The Palace Intruder and the Queen Barely Talked IRL—at Least According to Him

The Palace Intruder and the Queen Barely Talked IRL—at Least According to Him

11/21/2020 10:16:00 PM

The Palace Intruder and the Queen Barely Talked IRL—at Least According to Him

What actually happened was veryyyy different from what you saw on 'The Crown.'

ByMehera BonnerNov 21, 2020Hands up if you knew that a straight-up intruder broke into the Palace and entered Queen Elizabeth's bedroom back in 1982? Yeah, me neither, so give an iffy welcome to Michael Fagan. OnSeason 4, Fagan is portrayed as a struggling man who just wanted his voice to be heard—and found an unwilling-but-polite sounding board in the Queen. The real life story, however, is a little different. Though fear not, the whole wine-stealing thing is true. Dude just wanted a drink, mmkay?

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Okay, First of All, What Did He Look Like IRL?Like this! Here's our dude in 1985, three years after breaking into the Palace in 1982.R. BrigdenDid He Really Break Into the Palace TWICE?!Yes. Yes, he did. The first incident (in which he didnotsee the Queen) went down in June 1982. As we saw in

The CrownThe Independentin 2012,"It was harder to get out than get in. I eventually found a door and walked out into the back gardens, climbed over the wall and walked down the Mall, looking back and thinking 'ooh.' I hadn't thought about going in there until that last second when it came into my head to do it, so I was shocked."

What About the Wine Thing?Fagan said he did, in fact, drink a bunch of wine during his first visit to the Palace—just like we saw inThe CrownThe Independent:"I found rooms saying 'Diana's room,' 'Charles's room;' they all had names on them. But I couldn't find a door which said 'WC.' All I found were some bins with 'corgi food' written on them. I was breaking my neck to go to the toilet. What do I do? Pee on the carpet? So I had to pee on the corgi food. I got into Charles's room and took the wine off the shelf and drunk it. It was cheap Californian."

Did He Really Leave Bloodstains on the Queen's Bed?At the beginning ofThe Crown'sbreak-in episode, a newscaster says Fagan"had cut himself on a broken window and left blood stains on the Queen's bed." This appears to be true based on a

New York Timesreport from July 22, 1982, which read,"Fagan entered the private apartments and went first to an anteroom, where he broke into several pieces an ordinary glass ashtray." The report goes on to say"The piece of glass was subsequently found on Her Majesty's bed. There was a bloodstain on the bedclothes which came from a superficial cut on Fagan's right thumb caused by the broken glass."

Matt GreenWhat Did He and the Queen Actually Talk About?According to Fagan, not much of anything. While legend has it (and Read more: Cosmopolitan »

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