't Recognize Her in Balmoral

They asked her if she'd ever met the Queen...

8/2/2021 3:05:00 AM

The Queen Hilariously Trolled a Group of Tourists Who Didn't Recognize Her in Balmoral

They asked her if she'd ever met the Queen...

for low-key looks in more muted colors and enjoys simple activities like spending time with family and walking her dogs.During one of her walks around the estate, the Queen ran into a group of American tourists who clearly had no idea they were speaking to

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, according to her former protection officer, Richard Griffin, who worked with the royal family for more than 30 years.Griffin shared the story with theTimes (perThe Sun), explaining that the tourists asked if she lived in the area, to which the Queen replied that she had a house nearby (which is technically true, in so much as

is a"house"). When the tourists asked if she had ever met the Queen, however, her answer was a perfect example of playfully witty trolling in action."No, but this policeman has," she answered, pointing to Griffin.Tragically, Griffin did not share how he reacted to that brilliant response in the moment or if the tourists followed up with him asking about his encounter with royalty. He did reveal that the group parted ways with the Queen having no idea who they had actually just met.

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