The Major Secret You Missed In The Watchmen Premiere

This one teeny, tiny clue pulls Jeremy Irons’ character into the Watchmen universe:


This one teeny, tiny clue pulls Jeremy Irons’ character into the Watchmen universe:

The Watchmen premiere features a very odd interlude to a British manor with Jeremy Irons. Here's what it truly means — with major backstory.

comics, which are set in an alternate version of 1980s America, Veidt’s superhero alter-ego is Ozymandias, the smartest man on Earth. In a wildly elaborate scheme to save the world, Veidt unleashes what appears to be a gargantuan, psychically destructive alien squid into the middle of New York City. The squid appears to enter our dimension on its own accord when, in reality, Veidt secretly created it. The alleged intergalactic being kills millions. However, it also terrifies the American and Russian government so much that the catastrophe pulls both nations from the brink of Armageddon-causing nuclear warfare. When interdimmensional squid terrorism is the greatest threat in the world, political squabbles between mere humans lose their importance quickly. In a matter of months, world peace has been achieved.

parlayed his '80s costumed vigilantism into a follow-up career as a “political kingmaker” and industrialist with a corporate empire. Then, for unknown reasons, police were recently forced to name Veidt “presumed dead.”

like the ex-caped crusader is in England, we shouldn’t make assumptions. This is a man who once created a giant murderous squid. Anything could be happening.

’s Tom Mison) and Ms. Crookshanks (Christie Amery) — and no one else knows where Veidt is. Considering the secrecy around Veidt’s living situation, it’s fair to assume he is cooking up a new squid-level plot, and

As long as no gigantic faux celestial sea creatures wreck the Times Square Olive Garden, everything should be fine.

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