Tokyo 2020, World, Tokyo Olympics 2020 Opening Ceremony: Live Updates

Tokyo 2020, World

The Olympics stadium looks full of people, but it isn't. Here's how.

The #Tokyo2020 Olympics stadium looks full of people, but it isn't. Here's why:

7/23/2021 3:00:00 PM

The Tokyo2020 Olympics stadium looks full of people, but it isn't. Here's why:

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics formally kicks off with the Opening Ceremony after the Games were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Follow here for the latest news on the Summer Olympics.

After a year of delays and uncertainty, the Olympics formally kick off todayThe floor of Olympic Stadium is lit before the start of the opening ceremony July 23, in Tokyo. David J. Phillip/APIt's Friday, July 23. The Olympic Games are about to formally begin, and here's what you need to know.

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It's go time:A year after their scheduled start date, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (they kept the 2020 branding) are set to begin. The Games officially kick off Friday night Japan time with the opening ceremony, putting an endto months of speculation over

whether the event would even able to go ahead as Japan struggles to rein in Covid-19.Thursday saw Tokyo record 1,979 new Covid cases — the highest daily number since Jan. 15. As of Thursday, there have been 110 positive cases linked to the Games as those arriving in Tokyo undergo a rigorous testing program.

A handful of athletes have seen their dreams dashed after testing positive for the virus, forcing them to withdraw from competition. Most competitors spend years, if not most of their lives, training to reach the Olympics — and about 70% of them only get the opportunity once,

according to Dick Pound, the longest-serving member of the International Olympic Committee.The dignitaries arrive:French President Emmanuel Macron, whose country will host the next Summer Games in 2024, has arrived in Tokyo for the opening ceremony. First Lady Jill Biden is also traveling to the Japanese capital. She's scheduled to meet with Emperor Naruhito at the Imperial Palace ahead of the opening ceremony.

However, the number of dignitaries in attendance will be much smaller than previous years. Organizers said only 950 VIPs will be present in a stadium that can seat nearly 70,000 people. While athletes normally enter the stadium to a crowd of roaring fans, they'll instead be greeted by mostly empty seats — a stark, visual reminder of the pandemic's toll.

What's on schedule:Friday in Japan is pretty light. There are no medals up for grabs, but archery and rowing have preliminary competitions. The Games kick off in earnest Saturday morning Japan time, which is Friday night on the US East Coast. Scroll down to check out what events are coming Friday US time.

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A “sonification” project led by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and NASA’s Universe of Learning program transforms otherwise inaudible data from some of the world’s most powerful telescopes into sound.

The propaganda arm of the US Deep State, which wants to demonize Japan, doesn't like what Japan is doing? Did they expect Japan to do what Korea has done? seefar_bigjapan 私達はあの絶望から立ち上がり今日を迎えました。 そりゃ完璧な開催状況とは程遠い事くらい分かってる。 それでもここまで来たんです。 Such a sad opening ceremony! The Tokyo Olympic committee is still adapting a song of a racist/sexist. The first song used when athletes marched into the stadium was the theme song of Dragon Quest Series, which was composed by Koichi Sugiyama. He’s known as a far right racist.

Bear Invades Olympic Softball Stadium, Still On The Loose!Beary scary situation at the Tokyo Olympics ... 'cause a wild bear has broken into the softball softball stadium -- and it's STILL ON THE LOOSE!!! Bear-faced cheek. 😳😳😳😳😳

Will the Games win the hearts of the world? Not if they become a superspreader event firstDespite calls to cancel the Tokyo Olympics due to coronavirus cases, the city is opening its borders to tens of thousands of people because it's too expensive to halt the Games. Seems like a COVID super spreader Olympics is inevitable at this point.

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See a first look at TODAY's set at the Tokyo OlympicsThe countdown to Friday's opening ceremony begins! Today Show has the WORST RATINGS in Years!!!! Lmao !!!! It’s because they DONT TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!! That’s what the FAKE NEWS GETS!!!!!!

A favorite target of Russian hackers, the Olympics are on guardRussian hackers have disrupted each of the Olympic Games since 2016. In a public alert released Monday, the FBI said it is “not aware of any specific cyber threat against these Olympics, but encourages partners to remain vigilant.” You sure? “Constant vigilance” -Mad Eye Moody