The MAGA Masks Bringing Americans Together

They may be getting everyone on board with a collective social distancing tool.

5/30/2020 5:15:00 AM

Analysis: As they grudgingly follow requirements, some Trump supporters say a mask with Trump branding somehow eases the blow. Like a MAGA hat, it also invites a reaction, signaling membership in a controversial tribe

They may be getting everyone on board with a collective social distancing tool.

In recent weeks, science has increasingly confirmed thepublic-health value of maskswhen social distancing isn’t possible because they can reduce the spread of virus particles, keeping sick or asymptomatic people from infecting others. But many Trump supporters are doing their own risk assessments, and they bristle at the perception of liberal-media fearmongering. “Like any activity we Americans take part in there is an inherent risk of getting sick or hurt,” says Kristin Long, a sales representative from Skippack, Pennsylvania. She bought four pro-Trump masks from another Etsy site, to wear in places where masks are required—which in her state, is

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all public places.As they grudgingly follow requirements, some Trump supporters say, a mask with Trump branding somehow eases the blow. Like a MAGA hat, it also invites a reaction, signaling membership in a controversial tribe. (That could be why, as a campaign spokesperson confirmed, the Trump campaign plans to hand out branded masks to supporters: “It’s a good way to stay safe and show your support for the president at the same time.”)

When Howard wears her own Trump 2020 mask in public, she draws everything from compliments to side-eye scorn. “Nobody has said anything to me that’s derogatory directly,” she says, “but I do get some people shaking their heads and disgusted looks or whatever.” Some commenters on her Etsy site have called her a racist. She doesn’t respond. “It’s their freedom of speech,” she says, “which is what I’m about.”

Indeed, many Trump-mask wearers I talked to said they bought their masks to make a statement—while hedging their bets on personal safety.“We’re educated conservatives who are supporting our country and our president while trying to stay safe,” said Erin Hay Curtis, 49, a business manager in Nashville, who ordered masks that say “Trump” and “MAGA 2020” for her husband and a friend.

Curtis says she doesn’t mind if Trump himself doesn’t wear a mask. “Frankly he and his people get tested so much that I’d feel safer around him not wearing a mask than being around anyone else wearing one,” she wrote to me on Etsy’s messaging platform. “I support anyone’s decision to wear or not wear one.”

Many Trump mask wearers describe themselves that way—less anti-mask than pro-personal liberty. To them, a top-down directive is an overblown intrusion, but choosing to wear a mask can be a reasonable act.And some enterprising mask-makers are betting that more Trump supporters will come around to that choice if it they can sport their favorite branding in the process. How to encourage the voluntary use of masks has been a public-health conundrum, and psychologists suggest that scolding and shaming are

unlikely to change behavior. Some mask advocates, who also happen to be Trump fans, may have found a better way.Matt Carl is one of them. A startup COO with an ear for publicity, he decided to sell pro-Trump masks early in the shutdown, after reading about mask use in countries that had managed to control their Covid-19 outbreaks. “I thought a good way to get Trump supporters into wearing masks would be to put the Trump slogan and logo on there,” Carl told me by phone from Philadelphia. He also spied a business opportunity: “It’s a good community to market towards, because there’s so much passion behind it.”

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His hunch seems to be correct; since mid-April, Carl has sold nearly Read more: POLITICO »

It could read, 'Punch me in the nose!' Actually they are looking for a punch in the face! It helps spot the racists so I can keep children away from them and cross the street. I don’t want those kind of people near me or anywhere near my neighborhood. Trump mask? First, he delays acting on COVID-19 for 70 days, costing thousands of lives, now he’s profiting by selling TRUMP2020 masks that he won’t wear. Trump gets confused with all those elastics, as we can see.

bringing racists together since 2016. brought to you by the clown in chief. At least some Repubs are coming to their senses. To bad that they don’t understand it’s not a political thing. But whatever works towards public health.. Is there anyone out there that can make a mask that looks like a asshole Whatever. At least they’re keeping their germs to themselves. The rest of us deserve to be able to go out and about without being infected by them.

I reflexively have an opinion of him......and it's not a good one. MAGAtwits Worse than a rioter? Really? I hope bad things happen to maga people. It has the double-benefit of incentivizing skeptics to wear a mask during a pandemic and letting us know who the assholes are in our midst. Fools. He’s the predecessor to the antichrist. Making it ok to violate all Christianity stands for in the now twisted name of Christianity.

And the proceeds go to some Covid-19 relief fund, right? Ironic, since he doesn't wear one. There will be a lot of these masks that never get unpacked. It’s a toxic cult I like my tax breaks, want to regulate your body and your bedroom, but I want to live. You know I think I’m gonna start making my own masks and it’s gonna say Trump sucks.

Well I don’t know I thought they thought it was a hoax. I don’t care if they wear a mask with his ass on it, wear the mask I don’t engage red hats, that’s what they want and I don’t want to get down on their level of stupidity. Magats are the dumbest creatures in the whole universe I like it. It’s like a warning label showing us who all the dipshits are.

I like seeing people show us who they are... The mask doesn't protect the wearer as much as it protects those around him. So will this mask protect me and others from Trump BS and lies For an extra $20 Don JR will fart in it. It’s the new swastika. I'd hardly call arseholes a tribe. Stupid statement! Once ad agencies get hold of the branding opportunities on people's faces, there will be no stopping the mini billboards from going up everywhere.

At least they’ve got a speck of common sense left. That’s a start. To each their own. If that’s what it takes to get them to wear a mask then okay! Good! Anything to keep their traps covered 😷 The United States current situation: a combo of 1918, 1929, and 1968. Politico: have you read this stupid fvcking article about trump branded gear?

Fuck this article turns out people make money selling stuff like this and even the campaign does not know who they are nor even how to stop it. so, well, that's whatever. the only tribe is called human. Who wants to wear a bumper sticker on their face? So now republicans and conservatives are not deplorable, we are a “controversial tribe?” The press is truly the enemy of civilization.

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You’re white and don’t care about wearing a mask? Asian Americans don't have that privilege“You are the most selfish [expletive] people on the planet.” I jerked my head and saw a neighbor glaring at us from his driveway. “Where’s your [expletive] mask?” he said. “Unbelievable.” His was hanging loosely around his neck. (via latimesopinion) opinion opinion Weird flex. TBH.. you should have been wearing a mask annaalmendrala. That guy didn't make any of it racial, he's just an old dude who was pissed.. you weren't wearing a mask. opinion and RIGHT ON CUE: Here comes with their shit-filled RACE-bait opinions.

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