The Queen Has an 'Unspoken Rule' Against Talking Badly About Family Members to Outsiders

The Queen Has an 'Unspoken Rule' Against Talking Badly About Family Members to Outsiders

4/18/2021 8:43:00 PM

The Queen Has an 'Unspoken Rule' Against Talking Badly About Family Members to Outsiders

According to Bryan Kozlowski in his book Long Live the Queen, the Queen has an 'unspoken rule' against talking badly about family to outsiders.

herself."One of the Queen's unspoken rules is to never talk badly about any member of her family to outsiders, rather only support them, when she can," Kozlowski writes, citingPrincess Diana's ongoing drama in the 1990sas example of a time when the Queen refused to deviate from her supportive stance, even when it wasn't the easiest thing to do.

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"Diana might have made her life unimaginably difficult in the 1990s, but the Queen quickly jumped to her defense when, during a press conference at the Palace, an editor of theNews of the World, inquired that if Diana didn't want the paparazzi following her, couldn't she send a servant to run her errands for her?" he writes."'That's the most pompous thing I have ever heard,' responded the Queen, famously earning a round of applause from the other editors in the room."

Over the years, some people, includingPrince Philip's uncle, Louis Mountbatten, have taken note of the Queen's stalwart support for her family members and praised her ability to handle all of their drama and difficulties with grace."The more he witnessed the royal drama unfold, the more Louis Mountbatten believed that keeping her family together and coping with their self-inflicted messes was the Queen's greatest personal achievement," Kozlowski writes."More so when you consider, as Mountbatten told his confidant John Barratt, that while 'most people can hide their family difficulties...hers are always the focus of public attention.' Yet, for the Queen, it's always been the bigger picture, not the isolated tiffs with her children, grandchildren, husband or sister, that have most concerned her. She still believes, as her mother did before her, that 'a united family is the strongest thing in the world.'"

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