'The Masked Singer' Season 3: ET Is Live Blogging Week 5!

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Can we TACO bout that performance though?! #TheMaskedSinger

Themaskedsinger, Tv


Can we TACO bout that performance though?! TheMaskedSinger

Follow along with ET as we break down all the biggest clues and most epic performances of the night!

- Says,"Last week, I feel like I got a new lease on life." - Says,"It makes me wonder! Why haven't I felt like this before?" - We see him in an old-timey office with a vintage typewriter on his desk, as well as a basketball and some toy soldier army men figures. - On the typewriter, the keys"S,""C" and"I" are highlighted. - Says,"From the beginning, I sacrificed so much of myself to be all that in a frog-eat-frog world." - We see a picture of a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star and a price tag for $19.00." - Says,"[I was] always shootin' to be seen as the prince of my game. And that image took a toll. I almost croaked." - The paper in the typewriter says"Not every frog wants to be a Prince." - Says,"Last week showed me I could just be me and still be loved, warts and all. So no more golden crown for this prince. I'd rather have the golden mask any day." The Mouse Has an Everlasting Love for Entertaining 5:17 PM: The Mouse shows off her legendary vocal talents with a beautiful rendition of"This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole "She's a living legend," Ken marvels after the performance. "You make every song, even a classic like this, you always make it your own. You have such an amazing tone that doesn't sound like anybody else on this show." As for The Mouse's favorite subject in school,"It was actually math. My dad told me, 'Well you look at those numbers, and you know that those numbers represent your money.'" Panelists' Guesses: Jenny says it could be Tracee Ellis Ross. Ken thinks it's Tina Turner. Nicole and Robin say it's Dionne Warwick. After the guesses, The Mouse tells The Masked Singer cameras,"For this performance, I went with a classic by a good friend of mine." The Mouse -- NEW CLUES!! 5:13 PM: The Mouse: - Says,"The stage is like my second home, and I'm having a ball up there. So I feel more determined than ever to stay anony-mouse." - Says,"When I leave my good job in the city, there's no place like my home squeak home." - We see a few of The Mouse's home decorations, including a framed drawing of praying hands and a bronze rhino bust. - Says,"You'd think I ought to take a break, but I still have more stories to tell. And why quit something that still feels exciting and new?" - Says,"I truly cherish my rare time off to catch up on my favorite things: Starting a good romance novel, a little needle point - my secret talent -- and a wine and cheese to bond with my friends like you." - We see her eating what look to be Brazil nuts. - Says,"Thanks for stopping by my mouse pad, but now it's time for this Hostess With the Mostest to get her game face on, because their ain't no stopping me now!" The Banana Has an Achy Breaky Heart 5:10 PM: The Banana is shutting down everyone who thinks he's Billy Ray Cyrus by performing the singer's iconic"Achy Breaky Heart," and it's a lot of fun. "That was amazing!" Jenny says, beaming. "This is what the show is all about," Ken adds."It's about connecting with the audience and having fun. We're all having fun if the performer is having fun, and you got the crowd on its feet." For their bonus clues this week, Nick will be asking each singer what their favorite subject was in school, and for The Banana, it was art. "It has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life and I've had quite a few," The Banana says, as his voice quivers with emotion."And tonight, even though I forgot half the lyrics, I was having the time of my life, forgetting about the troubles and having a good time." Panelists' Guesses: Ken says Larry the Cable Guy. Nicole suggests it could be Ed Helms. (Although Helms doesn't have any kids, as suggested by The Banana's clue last week.) Gabriel thinks it could be Erik Estrada or Billy Bob Thornton. The Banana -- NEW CLUES!! 5:05 PM: The Banana: - Says,"I never knew how cathartic becoming The Banana would be, so making it to the Group B championships is sounding more and more a-peeling." - There's a sign on the wall that reads"Bananagement Management." - We see a digital alarm clock. It reads"2:13 pm" and the"Month/Date" is set to"6/8" with an alarm set to"9:15." - Says,"I don't want to slip up, so when my team called me in for a meeting, I was like, 'Git 'er done!'" - Says,"I walked in, and these guys are nervous." - We see someone wearing black cowboy boots. - On the wall behind The Banana, we see a poster for different TV shows including"Sons Of Bananarchy" and"Banana CHIPS" - Says,"I said, 'Spit it out. You don't gotta hold my hand!' Finally, they say, 'Look, we have some concerns about your shelf life. So we think you could use a rebrand." - They show him a computer screen with a snake as a desktop image. And then a powerpoint presentation called"Banana Needs a Rebrand." - One of the rebranding suggestions is to"Star in your own show on cable." The image shows a mock-up for a series called"Banana Is the New Snack." - Says,"I've heard enough! I may be high in carbs, I may have a few bruises, but I'm still here after all these years. So tonight, I'm embracing my flaws and rocking out as my authentic self." - We see a clock on the wall that also reads 2:13 pm. Gabriel Iglasias Is Lending a Helping Hand 5:03 PM: After forgoing a guest panelists last week, this week the"core four" are getting a helping hand from comedian Gabriel Iglesias. "He's a world-class comedian who's nickname is Fluffy," Nick says, introducing the acclaimed stand-up, before revealing that he actually shared Gabriel's first TV acting credit in an episode of All That ! Maybe he'll help the panel improve their guessing ratio! (Currently they've gotten one out of four correct.) The Judges Admit They Aren't Great at Guessing 5:00 PM: The judges have never shied away from the fact that they sometimes throw out some wild suggestions when it comes to guessing the stars' secret identities, but this week's show kicks off with a tribute to their past hilarious failures. Some of the worst had to be when Ken thought The Elephant was Beto O'Rourke, or Robin's guess that The Robot (who turned out to be Lil Wayne) was Shaun White. "I'm just not going to trust my own instincts ever again," Robin says in the wonderfully self-aware intro. (Note: Live Blogging kicks off at 8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT) Last week, fans had to bid farewell to the fourth star to get the axe this season during the first week of Group B performances when The Elephant got voted off. After the panelists made their final guesses -- which were as wild and off-the-mark as ever -- The Elephant removed his cyberpunk-inspired helmet and revealed himself to be none other than Check out the video below for a look at more on the wild unmasking during the previous episode of The Masked Singer. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. If you are using ad-blocking software, please disable it and reload the page. Embed Code Read more: Entertainment Tonight

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The Masked Singer Eliminates Another Living Legend When Mouse Gets OustedBanana, Frog, Kitty and Taco made it through Wednesday night's Group B Playoffs The mouse sounds so weird lol 😂 we will never know who that is. Thanx for the fucking spoiler hasn't aired in Alaska yet still 3 hrs ?why wtf people come on .NICK CANNON your the king of show love you make em stop .Alaska loves the show but not if we can't feel the adrinaline rush of who's under mask n guessing ! Come on our American King! It’s too early to post this. A lot of us dvr it. Thanks..... 🙄

The 'Masked Singer' Mouse on why a legendary female singer hasn't won yetWarning: This article contains spoilers about The Masked Singer  season 3, episode 5. The Mouse scurried away too soon! First, the great Chaka Khan, a.k.a. Miss… When it’s a singer I guess who it is almost immediately.. I prefer actors and athletes who don’t sing it’s far more interesting to guess who it is MaskedSinger

'The Masked Singer': The Mouse Gets Exterminated in Week 5!After a fun night of costumed contestants singing their hearts out and dropping big clues, fans had to bid farewell to another star.

'The Masked Singer' recap: Mouse revealed to be famed songstress in unexpected eliminationWarning: This post contains spoilers for  The Masked Singer season 3 episode 5. Despite what she sang, it wasn’t an everlasting love for the Mouse on… Why do you keep spoiling the results for the west coast? Wtaf is wrong with you people?!?! You can’t wait one effing hour to post this Gtfoh MaskedSingerFOX why do you allow this? Can you not wait until it’s released on Hulu the next day. I don’t get to watch it till the next day.

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