The NBA Will Reportedly Return on July 31

Only 22 teams will be invited to continue the NBA season. The Knicks aren’t one of them.

6/3/2020 8:36:00 PM

The NBA's plan calls for 22 teams to return to action, with all games taking place in Orlando

Only 22 teams will be invited to continue the NBA season. The Knicks aren’t one of them.

The plan calls for 22 teams to return to action on the last day of July. They’ll play eight regular-season games in Orlando to determine playoff seeding, with a complicated play-in scenario to determine the last seed. Then the postseason will begin, also in Orlando, with the last possible day of the NBA Finals coming on October 12.

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The 22 teams that have gotten the invite include the eight from the Eastern and Western Conferences that would make the playoffs if the season ended today and six other teams — five from the West and one from the East. The one from the East is the Wizards, meaning today marks the Knicks’ official elimination from the NBA playoffs.

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And the other 8 teams? Can't wait! Goodness how exciting. is that sasha vujacic? BryanPenninger did u see this?!

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