The new cast of 'Scream' reveal their favorite scary movies

The fresh-faced new cast of 'Scream' reveal their favorite scary movies — and how David Arquette taught them to paint like Bob Ross.

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1/15/2022 1:49:00 AM

.​​dylanminnette, JackQuaid92, and itsnotsonia recall meeting DavidArquette and more from filming ScreamMovie. Check out our full interview with the ScreamMovies cast here:

The fresh-faced new cast of 'Scream' reveal their favorite scary movies — and how David Arquette taught them to paint like Bob Ross.

David's here???I remember feeling the whole time, like, "Do I belong here? How am I here?" It's pretty mind-blowing. I have to say, what I really take away from this is the relationships I built with these wonderful humans — the connections we made, the memories we had even off screen. We have the shared album, and that is my favorite thing to do: to go back and look at all our silly videos and photos. I love you guys.

Scream| Credit: Paramount Picturessoundsmovie together. And then we went into the house and toured it and did silly videos and had fun. That was a very special night.BARRERA:

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dylanminnette JackQuaid92 itsnotsonia DavidArquette ScreamMovies I LOVE THAT IT HAS THE SAME CHARACTERS IN!!!!!

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