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The Long History of Vaccine Mandates in America

The Covid-19 pandemic has revived a debate over public health and individual liberty that goes back to colonial times.

9/18/2021 4:45:00 AM

Essay: Arguing about vaccine mandates has been an American tradition since George Washington inoculated his soldiers against smallpox, writes historian David Oshinsky

The Covid-19 pandemic has revived a debate over public health and individual liberty that goes back to colonial times.

ByDavid OshinskySept. 17, 2021 10:58 am ETIn February 1991, five Philadelphia children died from a disease thought to be almost extinct. Measles had once sickened millions of pre-adolescents, hospitalizing 50,000 and killing close to 500 annually before a successful vaccine was developed in 1963. Cases dropped dramatically after that as states began to mandate measles shots for school children. Vaccine hesitancy and resistance were rare.

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In Philadelphia that winter, the great bulk of serious cases came from a single source—a church that rejected “all means of healing apart from God’s way.” The members took no medicines, owned no thermometers, saw no doctors. Rejecting birth control, they raised large families in close quarters. “It was like entering a time warp,” a witness reported. “The parents are extremely courteous, caring and honest. Other than the fact that they stay at home and watch their children die of measles, they are wonderful people.”

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“It was like entering a time warp,” a witness reported. “The parents are extremely courteous, caring and honest. Other than the fact that they stay at home and watch their children die of measles, they are wonderful people.” Vaccines work & matter! History provides perspective. Yes but smallpox is much more deadly and the vaccines worked ;)

Nah. Go away. Your thinly stretched false narrative is about to rip. More soldiers died because of this than anything. Thank you. bitcoin 41.878 usd いまやそんなことは時代遅れなのでしょうか? wow The Constitution rests upon “the fundamental principle of the social compact…that all shall be governed by certain laws for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people, and not for the profit, honor or private interests of any one man, family or class of men.

CDC - We need more options then just a vaccine !!! What else do you have for us ?

These vaccine mandates are already in place to attend school in the USThis school district is the largest in the country to mandate a coronavirus shot - which joins a list of other vaccines already required to attend school that protect against highly contagious diseases. Just passing along some beautiful jewelry I think you may be interested in! Please enjoy this thread: ⬇️ You will allow yourself to be injected... Or else

🇺🇸 It's Your Responsibility to Protect: ❤️ Yourself ❤️ Your Family ❤️ Other People ➡️ Follow CDCgov, WHCOVIDResponse, NIH, US_FDA, HHSGov and WHO Guidelines ✅ Get Fully Vaccinated for COVID19 ✅ Get Vaccinated for other Diseases ✅ Wear a Mask 😷 around other people Spin cycle bullshit, keep trying but your digging a deeper hole. Fake news

His slaves too? It was researched 20 years plus to and not 6 months!! Measles, Small pox and other diseases were under study…. and Approved greatly!! Then given to everyone!! Not first take it and then side effects you die!! Take note, that was before the constitution was ratified. Getting vaccinated has been an American tradition ever since the days of George Washington. Vaccination is an original intent of the founding fathers.

example of how facts don't matter.. tell a few reps that Washington did that and see how many just flat out deny the fact. THAT's the problem. they don't care if it's true or not. a dem could say 2+2=4 at this point and reps would disagree wow it's silly General Washington was slave owner his statue still stands the greatgeneral Lee even bther he was statue was remomvev at Richmod... Lee alomst won the civlil war the desicve battle was at Gettyburg!

The Fake Vaxx Card Next to YouThe proliferation of vaccine mandates is creating a black-market boom for counterfeit proof. In the live broadcast of the Italian media, the media said that the intensive care unit had not been vaccinated, and medical staff came forward to clarify that all the intensive care unit had been vaccinated, and then the picture was quickly cut off. its probs a lot easier to get a shot

Don’t know what this article is suppose to accomplish….. smh Not even close to the same thing. The lengths you will reach for your narrative are deplorable Yes and those against vaccines have been proven wrong every time, haven’t they? For 200+ years they’ve been wrong. But but, MuH FrEeDoM. wow

More Americans Are Using Religion To Avoid COVID-19 Vaccine RequirementsThe practice is likely to grow following President Biden’s sweeping new vaccine mandates. Get it right führer Biden Well without a vaccin they will get to meet their maker sooner😢 Tax The Church

Will America’s vaccine mandates work?Will America’s vaccine mandates work? On “The Economist Asks” podcast, AnneMcElvoy asks ScottGottliebMD, former commissioner of the FDA annemcelvoy ScottGottliebMD annemcelvoy ScottGottliebMD Talking nonsense. The public health community tried their utmost to persuade an evil government to act rationally. And failed. annemcelvoy ScottGottliebMD Craven disgraceful nonsense.

Why America needs vaccine mandatesGovernments cannot rely on mandates alone to persuade people to change their mind. Instead they need to focus on their country’s particular hang-ups This is exactly right. We must fight those who seek to elevate antisocial bully behavior, disdain for the law, hatred of democracy, white supremacy, and religious extremism into virtues wrapped up as 'personal liberties'.

Companies Grapple With Questions About Covid-19 Vaccine MandateCompanies preparing to implement the Biden administration’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate face logistical challenges and unanswered questions about how to comply, employment and compensation lawyers say. So a weekly test is equivalent to a vaccine, but prior infection is not? Where's the 'science'? Where is the ACLU when American workers need them🤔 SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, or not. However, if you do come to that conclusion once you’ve seen the evidence, then you have to recognize that the vaccines are nothing more than the genetic reproduction of that bioweapon. Hence, COVID shots are bioweapons too. NoMaskNoVaxNoTest