The Power of the ARMY: BTS' Entire FILA Collection Sold Out In Only 24 Hours

BTS' Entire Urban Outfitters FILA Collection Sold Out In Only 24 Hours

7/14/2020 7:39:00 PM

BTS' Entire Urban Outfitters FILA Collection Sold Out In Only 24 Hours

Yesterday, the Bangton Boys launched their FILA 'Voyager Collection' exclusively at Urban Outfitters. Today, that collection is almost completely sold out.

BTS' Entire Urban Outfitters FILA Collection Sold Out In Only 24 HoursThere's only ONE item still available.ByJul 14, 2020FILAThe BTS ARMY has proven, once and for all, that they are a force of nature – one that is not to be reckoned with. Yesterday, the Bangton Boys launched their FILA collection exclusively at

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. Today (ya, as in 24 hours later), that collection is almost completely sold out."The Voyager Collection" was a drop of tees, hats, hoodies, and bags – basically, allthe merch you really need for your next BTS show. The special-edition line launched in South Korea earlier this year and just hit the US for the first time ever.

Inspired by the many intergalactic references in BTS music (read:"You were the one that made your way to me / I do believe your galaxy / I want to listen to your melody / Your stars in the Milky Way"), each item featured galaxy print, zodiac signs, and constellations. The merch also leaned heavily into the color purple, BTS' signature hue.

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can find more items from their collab here: I'm late!!! 😭💜 BTS_twt Nothing gets left behind! Bucket hat SOLD OUT!! Hiiii biggest group in the world Sold out KINGS. BTS_twt lskdjd I was so confused omg I thought it was the group seventeen lmao kimcha_bts7 The power of BTS_twt ...........I never get something nice in time.............. f ck....

lol they never had so many likes and rtwts 😅 BTSARMY, Vkook said 'calm down' 😬 💜 BTS_twt 😍Louder pls YourEyesTell YourEyesTellNow YETProdByJK MOTS7_THEJOURNEY MapOfTheSoul7TheJourney BTS_twt Really army Wow BTS Sold Out 💜💜 Kings 👑 qe And i thought y'all broke I DIDNT EVEN SEE THIS UNTIL I SAW NEWS THAT ITS ALL SOLD OUT? ALSO TO ALL YALL ARMYS WHO BOUGHT SOMETHING BUT STILL SAY UR BROKE

there was only four items, it wasn't /that/ hard Cuando no ARMY 😂❤ And Armys say they are broke...I have trust issues lmao sigh another sold out yet we didnt knew it was on sale next i didn’t even know the collection dropped 😭 Please remove the sentence reference of 'boys.' Media are influencers and enable beliefs and values in the American psyche. By using the term 'boys' Seventeen enables/promotes prejudice. We need to move past outdated inter-generational categorization of artists.

vackerjin me getting mad at y’all bc i wanted to get it to even tho I’m broke They better put more on the shelf’s yes9801 Didn't even know it was happening today ARMYs come onnn!! this is why people would be terrified it BTS did merch bundles. HUH WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN what btsworldwider Good boys But when told to purchase their music on iTunes suddenly everyone have no funds🙄

btsworldwider at this point, are we still even surprised? KINGSSSSS + ARMY POWERRRR 💜BTS_TWT Its_annadim damn they look good 💜 Kings! 💜 BTS_twt KIIIIIIINGS BTS_twt BTSPurpleBullet Are we surprised? 😎 BTS_twt Please correct spelling and update: Bangtan (not Bangton) btsworldwider what i didn't know they sold them there

Casi me da algo Chale y una acá re pobre ARE U SERIOUS😭😭😭😭 ibARMYforever As it should Its just funny how this tweet is the most interacted tweet by this acc 😂😂 Dang ARMY I didn't even get to see! Waaaaaah i thought it was svt's acc byejfnhdhj OMG damn that insane charts_k IDOL MV is only 800k away from reaching 700M views BTS_twt 🔗

Legends behavior Please correct the spelling of Bangtan Boys! 👍 RafranzDavis If it’s BTS .... Army will sell it out.... PEIROD 💅🏽 Did we expect anything else from BTSARMY? 🙄 Ain't nobody broke when it comes to BTS merch! 🥴 Hey Google, play 'Lie' by BTS_twt 🥰💜 fila UrbanOutfitters restock please!

I'm not surprised 😁😁👍👍 BTS_twt RafranzDavis YourEyesTellNow MOTS7_TheJourney_OutNow MOTS7_THEJOURNEY_BTS 7_THEJOURNEY_TODAY MapOfTheSoul7TheJourney BTS_twt I was confused I'm not even surprise modooborahae Pls correct the phrase 'Bangton Boys' in the article. Thank you. Ami I thought you were broke

ksj_mm When did it even go on sale? Why I find out after it’s sold out? and armys have the audacity to say, 'omg bighit bang pdnim oppar we're broke' modooborahae King of sold out BTS_twt Well alright then😲 All ARMY do is lie. 'We are broke' they say then sell out everything. LIARS. 24 HOURS?!:&/? THIS IS INSANE

Always hearing “ARMYs are broke” ...then I see this🧐 Uh huh🤣🤣🤣 I didnt have time to look to the website 😭😭😭 Pleaz restock De dónde sacan tanto dinero? BTS_twt the way how armys always say the magic word 'WE ARE BROKE / AF' then sold out everything...yeah BTS_twt BTS BTSARMY modooborahae MASSIVE 💜

Not to mention that everything was on backorder already haha Lmao BTS_twt I didn’t even get to look. Really ARMY? 😳 We know this will happen but still we are shocked coz ARMYS always say 'WE ARE BROKE' but this happen 😑🤦 i want one please restock BTS_twt Lmao,, when I saw the name of the account I was confused why would seventeen(the kpop one) tweet about bts' entire urban blah blah,, but LSBCJSKNDJSKKDJEJFJLMMAAOOOOOOOO I WAS WRONG HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Kings. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 __gaciria Broke ARMYs right now: 👁👄👁 Why y’all pretend to be broke? even BTS KNOWS THE TRUTH

The BTS x Fila Collection Is Finally Available In the USFINALLY 🤑 bts_twt BTS_twt ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ BTS_twt Heh... I wish one day it’ll be able in Russia... but it’s only a dream BTS_twt 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜✌ BTS_twt

The BTS x Fila Collection Is Finally Available In the USFINALLY 🤑 bts_twt BTS_twt ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ BTS_twt Heh... I wish one day it’ll be able in Russia... but it’s only a dream BTS_twt 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜✌ BTS_twt

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