The most exclusive 'dating app for Jews' is not actually that Jewish

So who is the most exclusive Jewish dating app even for?

10/26/2021 11:35:00 PM

So who is the most exclusive Jewish dating app even for?

We tried it and can't tell what's particularly Jewish about it.

, as in they don't tend to attend religious services but enjoy eating Jewish foods and celebrating some holiday traditions. But whether a dating app itself can be culturally Jewish raises questions about who Lox Club is for and whether folks who aim to meet Jewish partners will get what they expect out of the paid service.

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The app is only for people who are single and want to date. Combine that with the fact that you need to apply, then pay for the service (it's around $36 for three months), and the pool of potential users shrinks. As it was, when I was using Lox Club earlier in 2021, I'd rarely come across fellow New Yorkers or even users on the East Coast.

Nothing is worse than a dating app with paltry numbers — except maybe an actual party with too-few attendees. This is where influencer marketing comes in: Lox Club paid Bellotte to drum up buzz and RSVPs for fashion week.Of the actual party, Bellotte said she connected with all sorts of people from different corners of the city."They're not looking for one kind of person to join their app and promote them," she said."It's for everybody."

Forwhomwith ridiculously high standards now?We have to ask, then: Why is Lox Club called Lox Club in the first place? Why is it"for Jews with ridiculously high standards," even thought it's actually not? What exactly are we paying $36 for? JSwipe, meanwhile, can be used for free, while JDate is a paid membership that costs about $30 for six months after a free trial.

Bellotte guessed that Lox Club took this route to stand out in the increasingly large heap of dating apps."There's so many different apps out there now," she said."They need to have something that makes them different."I wonder, too, if Kevitch knows the answers to these questions himself. Given that he started

, that might explain why its"mission" doesn't really hold up to scrutiny."They need to have something that makes them different."Now, over a year since its inception, Lox Club continues to be in this murky Jewish-but-not-really territory. Rappers

(half-Jewish, as am I) signed on as investors, with their manager Adam Kluger blasting other Jewish dating apps:"JDate screams desperation," he toldRolling Stonein June."JSwipe is just a piece of shit.""There’s a real gap in the marketplace," Kluger added, but exactly what gap is Lox Club filling for Jewish daters? The simple act of mingling in a members-only space?

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"I haven't been on Lox Club for a week yet and I've already liked more people than my three years on Bumble, Hinge, The League, etc," aon the website claims. Based on my experience, I don't see how that's possible, unless you don't mind liking people in LA or Toronto.

SEE ALSO:Bellotte told me she loves Lox Club for its unique look and elevated feel, but beyond that it's not clear what non-Jewish people get out of the experience, either — except, of course, being able to say they got in.Long story short? I canceled my Lox Club subscription. Maybe my standards are too ridiculously high.

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