Donald Trump, Economy, Poverty

Donald Trump, Economy

The Next Recession Is Going to Be Brutal

The next recession is going to be brutal


The next recession is going to be brutal

The economy is showing signs of turning, and the people who saw the least benefit from the latest boom are now the most vulnerable ahead of the next bust

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Fear monger much? Am sure you info is completely accurate and unbiased.....not Also worth noting: A number of employers need a$$es in seats and admit to settling for lesser quality staff than they might otherwise. So having a job doesn't mean motivated, doesn't mean quality, and may mean the death (or severe decline) of those businesses in a recession.

Looks like he's passing a kidney stone. While I don't disagree with some of the points in the article, you should, at least, edit it for typos before posting. Since December freight has slowed down . No merchandise-means no one is buying .. workingmans buying power has dropped ! Walmart to close 200 stores ..2008 is here again thanks to republicans morons

Here's a Pic of the Last People that Followed and Believed the Financial Advice in Articles thought up by Rolling Shit Magazine... is this pic a VicBergerIV edit he seems to have a face that is not fully formed, like the pod people in body snatchers

Goldman Sachs may lose money on the Apple Card in the next recession, Nomura saysGoldman's first credit card is 'highly sensitive' to rising net charge offs, and the bank will begin to lose money if losses reach about 8%, Carcache wrote. Nomura lol Who cares Hahaha May lose? Why even write this

russian_market When every single reporter in the world see that a recession is coming, it's time to place more bets on the market. Why? Because all the reporters are poor. Just prior to his quarterly Moult. why the Democratic primaries are so important...the next recession will come in the next presidential term and we'll survive it and get out of it faster with Sanders or Warren as pres rather than Biden or, worst of all, Trump

It might not be the Great Recession II. Instead, we might have a Great Depression II. 🙄 He looks like a thumb😳 ann dowd? He looks awful I’m I wrong russian_market Sweaty burnt Cheeto - ew The TrumpRecession will bankrupt your 401K because Trump knows bankruptcy.

AI And Machine Learning Are Powering Next Generation Media OperationsBloomberg’s Pooja Malpani shares her insights into tech-driven media trends and why more women should pursue a career in tech

These Four Candidates Are Scrambling to Make the Cut for the Next Democratic DebateWith the deadline to qualify for the next Democratic presidential debates just 2 weeks away, candidates on the bubble are mounting some of their final offensives, seeking supporters who can help them make the cut Gm ADOS Gm FBA B1 24 7 365 No Black Agenda No Black Vote Please do not encourage them. We need to get this race down to four or five. No more two-night, two-hour marathons. Tulsi's looking for help from ANYWHERE, right? She's Putin's favorite choice, let's see if the bots help her out (again).

Republican senator to introduce bill next month making domestic terrorism a punishable federal crimeThe effort aims to close a loophole in federal authorities' ability to prosecute suspects in domestic terrorism cases. Ever heard of 'thou Shalt not commit murder'!!! But then State governments don't want to remove murderers from society with the death penalty! Nope, on criminals get to use the death penalty on their victims!! But Dems still want to let them vote from prison.🙄 WHITEHOUSE SCOTUS USSUPREMECOURT CIVILRIGHTS DHSGOV STATEDEPT THEJOINTSTAFF DEPTOFDEFENSE MASSGOV MASSGOVERNOR MASSLTGOV MASSAGO TOWNOFEASTON VTSTATEPOLICE MASSSTATEPOLICE BOSTONPOLICE BROCKTONPOLICE REALDONALDTRUMP SPEAKERPELOSI REPSTEPHENLYNCH REPJOEKENNEDY

Must Read: Ashley Graham Is Pregnant With Her First Child, What's Next for Diet PradaPlus, The RealReal reveals best-selling luxury brands and resale trends.

Wilbur Ross: No date for next round of U.S.-China talksWilbur Ross suggested that the U.S. and China haven’t determined when to hold their next round of face-to-face trade talks Let's see Ross's accounts... timing of trades. Elmer Fudd. Elmer Fucking Fudd. That is all.

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