The Queen has cancelled a trip overseas due to 'medical reasons'

The Palace has said the decision was 'reluctantly' made

10/20/2021 4:49:00 PM

The Queen has cancelled a trip overseas due to 'medical reasons'

The Palace has said the decision was 'reluctantly' made

's royal correspondent, Daniela Relph, has commented on the significant choice of wording from the Palace, pointing out that it is deliberately not wanting to cause any alarm concerning Her Majesty's health.'She has had a busy schedule of engagements over the past couple of weeks that would test the resilience of many people far younger than her,'

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saidRelph after the announcement was made. 'I saw her last Tuesday at an event at Westminster Abbey. It was the first time she had used a walking stick in public. She also took a shorter route into the Abbey, [which] we were told this was 'for her own comfort', but she still looked incredibly well and engaged for a 95-year-old.'

It seems that the Queen is also very much of the mindset that you're only as young as you feel, as she recently turned down the award for Oldie of the Year via a charming letter sent by her private secretary.The note added: 'As such, the Queen does not believe she meets the relevant criteria to be able to accept the award, and hopes you will find a more worthy recipient.'

Here's to sending the Queen our very best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery. Read more: Red Magazine »


Northern Ireland is currently part of the UK, not overseas

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The Queen cancels Northern Ireland trip after 'reluctantly accepting' medical adviceThe monarch, 95, had been due to visit Northern Ireland over Wednesday and Thursday

Queen ‘Reluctantly’ Accepts Medical Advice To Rest, Cancels Northern Ireland VisitThe 95-year-old British monarch was scheduled to carry out a two-day visit to Northern Ireland starting on Wednesday. Dennismayson9 you're the greatest I've seen so far and I'm happy I didn't lose this opportunity, I'll continue to testify about your amazing platform and how you've changed my life for good 🙏 We will be deeply disappointed There's no greater joy than having financial freedom and a life free debts 😊, that's why I keep posting a comment about Mr Dereck0111

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Queen Elizabeth Cancels Trip, Rests on Medical AdviceQueen Elizabeth canceled a trip to Northern Ireland after doctors advised her to rest for a few days, a rare case in which Britain’s longest-serving monarch has had to step back from public duties owing to ill health Take care please! поправляйся бабуль!🖤🖤 Prince Andrew is healthy but she is hiding him from us authorities.