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The New Nanny Novel Is a Political Statement

Leila Slimani's prize-winning novel 'The Perfect Nanny' paved the way for a newer crop of books that examine the role of nannies.

7/16/2020 4:04:00 AM

Leila Slimani's prize-winning novel 'The Perfect Nanny' paved the way for a newer crop of books that examine the role of nannies.

Leila Slimani's prize-winning novel 'The Perfect Nanny' paved the way for a newer crop of books that examine the role of nannies.

Friends and Strangers, although class is brought into sharper focus than race. Financially struggling college senior Sam is at first seduced, then ultimately appalled by the way her employer, new mom and Brooklyn transplant Elisabeth, goes out of her way to deny her wealth (the discovery of a

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$46 hand soapplays a pivotal role in Sam's disillusionment.)Like Alix, Elisabeth is a white woman willing to pay not only for childcare, but for the seductive idea that she is enriching a less-privileged younger woman's life: When Emira and Sam fail to adhere to their employer's expectations, both mothers balk. Elisabeth is a less scathing interpretation of the

than Alix is, but ultimately, both women let privilege blind them to the reality that the young domestic workers in their lives don't exist for their benefit alone.What's crucial aboutandFriends and Strangers, though, is that they are more than "nanny novels" predicated on a Manichaean dynamic between employer and employee. They expertly lay bare the shortcomings of the employers they represent, but they allow them humanity too: These mothers are lost, isolated and often have no one else to whom they feel they can turn other than their nannies. More importantly, while these books center the young women who have been transported into unfamiliar and luxe surroundings under the auspices of caregiving, they take care to define their protagonists by more than their work.

As a pandemic and a long-overdueracial reckoninggive way to a more general reexamination of the social inequities we structure our lives around, it feels like the ideal moment for a wave of novels that dismantle our deeply ingrained expectations around caregiving and provide an framing of the nanny-employer relationship that is complex, murky, and—ultimately, necessarily—flawed.

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