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The New York City Mayoral Race Has Been Weird. Here's What You Need to Know

The New York City mayoral race has been weird. Here’s what you need to know.

5/11/2021 2:03:00 PM

The New York City mayoral race has been weird. Here’s what you need to know.

Andrew Yang is leading the pack in the Democratic primary, but anything can happen with less than two months to go until the election

; and claiming after the 2018 shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh that he would carry a gun whenever he enters a place of worship. He also said last year that if elected mayor he’d forgo a security detail and instead just carry a gun himself, comments he

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later walked back.Regardless, Adams has curried plenty of favor during his tenure as president of the city’s most populous borough (he won election in 2013 with more than 80 percent of the vote and re-election in 2017 with more than 80 percent), giving him a solid base of support for his mayoral run.

What is he pushing?Adams is a moderate Democrat and was even registered as a Republican until 2001. He’s advocated for small businesses and real-estate development, and stressed the overarching importance of public safety, calling it aHe often touts his ability to take on crime, citing his two decades of experience in law enforcement. He supports police reform, although he’s stopped short of endorsing anything resembling the “defunding” of the NYPD.

Who has endorsed him?Adams has received an array of endorsements from current and former U.S. representatives, New York state politicians, New York City politicians, and even New York Mets great Doc Gooden.What are his chances?isn’t far behind him.A poll conducted in mid-April found him in second place, receiving 20 percent of first-place votes compared to Yang’s 26 percent.

SHAUN DONOVANWho is he?Donovan is a Manhattan native with experience in both city and federal government. He was the commissioner of housing preservation and development under Mayor Michael Bloomberg before jumping to the Obama administration to serve as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He then moved to the Office of Management and Budget, which he directed from 2014 until President Trump took office.

What is he pushing?“Equity Bonds”for all New York City children. The city would deposit up to $2,000 annually in those of low-income families, money he believes could be worth $50,000 by the time the child is 18. Donovan believes such long-term investment will be more effective at tackling inequality than simply handing out a few checks. “Proposing 200 bucks a month to a few New Yorkers is not going to change people’s lives,” he tells

Rolling Stone. “But if you really look at what drives inequality in this city, what drives gentrification, it is wealth, and white families have 10 times the wealth of black families, and eight times the wealth of Latino families.”Donovan has also been promoting the idea of “15-minute neighborhoods,” in which every New York City community would have easy access to essential food, health care, public transportation, and other services. “[These things] need to be part of how we plan and build our city if we’re going to get rid of the persistent, persistent inequality we have across racial and other lines,” he says.

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Who has endorsed him?Donovan has touted his experience working with city mayors, and a few of them have given him the nod to lead the nation’s largest city. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, and the former mayor of Fresno, California, Ashley Swearengin have all lent their support. Other notables include Sen. John Hickenlooper, former Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, and Brooklyn pastor Rev. Johnny Ray Youngblood, with whom Donovan worked to create 5,000 low-income homes in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Also: Ed Norton.

What are his chances?It’s not looking great right now. Read more: Rolling Stone »

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Just say NO to Yang. Amy Schumer and John Leguizamo have joined the Yang Gang, as well. So have several key Jewish leaders? So what. You think it is significant! ADL does not with Israel at war.

New York City mayor: Who is winning the money race?The Democratic mayoral primary is one of the most consequential elections in New York City in recent memory. We broke down the top candidates by donations, contributors, share of New York City donors, remaining cash and average donation size: please retweet. Mauritania is facing acute humanitarian needs, including high levels of food insecurity (over 25 per cent of the population in severe food insecurity in most of the provinces) and very high rates of acute malnutrition. UN When will this race end? I feel like it's gone on longer than most presidential races. Does anybody outside NYC care? Anyone but Yang. Support of charter schools should disqualify him or any Dem candidate.

New York City Taxis Roll Back Into Town New York City taxicabs that idled for most of the pandemic are getting ready to hit the streets as Covid-19 restrictions ease and businesses prepare for a full reopening, city officials say Restaurants, offices, retail stores, theaters, museums, barbershops, amusement parks and gyms, and fitness centers will all be allowed to operate at full capacity since the pandemic began. There is a time to live and a time to die. 👍👀😀

New York City to deploy more patrols in Times Square after shootingMore New York police officers will patrol Times Square after a shooting last weekend that injured three people, including a child, the mayor said on Monday as he sought to reassure visitors that the city is safe as it reopens after the yearlong coronavirus pandemic.

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New York to require vaccinations of university studentsNEW YORK (Reuters) -Students at the State University of New York and the City University of New York must get vaccinated against the coronavirus to attend classes this fall, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday. The requirement, affecting more than 435,000 full-time students, comes as Cuomo and other officials offer a slew of incentives aimed at encouraging people to get inoculated as they see vaccine demand declining. 'So, today, no excuses,' Cuomo said at a briefing. This is pending Pfizer's full FDA approval status.