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The Lore of ‘The Godfather’ Resurfaces at Roger Stone’s Trial

Few films or books have entered the American lexicon as deeply as this mob chronicle, which is set to play a role at the Stone trial in Washington.


“Do a Frank Pentangeli,” Roger Stone texted an associate set to testify about him before a Congressional committee in 2017. Prosecutors say it was an attempt by Stone to advise the associate to mimic the 'Godfather' character who gives false testimony.

Few films or books have entered the American lexicon as deeply as this mob chronicle, which is set to play a role at the Stone trial in Washington.

It’s Mr. Stone’s mentions of a character from “The Godfather Part II” who gives false testimony during a Senate hearing on organized crime.

Earlier this year, when a conservative detractor of the CNN host Chris Cuomo, whose brother, Andrew Cuomo, is governor of New York, sought to demean him, he referred to him as “Fredo,” the bungling sibling in the Corleone clan.

Even mob guys have mirrored behavior from the “Godfather” films on occasion, as in 1977 when prosecutors said a man acting on behalf of the Colombo crime family

bribe money in a Long Island restaurant. He chose the same place where Michael Corleone finds the gun hidden for him in “The Godfather”—

Though lines from other films have become part of the American lexicon — “I’ll be back” (Schwarzenegger, “The Terminator,” 1984) — few have had the enduring impact of the Godfather series, said Kenneth Dancyger, a professor of film and television at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He attributed that to the unique combination of skilled scriptwriting, acting and directing as well as to the film’s insights into an American brand of power and corruption.

director, Francis Ford Coppola, and Mario Puzo, the author of the book by the same name.

“He never met an honest-to-God gangster,” said Puzo’s oldest son, Tony Puzo, 72.

In the Stone case, prosecutors had sought to screen the Pentangeli scene in the federal courtroom to clarify to the jury what they argue Mr. Stone intended to communicate in his reference.

Bruce Rogow, an attorney for Mr. Stone, had opposed the effort to screen the Pentangeli scene, calling it “dangerous territory” for prosecutors to mention the Mafia or mob films in court because of their potential to prejudice a jury.

Read more: The New York Times

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Yeah, sure.... That’s the bad guy These lameos want to be mafiosa so bad. More fake news give it a break the whole thing was a set up! All Trump Russian cases need to be thrown out due to corruption by the FBI and DOJ Or commit suicide As for characters in “The Godfather” Roger Stone rivals EricTrump for the Fredo Corleone role

Trial of longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone to begin on TuesdayThe criminal trial of President Trump's longtime adviser Roger Stone is set to begin. Stone has pleaded not guilty to charges of obstructing justice, witness tampering and lying to the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Lock him up. Lock him up! 🎶 Lock him up! 🎶

Do you realize how penny-ante this stuff is compared to what the dems have been doing? Get real. We must remember why Frank Pentangeli couldn't remember anything. The mob threatened the life of his brother. So, are ppl being threatened? With the Trump mob anything is possible. sandibachom Frank Pentangeli also killed himself... Maybe thats what he really wanted... JustImpeachAlready PenceKnew2 NoKavanaugh justice4Kashoggi EmolumentsClause 25thAmendmentNow BillionDollarLoser JeffreyEpstein DONOTHINGOP DitchMitch

Interesting some are saying Graham is Senator Geary. Fredo Jr , Tom Hagen Ghouliani, Hyman Roth Sessions , Connie Ivana , Frank committed suicide The Godfather. Perfect analogy for this MAGAt DonTheCon administration. I’d like to have a nickel every time someone lied to a congressional committee. Stone will go to jail for participating in something that never happened. America, you’ve got a problem.

No, what Frank Pantangeli “did” was to draw himself a hot bath and open his veins while sitting in said bath. That was after he clammed up and said he didn’t know anything about the mafia and Michael being The Godfather. Stone thinks he’s a mob man, he’s a f🤬cking clown. That didn’t work out so good for Frankie Five Angels, did it?

'Straight up lied': prosecutors blast longtime Trump adviser Stone in trialProsecutors portray longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone as a liar in a criminal case stemming from the Mueller investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election Because he is a liar. Roger Stone is about to go to jail 😂 roger stone best not drop the soap

...and we know what happened to Frank Pantangelli Robert DeNiro as Roger Stone in the new Marty Scorsese movie No it meant to open up his veins like Pentangeli did. So, does Roger have a brother and does Trump know him? Mind readers unspooled and you wanted Godfather 2 off the list. I'm sure it was instead a reference to opening his veins in the bathtub. Stone is clearly just that sort of lousy, cold-hearted bastard.

The guy who got fired for asking black men to bang his wife is causing shenanigans!? 🤪😂 and then slit your wrists?

Trial of former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone off to a strange startDay one in the long-anticipated trial of Roger Stone , a veteran Republican operative and onetime campaign adviser to President Donald Trump, limped forward Tuesday morning amid a series of setbacks that slowed the jury selection process. While the theatrics are sure to dominate outside of his two-week

Frankie offed himself in the bathtub. You mean witness tampering. It’s a crime! have these guys ever watched another movie WitnessTampering New York Times lol

Medical emergencies and Milo Yiannopoulos: Roger Stone’s trial opensChaos abounds with these deplorables The Penguin Gas station sushi is never a good idea

Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone arrives for criminal trial Roger Stone , a veteran Republican operative and onetime campaign adviser to President Donald Trump, arrived for his long-awaited criminal trial in Washington, D.C., federal court on Tuesday. In January, former special counsel Robert Mueller indicted Stone on five counts of lying to Congress, witness

Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone arrives for criminal trial Roger Stone , a veteran GOP operative and onetime campaign adviser to Donald Trump, arrives at a federal court in Washington, D.C., for his long-awaited criminal trial. Welcome to TheGreatAwakening! You can look directly into an eclipse with those glasses and be totally fine

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