Los Angeles County İssued A Vaccine Proof Requirement For İndoor Bars And Nightclubs - Cnn

Los Angeles County İssued A Vaccine Proof Requirement For İndoor Bars And Nightclubs - Cnn

The most populous county in the US issued a proof of vaccine requirement for indoor bars and nightclubs

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9/18/2021 4:49:00 AM

Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the US, will require customers and employees in indoor bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination starting October 7, according to a new health order

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Worst. State. Ever. At least they are giving those folks time to get vaccinated if they are not Now I see how Jim Jones got so many people to drink the kool-aid.... Boycot them. Y.Y.. GOT VERY SERIOUS OF THOSE 2 BLOOD PRESSURESZ YYOU ORDER/QSZ AND GOT BACK THE ANSWERSZ THATSZ YYOUR WON AND YYOU MIND WHAT THE ANSWERSZ ARE

It’s unraveling. The vax is dangerous and outdated. The boosters are dangerous. Report on this👉🏻 Either get vaccinated or die from the virus. Government has ample supply of URNS and Cemetery Plots Yeah!!! Listen up America! That’s how you keep the virus down! CA numbers are either the lowest or very close to the lowest and there are 40 million people in our state! Republican states bug your Govs to do what we do and the virus will be a thing of the past!

These places are trying to keep their places open. If they have COVID cases, they will have to shut down and lose money. If you don't like the rules, stay at home and cook. The only way this country eliminates or slows down COVID is to do exactly the same thing. COVID Passport. No more games either get vac or stay in the damn house. Insurance Co should not pay for COVID life saving treatment. They had their chance

Hurrah! Safer for the staff and safer for the vaccinated.

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WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. to Target Crypto Ransomware Payments With SanctionsThe Biden administration hopes to disrupt the digital finance infrastructure that facilitates ransomware cyber attacks, a national security threat traced to Russia. We must do better to secure networks. Ransom attacks were present before crypto and usually involve gift cards. It is important to support and protect new crypto systems that can provide an untold amount of advancements as they mature.

GOP Senate candidate: US should not accept Afghan refugeesThe United States should not accept Afghan refugees, including translators and others who helped the American military during the 20-year war, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jim Lamon said, staking out a hardline stance against a group of immigrants that has had widespread support from both parties. Rather than bringing them to the homeland, the United States should help Afghans who assisted in the war to flee the Taliban and resettle in the Middle East, Lamon told The Associated Press Wednesday evening. “They should go to countries that are friendly to them and us,” Lamon said. Not surprising. Let’s get this straight. If Biden wanted to block the refugees, Republicans would be screaming to bring them in. That is how Washington and the GQP work now. Seriously

Latest: US to spend $2.1B to improve infection controlWASHINGTON — The federal government is spending $2.1 billion to improve infection control procedures in health care settings, aimed at preventing the transmission of diseases inside hospitals, dialysis centers and other facilities. FDA feels it necessary to allow anti-vaxxer wingnuts to release 3 minute propaganda spewings in their live public conference. One on now lying that the vaccines kill more than they save. This is going to set public health back by months at least. Strike Teams sounds very aggressive yet sci-fi in nature. Kind of like the Space Force moniker the current administration mocked at one point.

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