The Minneapolis Police Officer Who Knelt On George Floyd's Neck Has Been Arrested

Derek Chauvin was taken into custody Friday morning.

5/29/2020 8:36:00 PM

The Minneapolis Police Officer Who Knelt On George Floyd's Neck Has Been Arrested

Derek Chauvin was taken into custody Friday morning.

FacebookDerek Chauvin, the white Minneapolis officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck before he died, has been arrested, Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington announced.Floyd's death, captured on video as he struggled for air and begged officers to stop so he could breath, has sparked days of unrest across the country as thousands of people have gone to the streets in protest of police killings of unarmed black men.

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After video of the arrest went viral, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called for the arrest of Chauvin.The three other officers involved in the arrest, who were fired along with Chauvin, have not been arrested, Harrington said.Chauvin is in custody of Minnesota's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

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Kinda 'slow' in coming, but then again a LOT of things in the United States have been SLOWED DOWN because of the Virus... But, there are people with NO PATIENCE anymore.. their response is to begin LOOTING and BURNING and throwing Rocks at Cops! buzzfeed maybe y’all should sit this one out “Knelt” interesting choice there. Kaepernick7 knelt. Literally because of shit like this. You can’t be this obtuse.

“Knelt”, yeah ok!!! Kinda like “placing someone’s hand around a neck” instead of choking! Ticket straight to prison! ZoeTillman what a crap journalism is this from your colleague. The media sucks... مطي Murdered him Knelt? Was he praying, too, ? Way to be a BIG part of the problem. Death penalty He knelt. He probably thought it was a cute little joke for his other white supremacy bros. They probsbly had a fun little laugh about kneeling. Premeditated with nalice of forethought.

Murdered. The fuck?! Who wrote this headline? You spelled MURDERED wrong... Murder!!! 'knelt'? buzzfeed get it together, don’t be dumb. Use the correct wording please. The piece of shit officer MURDERED GeorgeFloyd BuzzFeed, I am not a fan. And really not a fan after this headline. Aren't they supposed to be, you know, representative of the issue? Knelt vs suffocated. On tape.

Killed, murdered...not knelt. GeorgeFloydWasMurdered “Knelt” Murdered.....not just knelt...murdered colin kapernick knelt. derek chauvin committed murder. Knelt? What a joke Knelt=cut off blood supply. Get your headline straight. You mean MURDERED, don’t you? Don’t soft step this shit! That pig murdered GeorgeFloyd: period.

You spelled “Murdered” wrong Lol “knelt” Murdered. “Knelt” You mean killed Murdered. I fixed it for you. 'lynched' has seven letters, btw. Kapernick kneeled. Chauvin murdered. KNELT? LIKE HE GINGERLY PLACED HIS KNEES ON GEORGE FLOYD'S NECK!! HE FUCKING JAMMED HIS KNEES ON HIS NECK CUTTING OFF HIS AIR SUPPLY!! HEADLINE: FINALLY! POLICE OFFICER WHO DELIBERATELY KILLED GEORGE FLOYD IS FINALLY ARRESTED AFTER 3 DAYS FOR M U R D E R!!

Cmon DoBetter WordsMatter BlackLivesMatters The Minneapolis Police Officer Filmed Murdering George Floyd While Casually Posing With His Hand In His Pocket Has Been Arrested - there, fixed it for you. 'Knelt on'? Da fuck is that? you misspelled 'killed' You misspelled murdered Knelt Do better Irresponsible headline! Should have read Office who intentionally killed George Floyd has been arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder and Manslaughter...

You spelt executed wrong NO. The Minneapolis Police Officer who KILLED George Floyd has been put into protective custody. NOT arrested. FakeNewsAlert Murdered. He. Murdered. George. Floyd. He wasn’t praying. He was murdering Mr. Floyd. Call it what it is, ffs... You spelled 'murdered' wrong. Murdered 'Knelt on'. You fucking people.

Murdered. The word you meant was murdered. KNELT Knelt One of these knelt, the other killed! So now murder is called kneeling? Murdered. The word is murdered who murdered* Fire your headline writer. Oh and F U with this garbage. We know what we saw **who killed George Floyd You’ve had NINE HOURS to revise this or take it down. You’re choosing not to & it’s disgusting. Protestors have “knelt” peacefully; without harming others. This officer *MURDERED. do better.

'Knelt'? Wow. Maybe BuzzFeed's HQ is going to get CNN'ed now. murdered* Change the headline jeez Whereas in HK, no police officer was arrested for misconducts over the past year Oh buzzfeed and their white supremecist agenda 😒 I believe you mean ‘the murderer that happened to be an officer of the law has been arrested’

The Minneapolis Police Officer Who Murdered George Floyd Has Been Arrested. Fixed it for you. You are part of the problem “Murdered.” I’m glad I don’t follow you weak bitches. he murdered him. he didn’t “kneel” on him. he was GEORGE FLOYD’S MURDERER. You mean “murdered”? Good grief He didn’t kneel on him he Murdered him

In murder cases they charge people who were part of the crime with a criminal offense known as being an accessory. It would seem that every officer at this scene should be charged. So sad that this news tweet has to be a like. It would’ve been a lot quicker if you used the right fucking word: murder This headline sucks

Why the hell is this not 2nd degree?! Aside from a child who the fuck doesn’t know that cutting off someone’s air supply will kill them?!!WTF!! Really Buzzfeed let me help you out, no charge, “The Minneapolis disgrace of a human who MURDERED George Floyd has been arrested” There, I fixed it for you. Why is it so hard to get this headline correct? “Disgraced former police officer who used excessive force against George Floyd has been arrested for third degree murder.” I fixed it.

Murdered better Kaepernick knelt. Knelt? Really cancelbuzzfeed MURDERED. Knelt is the wrong word Murdered. Slowly and torturously murdered George Floyd. No one is protesting because he knelt on George Floyd's neck. This is a horrible headline. Do better. BlackLivesMatter WTF !!!! Headline! You need to correct your caption from “knelt” to murdered, bye.

it was a murder, buzzfeed. the officer is a murderer Fix your headline! He wasn’t praying. Damn! What’s his name, and why didn’t y’all put it in the header instead of what’s in there 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️ Weak headline. Just WEAK Murdered. He murdered Floyd -- get your headline right. 'One of the officers who murdered George Floyd'

This is kneeling: KNELT? c'mon Charge his ass with murder in the first degree and throw him in prison for life. Come on FFS fix your fucking headline 🤦🏻‍♀️ SebasEstra16 You spelled murder wrong Knelt on his neck? You mean shoved his knee into his carotid? Murdered? Killed even? *who slaughtered *who murdered George Floyd

1 down 3 more to go! Who knelt? Who killed. it’s who murdered you waste of a news outlet MURDERED Murdered Yeah he knelt on his neck. And continued to do so until the man was MURDERED. Maybe you should put that as your headline instead of sugarcoating it. Makes you no worse than the murderer of an innocent man or the other cops that did nothing as it happened.

You spelt murdered wrong Who MURDERED... Correct your words. Knelt? Come on! Do fucking better! Killed The kind officer wasn't stopping to pray for Floyd, dear. The cop MURDERED him. *killed MURDERED George Floyd. Assassinou. Knelt? He knelt? Fix your headline!!!! KILLED, not knelt We need justice in this ASAP You misspelled 'murdered.'

You are using the word 'knelt' to soften the blow, which obscures the facts, which dismisses our cause, which renders our 'fight' useless. Lets reconsider this headline. *murdered murdered* AHT AHT. DONT START THAT SHIT. FIX THE HEADLINE! Mur. Dered. fcking finally Inject hiv virsus to him What White Liberal at Buzzfeed wrote this?

Fix the headline buzzers Murdered. The word is murdered. George is not here anymore. Make sure you mention that. Terrible headline. HE MURDERED HIM BUZZFEED WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS HEADLINE Murdered. What the hell is wrong with y’all?! This is an absolute trash headline. He didn’t it’s not kneeling when your crushing another persons ability to breathe. That officer KILLED George Floyd. fix your headline.

The Minneapolis police officer that MURDERED George Floyd has been arrested. Fixed it. Great, but it's probably for his protection... we will see... Come on y’all can do better than this. First of all USE HIS NAME! DEREK CHAUVIN put it out there in the street like he put Mr. Floyd in the street. And you can follow it up be he KILLED Mr. Floyd.

murdered. I believe you mean murdered, but ok. murdered **murdered you spelled murderer wrong Makes you look like a dummy. Say killed. Or better yet, murdered. You really couldn’t write the words “Who killed George Floyd” or “who suffocated George Floyd”, huh? Knelt? LizLizzerd Not knelt... M U R D E R E D.

We need to see his arrest!! We can not confirm that! Murdered* This headline is shameful. The word is killed. Or murdered. Gtfo with this Do better. 'The Minneapolis Police Officer Who Murdered George Floyd Has Been Arrested.' There. Fixed it. *Murdered KNELT?!?!! BuzzFeed, there is a list of commentators here that you might want to consider hiring to fix your problem with piss poorly written headlines

*Murdered Now hopefully it gets the same fair treatment that everyone else receives when arrested : Put into a holding cell with 20+ people for 72 hours till charges are formally made... The outlets avoiding the phrase 'officer who killed George Floyd' look like clowns. Knelt?! Tf?! MURDERED. Come on Buzzfeed, call it what it is.

You muttafuckas are some bullshit. sithley Now what about the others who just let it happen Murdered* He MURDERED George, stop trying to hide what he did. KNELT? NO HE PUT ALL HIS WEIGHT ON HIS NECK. STOP TRYING TO BESAINT THE MURDERER BECAUSE HE IS WHITE! *KILLED god damn! Why is it so hard for you to spell “killed.” He killed George Floyd. Wasn’t just simply “kneeling.” “Kneeling” was what Kap was doing when shitbag realDonaldTrump was calling him a son of a bitch.

Minneapolis police officer who MURDERED***** What dummy wrote this and what fool approved it? This is kneeling stupids. We now need riots to arrest a murderer? C’mon Buzzfeed. Control of the narrative is crucial I think you mean “who killed George Floyd”. Who killed George Floyd I hope they arrested him the same way he arrested George Floyd

Knelt You mean squashed the life out of, and murdered George Floyd. Try MURDERED Who MURDERED Fixed it: The Minneapolis Police Officer Who MURDERED George Floyd's Neck Has Been Arrested. The Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested* You mean murdered, right? The Minneapolis Police Officer Who Murdered George Floyd Has Been Arrested.* There fixed it for ya

Cool. Now arrest every fucking officer that was there and let it happen. Passive language. But I expect nothing more from white owned media. Knelt? murdered* do y’all got worms in your brains Who murdered George Floyd* Murdered He knelt? Kaepernick knelt. Psycho Killer. He and his pal. *murdered What was he arrested for? Kneeling? Oh. No. It was murder.

You misspelled MURDERED. ok now give him the death penalty swiftly Knelt on? Gorl. The word you seem to have misplaced is MURDERED You do mean who CRUSHED GeorgeFloyd to DEATH Can we all go home now? Who murdered George Floyd!!! Best news of the day. Now, the other 3 accomplices must be charged. CONSIDER THIS FOLKS!👇🏾 If officers are trained to make “snap decisions”, Why did it take 9+ minutes for this officer to realize that the amount of pressure he was putting on Mr. Floyd’s neck was going to kill him?

It’s about f*cking time Colin Kaepernick knelt on a football field. This dude straight up murdered. That's nice when is he being executed? *murdered lmao who knelt on ok This guy? Y’all. Do better than this passive language. It matters. Knelt on = murdered And I bet it was done way to nicely JusticeForGeorgeFloydPlease

STOP USING THE WORD KNELT!!!! WHAT IS THIS? Murdered. You can say it, c’mon Fix the headline, he murdered him 'Knelt' on his neck? WTF?! You mean murdered? Strangled to death? Killed? he didn’t kneel of George Floyd he murdered him What took so long? You mean 'MURDERED' , right? Fu buzzfeed...knelt? Are you kidding me ITS KILLED.MURDERED

I'm about to cuss all y'all out...knelt on neck my ass...he murdered him. Fix the headline Murdered* Knelt on = murdered. You spelled “murdered” wrong. Justice is a slow process.. but atleast it has begun 🙏 Where is his mug shot ?

GoFundMe Set Up By Family of George Floyd Raises More Than $1M: ‘We Continue to Seek Justice’George Floyd died this week after a Minneapolis police officer forcefully kneeled on his neck during his arrest Should give to more families in need but will probably keep it all for themselves. SAD Each administration same thing. March on Washington 2. They continue to get rich. There isn't justice anymore.

Minneapolis mayor asks for criminal charges for police officer who knelt on George Floyd's neckMayor Jacob Frey has asked the Hennepin County Attorney to charge former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin with the death of George Floyd. Yes! COMPARISON. US POLICE TO HONG KONG POLICE

Minneapolis Mayor Calls For Charges Against Officer Who Knelt On George Floyd's NeckMinneapolis Mayor Calls For Charges Against Officer Who Knelt On George Floyd’s Neck 1 down 3 more to go

John Boyega Says He 'Really F—ing Hates Racists' After George Floyd's Death: 'This Just Burns'John Boyega is not apologizing for condemning racism following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a police officer kneeled on his neck during arrest. He only hates white racists He said that More power to you brother ✊🏾 I hate racists too

‘This…Is Why’ — LeBron James, Jamie Foxx react to George Floyd’s death with images of Colin Kaepernick kneelingThe viral image compares an officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck with Kaepernick protesting police brutality Please...makes as much sense as these looters. Yet he didn't. WELCOME TO THE NBA ROT AND THE CHINA SYNDROME.

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